AccuWeb Hosting Reviews.
Is Accuwebshoting a good choice for your website?

There are so many choices when it comes to choosing which service to use for your hosting needs. 

Before we go further you may want to know what webhosting is. Technically speaking a web host is a space for you to run your website so anyone can access your website on the internet. 

Think web host as an online hard drive to store all data of your websites and have it running 24/7 for your visitors to access.

If you want to make a new website or just trying a new hosting service here’s AccuWeb Hosting reviews to give you quick summary about what to need to know before purchasing plans and services from Accu Webhost.

What is AccuWeb Hosting?

On their support page, AccuWeb hosting has been in the hosting business for more than 17 years. 

They offer a wide range of services from VPS hosting, cloud hosting, and dedicated servers that run on both Windows and Linux operating systems.

There are many types of hosting plans provided by AccuWeb Hosting. Shared hosting plans are targeted for those who do not have heavy traffics or when you are just getting started using hosting services. 

VPS (Virtual Private Server) hosting plans are for organizations or business which need more than shared hosting limitations and the last plan is dedicated server plans which are designed for large corporations and organizations which need huge bandwidth access and intensive hardware power. 

Their infrastructure is motorized by sophisticated cloud technologies with SSD storage.

Hosting Plans of AccuWeb Hosting

The most affordable price in Accuwebhost is their shared plans. It includes cPanel access, SSD storages ready and runs under Cloud Linux Platform. 

What you can get with this shared hosting plan is as follows:

  • You can add unlimited domains in your account
  • The storage limit is 10GB using SSD storage
  • Your website can handle up to 500GB bandwidth each month
  • This plan also includes free 150 email accounts
  • You will get unlimited MySQL database and instant activation
  • There are several locations of hosting servers you can choose such as Colorado (USA), Singapore (Asia) or London-UK (Europe). It is recommended to choose a server which is near your location to prevent access latency.

VPS Hosting from AccuWeb Hosting

If using shared hosting is not your thing then you may want to look at AccuWeb hosting VPS plans. 

The plans are best suited for business type websites which demands more power than limited shared hosting.

What is the difference between shared hosting and Virtual Private Servers (VPS)? 

Well having a shared hosting is like living with your roommates in an apartment, so you are sharing bandwidth and server resources with other people who also purchase shared hosting plans. 

If people who share server resources with you somehow exhaust server resources or having high bandwidth consumption then your website can also be affected.

VPS hosting services on the other hand have large system resources and can handle more traffic so the website will have lesser risk of going down when your visitor counts spike up. 

Having a VPS server is like living in your own apartment so you have bandwidth allowance just for you.

The cheapest cost for renting a VPS server on AccuWeb hosting is $5 per month. 

With this plan you will get 20GB of storage and 1GB of RAM. The maximum traffic this plan can handle is up to 150GB. 

If you want more features AccuWeb Hosting offers VPS Earth plan with 10 bucks per month and VPS Saturn with price $20 a month. 

The detailed information for each plan is available on AccuWeb Hosting official website.

Dedicated Hosting Plan

Dedicated hosting service is for those who need superb server powers. 

The dedicated hosting plan is usually used for game servers, infrastructure servers, big data servers and for other very high hardware processing needs.

The most affordable price for dedicated hosting plan on AccuWeb Hosting is $82 and it’s billed monthly. 

With this price you can get 16GB of memory RAM allowance, 500 Mbps network speed, 500GB complimentary backups and unlimited bandwidths!

There are still other dedicated hosting plans from AccuWeb hosting to consider such as Game servers if you want to host minecraft game party or other online multiplayer party games. 

The cheapest plan for game server is $196 per month with Intel Xeon E3-1230 v6 (4c,8t) 3.5 GHZ processor, 8GB RAM, 4×4 TB SATA Storage, 20 TB bandwidth and 1 GB network speed.

Cloud Hosting from AccuWeb Hosting

Cloud hosting is a web hosting technology where your website resources are fetched from multiple servers instead of one like traditional hosting does. 

The advantages of using cloud web hosting are reliability and speed. 

If your website suddenly experiences a high traffic spike then the servers will display resources from other servers to mitigate bandwidth exhaustion on one server. 

Cloud hosting can prevent your site from going down.

AccuWeb Hosting offers Windows and Linux based cloud hosting service and the Linux cloud hosting is a lot cheaper than the windows hosting. 

The Linux Cloud hosting costs you $4.79 a month while windows cloud hosting costs you $5.09 per month.

If you want to have high uptime for your website then using Linux cloud hosting is a best choice both for your website and for your budget. 

For $4.79 of price you can get 500GB bandwidth. 150 email accounts, Free SSL setup, 10 GB cloud storage, Cpanel access and one click script installation (WordPress, Joomla, Magento, etc).

Pros and Cons of AccuWeb Hosting

To summarize Accu Webhosting reviews here is the pros and cons to help you decide if AccuWeb Hosting is suitable for you

The Pros of AccuWeb Hosting is its high performance. It has large data centers around the world. 

The servers are available on Windows and Linux platforms and it is highly configurable.

Meanwhile the downside of AccuWeb Hosting service is their bandwidth limits. Most plans have limits of storage and bandwidth. 

Some plans don’t even have introductory discounts and there is no monthly billing for shared hosting plans.

Conclusion of Accuweb hosting reviews

AccuWeb Hosting has no gimmicks or misleading prices. This hosting service offers quality services at a reasonable price. 

It has detailed information written on its website and it has quality support teams. AccuWeb Hosting gives you services based on what you pay for.