Brizy Review - What Surprising Things About Brizy?

Designing a page or site is such a daunting task. At first time, you may think that designing and creating a page seems so difficult and need a professional to do so. 

However, that seems so classic since some page builders are available in the market. Different kinds of page builders are useful to design your own page or site. 

Besides, you can also make your page looks more appealing. One of the most popular page builder plugins for WordPress is Brizy.

Brizy is a useful plugin to help you create a website visually appealing with no code needed. Similar to other page builder plugins, Brizy is also available with a drag-and-drop option. 

You can use this plugin to create an appealing page on your WordPress site with no need to deal with HTML and CSS. 

The interface of Brizy is quite simple, lightweight, and intuitive. It’s such fun to create a page using this page builder.

When talking about Brizy review, Brizy Page Builder is featured with some functions. In terms of making a page, it enables you to create a custom footer, post template, custom header, and also popups on your site. 

You can easily create them all by using Brizy. Features like third-party integration and adding dynamic content are also included.

When compared to other plugins, Brizy is less popular since it is a newcomer in this market. Brizy is available in 2 different editions to consider:

  • Brizy cloud where your site is hosted on the server of Brizy
  • A plugin where you can install it on your WordPress site.

Each edition comes in 2 versions; the Pro one and the free one. Brizy works perfectly on both posts and pages.

What’s Brizy Page Builder? Best New Web Page Builder?

Brizy is relatively a new page builder for WordPress as it was just released in 2018. Despite being a newcomer, it shows much promise. 

Its free version comes with more than fifty-thousand active installations.

Thanks to its React technology that makes this page builder is nice with an intuitive interface. 

It also comes with a bunch of inimitable features you can’t find in any other plugins. However, Brizy still has a long way to go to match with its competitors such as Elementor or Divi.

What offered by Brizy Page Builder?

As mentioned above, Brizy is a drag-and-drop page builder to create, design, and customize your page. 

Just like other page builders, it comes with a drag-and-drop interface as well as lots of premade blocks you can utilize to make your own page. Here are the main features of Brizy to consider:

- Building blocks

The ability of Brizy to add numerous building blocks including footers, headers, and others is just amazing. 

Since the blocks are pre-designed, you can change the styling to match your product.

- Drag-and-drop interface

This feature allows you to create a custom design for your page by dragging an item and then drop it down to the place you desire. 

Plus, you can add different elements like counters, icons, buttons, texts, and more. You can also add some different blocks like footers, headers, services, testimonials, and more.

- Inline editing

Surprisingly, you can easily edit and change the contents of any elements and blocks on your page. 

You are also free to adjust the option of styling, resizing columns and images, setting styles, and many more. 

You can also change the background image with a parallax effect.

- Mobile view

You can easily see how appealing your page is on your mobile devices. You can also make some adjustments if needed. 

Through the sidebar, you can switch its mode to mobile mode to enable you to edit the page through your mobile devices. 

You can easily change the spacing, style, layout, and format of any elements.

- Customization option

You may not be able to adjust the width and the height of images in the editing part while using other page builders but Brizy makes it possible. 

You can see some adjustment points surrounding the images to make them easy to adjust. 

You can also link your image to a pop-up or URL, adjust the arrangement, add animation, and many more.

- Slider

The slider is such a premium feature. In other page builders, you should go to the pro version to use it. 

But, Brizy makes it easy to use and of course, free. You can also change the slider background color or image, and many more.

You can do lots of amazing things with this page builder. You will have so much fun discovering what you can make with each block and element. 

The best thing is that you can all of those with no need to leave the editing zone and no control panel needed.

Brizy Page Builder Pros

Since Brizy comes with amazing features, its ability to make your page more appealing is just good. 

You can also spice up the appearance of your website by utilizing more than four thousand icons available. Listed below are some pros of Brizy review that may surprise you.

- Pre-made blocks in Brizy

This feature allows you to speed up the process of website design as fast as possible. It’s very time-saving.

- Easy-to-use interface

Brizy is very easy to use as it provides a visual editor. You can add elements and make such an adjustment instantly and see how it looks on your page. 

Thanks to its drag-and-drop interface that makes everything easier.

- Global styling

It also allows you to change the colors of elements as well as linking more elements such as texts, borders, and icons to just a single color. 

When all of them are linked, changing the color of each of those elements can be done at once. 

You can do this job through the sidebar and then setting some global styles for the color scheme and text elements.

- More than 4000 icons available in Brizy

By installing Brizy, you can use more than 4000 icons to edit and create your page.

- Role manager

Role manager plays an important role in assigning what parts of the site different page roles know how to manage. 

This feature is very useful especially for those who want editors as well as having access not only to the design but also the content.

Brizy Page Builder Cons

When compared to other page builders, Brizy doesn’t have as many features as other page builders. 

Nonetheless, Brizy is easy to use to create an appealing website. Below are some lacks of Brizy Page Builder you should know:

- Distracting templates by Brizy

Brizy comes with numerous templates and sometimes it is way distracting. Every time you enter the page you may experience this is too distracting.

- Reset button unavailability

Since there is no reset button in Brizy, once you play and want to start from scratch, you have to delete each section one-by-one. 

Besides, you can also find an option to replace the layout you have chosen, therefore, you have to delete each section one-by-one.

- Fewer elements in Brizy

When compared to other page builders, Brizy comes with fewer elements even for its Pro version.

- Not totally without code

When other page builders don’t need any code to create a nice website, Brizy still requires “code” when it comes to uninstallation.

Which version of Brizy to choose?

Although Brizy is a newcomer in this page builder industry, it offers notable features that allow you to create, edit, and design your own page. As mentioned earlier, this is such a perfect page builder for those who want simple designs for design websites.

The free version of Brizy lets you create simple business websites, simple landing pages, and online portfolios. That is if you don’t mind not being able to access the pre-made layouts.

On the other hand, if you want advanced features, the Pro version is suitable for you. 

The Pro version is featured with dynamic content, layouts, assigning roles, and many more. By paying $49 per year you will have all access to all features pro version provided. 

You will also be able to receive support for more than three websites. It is such a great chance if you are going to make a personal site.

Another paying option is the Lifetime package. You will need to pay once to get all features along with supports and updates offered by the Pro version. 

Purchasing the lifetime package can be a great investment as Brizy comes with great features offered. Happily, Brizy provides a 30-days money-back guarantee.

Final verdicts Brizy review

Even though Brizy is a newcomer in this industry, it has enormous potentials. Making and designing a page is smoother and simpler even for those who are new to making and creating a site. 

However, it still has a long way to go to a match with other page builders. Due to its young age, Brizy doesn’t have as many features as them. 

Hence, if you are searching for a page builder to build WooCommerce and other marketing stuff, Brizy is not yet the best choice.

Overall, Brizy is such a great choice for those searching for a page builder to create a truly simple page with its simple and great features. 

You can use the Brizy review to determine whether it matches your need or not.