Astra Theme Review: The Pros and Cons You Should Know

One of the world’s best WordPress themes is Astra. Astra theme is suitable used both by novice or professional in developing website. 

Therefore, it is no wonder that Astra has become one of the of the most famous and fastest – growing WordPress themes nowadays. 

However, despite Astra themes is the highest – rated WordPress themes, it doesn’t mean that Astra themes right for you.

Therefore, it is better if you look for an Astra theme review to decide whether this theme fits your needs or not.

Astra Theme Review: The Pros

1. There are Numerous of Free Templates Available

It is no wonder that the Astra theme becomes very popular among WordPress users. 

On the official repository of WordPress themes, it receives 5 – star rating. 

There are more than 110 free templates available which enable the users to create almost every type of websites they need.

Besides, Astra theme also integrates with numerous useful plugins such as LearnDash, LigterLMS and WooCommerce which make this theme comes in handy.

2. Light and Well Coded

Lighter WordPress themes are always better rather than just aesthetics or high functionality WordPress themes. 

Lighter WordPress themes will be able to make the website runs faster so it will load in two seconds flat or maybe lesser than that. 

Faster website is very important since it affects the bounce rate. When the website runs more slowly, the bounce rate will increase surpassingly.

3. Powerful Starter Sites

Astra Starter Sites is a companion plugin which includes pre-built website templates. 

The templates come as functional sites which have all the features bundled in one package.

4. There are Numerous of Theme Features in PRO

In the Astra Pro version, the theme comes with numerous customizer options which covers each elements on the website. 

No matter if you are a professional or just a beginner, customize the layout of the website has never been so easy. 

Change the typography, the background color, or the website layout are very easy and don’t consume much time.

The performance and the utility of Astra Pro version has changed drastically since the BrainStorm Force’s team has reworked the customizer completely. Here are premium features available:

1) Tons of blog layout options such as list layouts, grind and masonry

2) Excessive header designs

3) Live Customizer has numerous customization controls

4) Control the Site’s layout width

5) Easy to integrate with WooCommerce

5. Made for Page Builders

Astra theme is built with page builder compatibility. Therefore, the users don’t need to write a single code if they want to customize the website. 

Page builders will help the users to do the customization tasks. It is also very easy to set the layout, colors, typography and every elements comprise the website.

The Astra theme review 2.0 version has increased greatly in the term of features and speed. 

The customizers have been reorganized by the Astra theme team for greater accessibility. 

Now, the users don’t need to do much scrolling and clicking for customizing the website.

Astra Theme Review: The Cons

1. A Lifetime Plan is High –Priced

High quality will surely come with high cost. 

Astra theme has numerous features with great quality which can help you to grow professional WordPress website. 

However, it needs very high cost if you want to subscribe to Astra theme’s lifetime plan, especially if you compare it to the other theme shops available.

The most expensive rates from Astra theme’s lifetime plan is $499 for Mini Agency Bundle licenses. 

Astra premium version offers three different licenses with two different plans, lifetime and annual plan. 

Here are three different licenses offered by Astra theme:

Astra Pro:

Astra Pro has more than 20 starter sites with one – to – one support and great features. 

The lifetime license costs $249 while the annual license costs for $59.

Mini Agency Bundle

This Astra license provides more than 55 starter sites and includes every pro features available in the Astra Pro. 

Mini Agency Bundle also has plugin addon for one page builder for Beaver Builder or Elementor. 

The Mini Agency Bundle costs $499 for lifetime plan while annual plan costs for about $169.

The Agency Bundle

All the features available in The Agency Bundle is just as the same as features in the Mini Agency Bundle. 

The Agency Bundle also features every newest plugin that the Astra theme team has built.  

The Agency Bundle costs $489 for lifetime plan while annual plan costs for about $249.

However, for a beginner who just wants to know what Astra theme feels like, they can try Astra theme free version.

2. The Header Layouts are Limited

One of the downside of Astra theme is the limitation when it comes to customization options and header layout. 

Besides, if you want to use Astra theme to build professional – looking online shop, it is better if you consider your decision once again since the advanced features in Astra theme that integrate with WooCommerce is rather limited.

The users could not create shop pages on the website or create a custom product.


The Astra theme is a great choice of theme when it comes to faster website. 

This theme loads fast so you don’t need to speed up the theme by adding plug ins, custom designs, images whatsoever. 

Besides, despite Astra theme is designed to create professional – looking website, this theme is very easy to operate.

Editing Astra theme to make custom page layouts is very easy. You can combine Astra theme with every page builder plugin you like. 

You can also use Astra theme for building an online store since it is integrated with WooCommerce.

There are free templates available in the Astra theme which make this theme a great choice for those who still a beginner. 

There are also numerous premade templates available with full integration with Easy Digital Downloads, Lifter LMS if you upgrade the subscription.

However, greater quality comes with greater sacrifice, which in this case is a greater price. 

The Astra theme costs more money compare to the other professional theme. 

Nonetheless, the Astra theme still is an excellent choice for you who want to have a professional and high – speed website.