Astra Theme Review: The Pros and Cons You Should Know

Almost every active users of WordPress themes and professional website developers surely know Avada theme. 

Avada theme is one of the most well – known WordPress themes that has attracted more than 600 thousand active users around the globe. 

However, Avada theme has become global phenomenon in website developing.

This theme has successfully become the number one selling item on of all time. 

Since it first released, Avada theme has been upgraded to 6.2 version with more features embedded in.

Surely there are a ton of reasons why people love this WordPress theme.

But, it is better if you take a look at the pros and cons of the Avada theme review as it will give you deeper understandings of this phenomenal theme.

Avada Theme Review: The Pros

1. A Lot of Templates Choice Available

What makes Avada theme so popular among the other third – party WordPress themes? 

Well one of the obvious answers is because this theme offers its users with unlimited amazing template designs. 

Website developers can pick various base template designs from Avada theme which can be customized to create unique look that exclusively yours.

The template comes very simple but effective options panel which enables the website developers to build astonished template without the need to install multiple themes. 

There are more than 40 templates available. 

Every Avada theme has various demo sites which the users can import them in only one click. 

The premade sites range from restaurant website to portfolio websites.

2. Easy to Operate

Avada theme is very easy to install and operate. The installation process is just as same as any other WordPress themes from third – party. 

The first step is go to the WordPress dashboard and click Appearance – Themes. Then go to Add New and import Avada theme in zip folder. 

To operate the theme, you have to install Fusion Builder and Fusion Core plugins.

The Avada theme is fully responsive theme and has wonderful flexibility. Both beginner and professional users are able to alter the layout very easily.

3. Great Support from WooCommerce

Many website developers use website to create online shop. In order to create professional – looking online shop, you can do it yourselves even if you don’t have any idea about how to code. 

WooCommerce is a great plugin when it comes to creating professional – looking online shop. 

Looking at this huge demand, Avada theme gives complete support to the WooCommerce plugin.

Users can use advanced tools available from WooCommerce to create portfolio, landing pages, product pages, shop pages and description products.

4. Offers a Lot of Great Features

The Avada theme really is rich great features. Fusion Builder is one of the theme greatest features as this feature can be used both on the front – end and the back end. 

Fusion Builder has numerous controls and options to create modern – looking website. 

The users can create duplicate columns, add more columns and rows.

As a website developers, the feature also enables you to see how the site will look like on different scree size. 

If you think that several elements don’t look great on different screen size, you can adjust them easily.

5. Offers Free Additional Plugins

One of the best thing about Avada is this theme offers its users with various additional plugins. 

Some of the plugins available for free so you don’t need to pay anything. 

Several great premium plugins comes in bundled such as Layer Slider Pro, Convert Plus, Slider Revolution, ACF Pro and Fusion White Label Branding.

Meanwhile, some free plugins available such as The Events Calendar, Yoast SEO, Contact Form and bbPress. 

Once your product is registered, then you can install the premium plugins.

Avada Theme Review: The Cons

1. Slow Down the Website if Extra Plugins Being Used

Avada theme doesn’t really suit beginner because you will need to repair the website speed when extra plugins being used.

2. Doesn’t Have Product and Theme Builder

Avada theme doesn’t have product builder and theme builder. Therefore, Avada theme is not a suitable theme for those who want to fully custom website that exclusively for them.

3. The Users Need to Recreate Almost Everything Once The Theme Switch

This is one of the major disadvantages from Avada theme. 

The users have to prepare their time to recreate the posts and pages on the site once they switch the older theme to the other theme. 

This happens because Avada theme will leave shortcode mess once the users change the theme. 

Therefore, the users have to recreate all of the pages and posts in another page builder plugin.

4. Not Really Expensive, but Doesn’t Really Pay Off

The cost to purchase the Avada theme doesn’t really pricey actually. The price of the Avada theme on ThemeForest is $60 for six months. 

If you want to continue the support, then you have to pay more than $18. 

Otherwise, the users should pay an additional $60 if they want to install the Avada theme on any other websites.

But, when you compare the Avada theme price to the other well – known WordPress themes, it seems like the price doesn’t really pay off when the capabilities of the theme take into account. 


After you read all the Avada theme review above, now you can consider whether this WordPress theme is the best fit for your projects or not. 

Like any other WordPress theme, Avada also has several pros and cons. 

The major pros of Avada theme is this theme suits for multipurpose use.

Avada theme fits to build online shop, page website, corporate business website, a blog site, an IT website, and a wedding website. 

Users can easily redesign the layout of the website since this theme based on Fusion builder which makes Avada theme as great as the other website builders. 

At first glance, of course this popular theme seems like offers a lot.

But, nothing is perfect. 

Avada theme still has several shortages. One of its major shortages is it will leave a shortcode mess once the users decide to change the theme. 

Therefore, Avada theme is not a really great choice for beginner.