Top 15 Best Ecommerce Themes for WordPress

Selling product and service becomes far easier with online stores. You may combine usual website with additional feature to handle transaction. 

For retailer business, using internet expands their capability to reach potential buyers. 

The good news is you do not need big budget and technical expertise when creating website. The answer is you use WordPress.

For your information, more than 30% websites today utilize this CMS as main platform. 

It is considered the best and most reliable because vast theme, plugin, and template. 

You can create online store easily with more relevant themes. The next list shows some best options you should consider.

List of the Best Theme for Ecommerce

1. Metro

You create a store with several categories and products. Moreover, design and layout have to be accessible. 

People and potential buyer can find anything they want easily and efficiently. For such purpose, the best template you must consider is metro. 

It has modules, plugins, setting, components, and more features to support ecommerce. 

After installation, users create categories and enlist products with description. 

Moreover, they arrange contents easily including homepage with offers and the bestselling.

2. Divi

The next theme for ecommerce is divi. This one is useful option when you create personal store to promote and sell your own products. 

As usual, the theme contains several features and components to ensure users can create ecommerce easily. 

Moreover, you may configure and arrange layout including altering some texts and backgrounds. As the best one, this theme is also lightweight and versatile. 

When you need a specific modules or widget, adding from third parties is not issue. 

After that, you optimize transaction method including safety and security. Therefore, your store is ready and divi makes development faster.

3. Jayla

Jayla is also an excellent choice for ecommerce. You need this one when developing stores with relatively vast catalogues. 

Layout is practical and easy to customize. For your information, this theme has been used by the top retailer. 

That’s solid proof to show capability. You explore components, plugins, and settings.  

4. Astra

Astra provides everything you need to create online store. This theme contains layout and components that can be modified easily. 

You may add your own picture, background, and color. Setting is also simple as long as you understand marketing. 

The good news is this theme also supports several transaction. 

Developer puts extra features for security and safety. From this point, you understand that this template is not just fancy design and appearance. 

As the best ecommerce theme, you can find more capabilities and easy to adjust with third party plugins.

5. Artemis

The next theme for ecommerce is Artemis. 

The name is interesting and you can tell more after exploring directly. It is one of the best one you can pick when creating online store. 

The theme contains several settings, components, and features that are compatible and reliable to support online business. 

If those are not enough, users have freedom to customize on their own. 

Features include creating category, adding description and tags, customizing photo, and more. This one is definitely your best pick for ecommerce.

6. Shopkeeper

The best thing about WordPress is vast themes and templates. They are available from various developers. 

Moreover, some of them are specifically for ecommerce. One of the best is shopkeeper. 

The name suggests that this one is definitely the theme for online store. You can see a demo and check some basis features.

This theme has components to make and arrange category. After that, you write description including adding photo or image. 

Editing is simple because you only drag and drop directly. This is a promising theme you must have. 

With the right arrangement, online store becomes more reliable and excellent. Furthermore, users can alter some settings to be friendly with search engine. 

Shopkeeper is also compatible with SEO plugins. Both will bring more sales.

7. Tonda

Simple and reliable is what you see from tonda. This one is top choice when you look for ecommerce theme. 

You can create layout and homepage with interactive component. Moreover, this one is easy to adjust and integrate with some plugins. 

To make store, you prepare category and products. After that, add one by one until everything is ready.

8. Nitro

You can try nitro as a theme for your online store. It contains features, modules, components that are suitable for ecommerce. 

Moreover, you may modify homepage, change layout, and edit background. Another good thing is compatibility with other plugins. 

That’s what you do when the basic theme is not enough. More stores use this one and you may be one of them.

9. Flatsome

Flatsome is also the best theme you should consider when creating ecommerce. 

It is available for WordPress platform. As usual, several features are quite similar with others. 

On the other hand, this one is also excellent choice when you have various categories and subcategories. Arranging them is not issue anymore.

10. Blance

Blance is also the best theme in this list that you can use for ecommerce. 

You may install directly and see some components. After adding basic categories and products, check preview and modify directly. 

You can create homepage with astonishing arrangement. The theme is compatible with SEO. 

It means store can be optimized with this kind of plugin.

11. Storefront

The best theme for ecommerce does not have to be fancy. As long as feature is compatible and reliable, you can use it. 

For such preference, storefront seems to be the right choice at all. 

This one contains several features including layout and menu. You can edit and add your own contents.

12. The retailer

The retailer seems to be the theme that takes retailer business in mind. 

This one is useful when you must have online stores with vast and various products. 

It is also quite light and easy to adapt into mobile platform. You can make store that people can access and buy directly on their device. 

All features are available to ensure everything is done properly. If you are not sue about this theme, try demo and see the capability.

13. Wordmart

Wordmart should be on your list when looking for the right theme for online store. 

It includes several features that users can modify easily. Furthermore, this one is easy to add some items and categories. 

You can use for small-scale business, retailer, personal store, marketplace, and any type of ecommerce. 

Moreover, this theme can be expanded with more third parties plugins and modules.

14. Ultra

The next theme you can use for ecommerce is wordmart. Style and layout are definitely for preparing online store. 

This one also has setting to manage categories and products. You may add or edit easily including get rid of items that have been sold. 

Furthermore, the store will show stock and provides some transaction option. You do not need to worry about security. 

The theme will work perfectly with any protection you pick.

15. Oxygen

Another excellent theme for WordPress is oxygen. This one is very versatile to adjust with ecommerce. 

You may create a retailer shop with vast contents and catalogues. For personal use, you can use for developing website such as travel agent, digital product store, etc. 

All features and components are available to ensure ecommerce becomes more reliable and secure. That’s what you expect from oxygen.

Things to consider before using ecommerce theme

WordPress is regarded as the best for developing website including ecommerce. 

You are not an expert due to lack of technical skill and knowledge related to coding. 

That’s not issue any more after you rely on this CMS. In fact, the real purpose of WordPress is everyone can make website that focus on content. 

Of course, ecommerce is included as one of top growth in digital era.

You may uses one or more themes from list above. They are dedicated for ecommerce, online store, and online transaction. 

The issue is you do not know what to do. Vast option has good and bad sides. To ensure you pick the right one, several things have to be considered.

The theme is capable to accommodate your products, transaction, and more features. 

Small business does not have to complex as long as people can visit and access then buy quickly. 

On the other hand, you should put extra effort when arranging more products into single store. 

Make sure it can attract more visitors and buyers. Moreover, product is ready after up to four clicks. Focus on features and optimization.

Fancy layout is good but the best thing should come from delivering the ultimate user experience. 

People come again and will promote indirectly after writing review. 

This is what you should do when developing ecommerce. Content and service are far necessary before appearance. 

Avoid many widget and modules that make website too heavy. Today, light and fast are far more important.

You have two options for this kind of theme, free and paid versions. Both have pros and cons that are necessary to understand. 

Free themes do not mean you get less feature and compatibility. 

With the right setting, you will have online store without paying paid theme. 

On the other side, paid themes are good option when you want more support.