Best LMS Plugins for WordPress

During the lockdown people are now changing their working and learning methods by utilizing online platforms. 

If you are a teacher or anyone looking to teach your students online, there are so many tools to help you get started. 

One of them is LMS or Learning Management System. Here is the best LMS plugins for you to build online learning experience.

1. LearnDash

If you are looking for online class management system LearnDash is the good choice to try. 

LearnDash works as a wordpress plugin and it is integrated with your wordpress website so you don’t need to buy a separate LMS service. 

You just need an existing wordpress website which you control and all you need to do is install LearnDash.

LearnDash WordPress plugin is so popular amongst university and school environments. 

It has proper features for all your online class need. This plugin supports drag and drop course builder. 

Here are the notable features from LearnDash:

  • You can create lessons and topics separately
  • This plugin enables you to make quizzes for your students
  • You can upload learning videos and you can set video options to autoplay without users’ interaction
  • You can give your students assignments
  • LearnDash can make online learning experience more like a competition by giving your students certificates and badges
  • With this plugin you can also create private and public course forums to have interactive learning experience with your students

If you want to give paid course to your students this plugin can make it possible thanks to its simple payment integration with PayPal. 

There are also other payment methods if you are not a fan of PayPal. 

You can connect your course to third-party membership plugins to give your students more options such as discounts, subscriptions, VIP memberships and many more.

With LearnDash you can do many things such as

  • Ability to create user groups with special user acted as admin to manage each group
  • You can view detailed activities and reports from the dashboard
  • You can connect to automation service like Zapier to automate everything on your online course

LearnDash is a great plugin for those looking to make online classes for school or paid online classes. 

One downside of using this plugin is that you need to integrate LearnDash with a third party plugins such as Easy Digital Downloads or WooCommerce to enable payment system.

This plugin costs $159 for one website. 

If you need more than one license, LearnDash can be purchased for $189 to install on 10 websites and $329 for 25 websites.

2. LifterLMS

LifterLMS is an excellent LMS plugin for WordPress that makes creating, selling and engaging online courses easy. 

LifterLMS works with any WordPress theme and page building tools such as Divi, Elementor, Beaver Builder, etc.

LifterLMS has 10.000 active installations worldwide and has 4.5-star ratings on WordPress. 

With LifterLMS WordPress plugin gives you the following features to make your online classes possible such as:

  • Drag and drop supports when creating your online course
  • This plugin allows you to add any kind of media to make your course more engaging such as video, audio and text
  • Added ability to create dynamic quizzes to promote learning experience to your students
  • This plugin allow you to drip-feed your contents
  • You can add certification feature for your students after completing your course
  • This plugin also allows you to create free courses to attract more customers to join your courses
  • You can allow your members or students to download your lessons
  • You can assign time limits for quizzes
  • You can create “Discussion areas”
  • You can integrate LifterLMS plugins with payment gateways, email marketing and blog themes

LifterLMS is used by so many people such as WordPress Freelancers, WordPress Agencies, IT departments, Marketing agencies, entrepreneurs, schools, organizations, governments, enterprise companies and many more.

You can download LifterLMS Learning Management System Plugin for WordPress on wordpress plugin repository. The price of this plugin is $99 per year, but if you want to add add-ons you have to pay separately.

3. WP Courseware

With WP Courseware plugin you can turn your wordpress blog into a complete course along with student management, quizzes, progress tracking and many more. 

You can create and manage your very first online course easily with this plugin. 

WP Courseware has intuitive course builder which you can drag and drop. You can also customize your courses very quick.

The top features this plugin offers are:

  • Ability to protect your online course
  • You can view and export quiz results
  • Drip feeding contents system
  • You can give certificates to your students after having completed your online course
  • This plugin has a membership integration system
  • This plugin is compatible with any WordPress theme
  • GDPR compliant
  • Email notifications support

WP Courseware does not have a free version but this WordPress plugin can be purchased for $129 and you will get licenses to use this plugin for up to 2 websites. 

The plugin costs $149 for 10 website licenses and $199 to install on 25 websites.

4. LearnPress

LearnPress is a free and comprehensive WordPress LMS plugin for your WordPress blog. 

This is the best free WordPress plugin you can use to create and sell your online courses. 

Each of your courses can be equipped with quizzes and lessons. You can manage your courses with an intuitive and easy interface. 

You can start creating online courses for school and business easily and you don’t even need to know about coding knowledge.

You can get this plugin free of charge from wordpress plugin repository. 

LearnPress plugin has been installed for over than 100.000 times and it has 4.5 star ratings.

LearnPress WordPress plugin has excellent features for a free plugin such as:

  • It supports WordPress multisite. You can create LMS on your WordPress as multiple sites
  • LearnPress LMS plugin offers an outstanding user interface to help you to create an online course. You can easily create a curriculum for your course as well as maintain and edit it. This free plugin also gives you the option to export your course and import it to another LearnPress enabled website.
  • You can manage the course you have created. You can share it with anyone and view statistic about your student’s information, its trend, etc
  • Although LearnPress is free you can sell courses you create with many payment methods such as PayPal, Stripe, WooCommerce, etc
  • LearnPress plugin will help you to communicate with your student via WordPress forum to create an interactive learning experience
  • This plugin also has many useful add-ons to provide extra functionalities
  • LearnPress is actively maintained by its developer so you can get new features and security patches on every update
  • LearnPress has been localized in many languages such as English, German, French, Indonesian, Polish, Dutch, and Russian

This plugin has a premium version which you can purchase for $250

5. Sensei

Sensei is another Learning Management System Plugin which is integrated with WooCommerce. 

With Sensei LMS plugin you can create online courses, quizzes and lessons effortlessly. 

The user interface of Sensei LMS plugin is very straightforward just like creating normal wordpress page or post. 

It has custom post type with title Lessons.

Sensei has key features as LMS plugin such as:

  • Seamless Integration with your WordPress website to make creating online courses easy
  • This plugin can help you to earn passive income. To create paid online courses you have to purchase the WooCommerce Paid Courses extension. After installing the extension you can sell your online courses with WooCommerce
  • You don’t need to learn single coding or programming knowledge and you don’t need to hire a developer to make your LMS website up and running. Sensei LMS just works seamlessly with your chosen WordPress theme
  • Sensei LMS allows you to take full control of your online quizzes to reinforce your students’ knowledge level as well as evaluate their learning progress
  • Sensei LMS also has additional extensions to drip feed your online course, award your students after completing your online course with certificates as well as let them share their progress on social media.

The price of the Sensei LMS WordPress plugin starts from $129 for one website, $179 for 5 websites, and $279 to install on up to 275 websites.

6. Namaste! LMS

Namaste! LMS is a WordPress plugin to make online classes and online courses possible. 

With this plugin, you can create unlimited numbers of lessons and courses for your students. 

Students can earn certificates after having completed their classes.

Namaste! LMS also has grade and point systems to let you grade your students’ performance. 

This plugin can help you to make paid courses by using WooCommerce. 

You can use Namaste! LMS bridge to connect your online courses to WooCommerce.

Namaste! LMS wordpress plugin is available to download from wordpress plugin repository. 

This plugin has been installed for more than 1.000 times and has 4.5 star ratings.


WordPress is a very popular blogging platform and with the help of Learning Management System plugins you can start making online courses in no time. 

You can start making your online courses right away and share your knowledge to your students easily. 

Choose the free plugin to test its features and get your familiar with the user interface. 

If you like the plugin then proceed to buy the full version.