What are the 10 Best Plugins of Elementor Add-on for Elementor?

What is Elementor?

It is regarded as a very good plugin for page builder which is used for WordPress. 

You can use Elementor easily. Not only that, it also has many interesting features and it is free. 

Furthermore, it can help you to make an attractive website even though you don’t have a special skill in design.

The fact shows that a lot of developers of WordPress provide customers with add-ons of Elementor, and these add-ons improve the builder of page to next levels. 

It is another good element from Elementor. This post will show you the 10 best add-ons for Elementor. 

They can make you to know more functionality of Elementor. 

These add-ons that you will find below are ranged from free add-ons to paid ones.

1. Crocoblock

First, we will discuss on the add-on plugin of Crocoblock. Valuable Elementor add-ons is offered by them, that allows the users to add reviews, accordions, tabs, and sections with some styles, and many more. 

In addition, they have Kava theme (premium) that you can access also and have a premade websites collection and pages of premade individual which are interesting.

From Crocoblock, you can find more than 100 sections. Not only that, you can also find some ready-made pages for Jet plugins and Elementor for your specific purposes. 

Some of them can enable you to develop Mega menu and it is arranged with the support of a ton of widgets and a page builder.

It also gives you chance to design and create the header, footer, single page templates and achieve. 

Apart from that, the service of the subscription contains plugins for creating tabs, accordion blocks, gloss visuals and blog.

For a single rate license, the pricing of the plugin starts at $49. It also includes updates and supports for one year. 

Another option is a lifetime license that you can buy for $299. With this access, the users of the plugin can put the add-ons on websites with unlimited numbers.

There is no need to separately purchase all the plugins if you want to use the Crocoblock. 

The users do not need to worry about the agreement of license because Crocoblock provides service all in.

2. Element Pack PRO

Another excellent product for plugins of Elementor add-on is the Element Pack PRO. 

This plugin has some impressive features. 

It also has premade style blocks and premade pages that are premade parts that the user can combine and make them fit to create some unique layouts.

Element Pack PRO has the ultimate essential addon that can be used for Elementor Page Builder. 

It has the most well-known essential elements that you need in website page building for your daily use. 

Its addons’ development is regarded as the world’s best practice in the code standard. 

It also meets a good validation by using HTML5, the technology of PHP 7.x (tested up to 7.3), and the latest CSS.

This allow you to access a professional addon which is for the Elementor page builder plugin. It is WordPress 5.2.x compliant and ready. 

It has some well-known elements to help you manage your sites easily by using the drop and drag ability only. 

If you use it, it can be ensured that there is no programming knowledge required.

The price for this add-on plugin collection for Elementor is started at $99 per year. 

This pricing has included 30-day guarantee for money back. 

You can get a license of lifetime also for this product with the available pricing $249.

3. Premium Addons

The Premium Addons is a 50+ widgets collection for Elementor that has carousels, charts, pricing tables, parallax, grids, and a mixture of diverse platforms of social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and others.

One of the features that you really need to consider before deciding to use it is that this collection has both a premium version and a free version. 

The Premium Addons’ free version can be downloaded by subscription to the Premium Addsons’s newsletter. 

Regarding the pro version, you only need to pay $39 per year for a license of a single site. 

Meanwhile, for a license of a lifetime, it is charged for $199. It also offers a 14-day guarantee for money back.

4. PowerPack Elements

You can get 30 widgets of Elementor if you use the PowerPack Elements. 

These widgets include some special widgets, for example, dual headings, navigation for page, widgets for Elementor content, and form style widgets which are unique. 

This plugin is considered very valuable if it is used with a plugin of contact form rather than a module of Contact Form that can be found in the plugin.

The collection of PowerPack Elements of Elementor add-ons can be purchased for $59 per year. 

They can be used by the users on websites with unlimited number. 

You can also buy a license of lifetime for $199. You can receive a 15% discount by input the DW15 code.

5. Ultimate Addons

The company which developed the theme of Astra created the Ultimate Addons for Elementor. 

A number of various Elementor widgets and addons such as Woo Add to Cart, a timeline and boxes of info, and some more widgets and addons are included in their package.

You can buy the add-ons for $49. A plan of Mini Agency can also be picked for $169 and it involves Astra Starter Sites, the theme of Astra Pro, and the WP Portfolio plugin. 

You also can get a plan of Agency for $249 that are from all the features involved in the Mini Agency plan, all future plugins, plugins of Convert Pro, Beaver Builder, Ultimate Add-ons, and plugin of Schema Pro.

6. Namago

Bundle of Elementor Extras is offered by the Namago. It includes some good widgets such as age gate, inline SVG, and Switcher. 

They switch between phone and text, and it is automatically. 

It also includes unique layouts for posts and other interesting features.

Very competitive pricing for this product is offered by this company. The pricing for this bundle starting at €26 which is for a license of a single site. 

This license can be used for a year updates and supports. You can also get a license of a lifetime which for €128.

7. Essential-Addon

Itself is also marketed by the Essential Addons for Elementor as the library of the ultimate elements for Elementor. 

There are 60 elements offered by them which are premium, such as Instagram galleries, team members, timelines of post and many more. 

Premade sections and templates are also offered by them for your website of Elementor.

The Essential Addon for Elementor can be accessed and used for $29.97 for a license of single site. 

This license includes updates and support for one year and 25% discount. You can get a 14-day guarantee for money back if you buy package.

8. LiveMesh

Elementor widgets are offered by LiveMesh. They also offer premade sections that function by using any theme. 

They also have styling options that integrate with your site seamlessly. 

The section can be found by the users for archive layouts, blog posts, galleries, portfolios, accordions, pie charts, and more.

The free version is offered by LiveMesh but very basic. In case you intend to have a test for these add-ons, you can use it. 

It can be upgraded to the premium version if you want. It is to access all the widgets and sections. 

For this, you can pay $37 per year for a license of a single site. You can also find available lifetime and multisite licenses of LiveMesh started at $69 and $99 for each product.

9. Sizzify

Themeisle is a company that created some well-known plugins and themes for WordPress. 

Themeisle is also the company that develops Sizzify. 

If you buy this Elementor add-ons package, you can access some different addons such as widgets of content form, pricing tables, boxes for review, and others. 

Some distinct templates of Elementor are also offered by them.

Sizzify can be downloaded for free. 

You can access their website. You need to know that the premium version of Sizzify is not available anymore for purchasing.

10. HT Mega

HT Mega is another add-on plugin described here. 

You can download HT Mega plugin for free by accessing their official repository. Some excellent features are offered by this plugin. 

These features include some unique widgets, blocks of Elementor, third-party widgets of plugin, and premade landing pages. Styling options can be found in this Plugin. 

So, the users can integrate elements and various widget easily into their site.


Above is description of the top 10 Elementor add-on plugins that you can note for your consideration.

Plenty of features are offered by this Elementor. Even though they use free plan, they still satisfy many users. 

However, the Elementor add-on plugins on the list can give your more interesting features that you can use, if you need more functionality from this plugin. Y

ou need to make sure that you check them first. You can also use the codes for discount from purchasing it. 

As mentioned, there are some more advantages from these Elementor plugin.