What Is the Best Review Plugin For WordPress

Getting revenues from the things that we sell online seems to be tempting. 

When we have succeeded in earning from our online products or services, we tend to want to increase even more of our sales as well as improving the quality of our sales.

While it’s true that all websites can be used to boost sales, WordPress still becomes one of the most frequently used for curating contents related to sales. 

WordPress doesn’t only stand by their own selves. Instead, WordPress is equipped with plugins for improving and maintaining our customers’ trust and loyalties.

One of the ways we can use to improve our customers’ trust and loyalties is through the reviews from the satisfied customers in our website. 

Most websites will appear more trustworthy when the reviews are in plugin modes instead of written in the standard format. This includes a WordPress-based website.

What To Look For In A Review Plugin

Most, if not all, WordPress review plugins, are for customers to leave reviews and display them on your website. 

When you use the WordPress review plugin, the reviews tend to be displayed in front of your Home tab. 

The exception comes when you have a special dedicated page for Testimonials, but this usually couldn’t be further than the Home tab where reviews become central to build customers’ trust and loyalties.

Reviews are not only forms of texts that are attached in front of the Home or Testimonial tab. 

Instead, we need to look at several points when we are choosing the best review plugin for your WordPress websites.

The first one we’re going to look at is the rating systems. Usually, people will picture the rating systems as star-shaped images. Yet, you can get creative by adding other shapes or images to resemble the rating systems.

The second one is the ability to sort and embed reviews. 

When we sort our reviews, we usually sort them by the star-shaped rating systems or the posted date on each of the customers’ reviews. 

Yet, it is not impossible to sort reviews based on other criteria according to the WordPress plugin we use. 

When talking about the embedded reviews, it means that the reviews can and should be attached in a more practical places, such as widgets or shortcodes that we can put in our other websites.

The third one we’re going to research when choosing the best review plugin for our WordPress-based website is the plugin’s ability to insert already-existing reviews from other websites, such as the ever-famous and popular Google or Yelp.

8 Best Review Plugins For WordPress

Given those three criteria, we have picked up the 8 best review plugins for WordPress-based websites that will give certainties for you to boost your customers’ retention. 

Not all of the best review plugins here are free. Some are paid and you have to use the Premium version to get the full benefits of the review plugins. 

Yet, these 8 best review plugin for WordPress will help your products and services to improve their trustworthiness in your customers’ eyes:

1. Site Reviews

The first best review plugin for WordPress is Site Reviews. 

This plugin is among the most famous review plugin for WordPress users that we see them almost in 80% of every WordPress-based website.

The Site Reviews plugin is one of the most practical plugins for WordPress. 

Apart from the fact that this plugin is free to download in the WordPress plugin repository, Site Reviews also comes with handy shortcodes and widgets. 

You can use those shortcodes and widgets to display your reviews on your other websites or anywhere you’d like to, as long as the place can read shortcodes and widgets from the Site Reviews.

Another cool thing about the Site Reviews is that it displays the most positive reviews on top of the review lists. 

This way, your products, and services can look top-notch to your customers. 

This is why the Site Reviews plugin got downloaded more than 10,000 times and received an average of a 5-star rating from the customers.

2. Customer Reviews For WooCommerce

Like Site Reviews, WooCommerce is one of the most popular WordPress plugins for attaching customers’ reviews. 

This is proven by WooCommerce’s average 5-star rating from their users and more than 10,000 times of installation.

Customer Reviews for WooCommerce itself has a direct approach by letting customers leave reviews directly on your website. 

Furthermore, Customer Reviews for WooCommerce follow-up your customers by sending an automatic message to your customers’ emails, reminding them to go back to your website and review your products and services.

Even in their free versions, your customers will benefit from being able to review more than one product at once. 

Then, a form will be generated for each of their reviewed products. 

If the logo feels disturbing to you, you just need to pay starting from $49.99/year, in which you will get a custom footer for your plugin as well.

3. Schema - All In One Schema Rich Snippets

Even though Schema is not a review plugin, it is also worth mentioning due to the fact that it has been installed more than 100,000 times. 

When you use this plugin, you also optimize the search engine by displaying your products’ ratings and reviews.

This is because Schema allows the users to configure the right rich snippets. 

This means Schema is great when you have articles and reviews for your products. 

After all, Schema will let you configure your displayed product contents in the SERP.

4. WP Product Review

Like its name, this WordPress plugin made by ThemeIsle is great when you want to earn sales from your review sites on a long-term basis. 

Turning your blog posts into full-fledged reviews is the specialty of WP Product Review.

In regular review articles, we might see posts with written ratings, pro-cons lists, and some even with affiliate links. 

When you use WP Product Review, you will also be able to write those, with an addition of rich snippets, shortcodes, and reviews from other users.

The cost for this plugin starts from $59/year, including a one-site license and 1-year support and updates. 

The Lite version has more limited features, yet, you can use the Lite version to try before you buy the full version.

5. Google Reviews Widget

Almost every Google products have free versions, and Google Reviews Widget is no exception. 

It is also flexible like every other Google product in that it can be added to any Widgetized area on your website.

This makes the Google Reviews Widget installed more than 40,000 times and got a 4,5-star rating from the users. In addition, the “Read More” link in it is also used to make long reviews quick to be read. 

The Business version, which costs starts from $85/year/website, has additional abilities to merge reviews in different websites and let your customers leave a Google review on your website.

6. WP Customer Reviews

The WP Customer Reviews are also popular due to the number of more than 60,000 active installations and the same rating as the Google Reviews Widget. 

This plugin is one of the safest review plugins for WordPress since it has the ability to block spambots. 

Not stopping there, WP Customer Reviews has its own moderation feature where you can filter your customers’ reviews and choose the ones you want to display on your website.

Other than having shortcodes available for you to display the reviews anywhere on your website, the WP Customer Reviews also makes your customers’ reviews appear in a rich snippet format to different search engines.

7. Taqyeem - WordPress Review Plugin

This uniquely-named WordPress review plugin supports rich snippets for your products and services descriptions and star ratings. 

Besides, Taqyeem also enables you to collect and display reviews on your website. 

This way, along with the fact that it is fully customizable, makes Taqyeem succeeded in gaining 5-star ratings and more than 1,500 sales on CodeCanyon.

Taqyeem itself is an economic alternative to the other best review plugin for WordPress. 

You only need to pay $29 for 6-months support and future updates of the plugin.

8. WP Business Reviews

The best thing about WP Business Reviews is the fact that it is a real-time review plugin. 

In other words, when you use WP Business Reviews, your website automatically displays reviews at the same time your customers review your products on other websites.

WP Business Reviews’ ability doesn’t stop in automatically pulling reviews from other websites. 

Instead, it is also integrated with other platforms such as Google or Yelp, in a way that it displays the best reviews there. 

To use WP Business Reviews in the full version, you need to pay from $69/year for every website you want to associate with it. The $69 amount includes 1-year support and update.

Final Thoughts

You can use this article as a recommendation for choosing the best review plugin for your WordPress websites. 

After all, any review plugins in this list will increase your customers’ engagement to your website as well as improving sales conversions and building customers’ trust and loyalties.