Top 10 Best Stock Photo and Video Footage Sites

To Beautify Your WordPress Websites

Imagine a WordPress website that only contains posts or reviews, no photos, no videos to accompany it. 

Anyone who visits this site definitely will not want to linger there. You can be sure this site will be empty and will not produce a profit at all.

The existence of photos or images on a WordPress site plays a very important role, not just beautifying the site pages. 

The existence of photos or images on a WordPress site plays a very important role, not just beautifying the site pages. 

Almost every article or blog post includes an image. It is embedded in bloggers that an article is better if it has an image or photo, even if it’s only one.

These bloggers also realize that blogging is not only about text. 

A good and good article is a combination of text, images and other multimedia elements such as videos, graphics, slides and so on. 

Visually, the article became less attractive and could lead to saturation more quickly if there are no photos or pictures there. 

You certainly cannot ignore this and need to add or include images in the article even if at least one image.

Adding or including images in blog articles will be more visually attractive to readers. 

You can even get a lot of traffic from image search engines. The existence of thumbnails which are part of the image of a website can also be a factor in attracting blog visitors. 

Related articles or popular articles with thumbnails not only add visual interest, but also increase CTR and reduce bounce rate.

No need to be confused, to complete a WordPress website; you can find a number of photos that match the blog’s theme on the stock photo site.

What is the stock photo?

Stock photo is a collection of images that are shot or generated first without waiting for user requests, and then “stocked” in a marketplace known as the Stock Photo Agency or Library. 

Stock photos contain professional photographers’ shots of people, landscapes, animals, cities, vehicles, plants and many other types that you can you use for your site.

We have to buy the stock photo with a license or permission to use it so that we can use it in the form of work with a specific purpose (commercial or non-commercial). 

If you continue to use it without permission, you could face lawsuits such as plagiarism or illegal use of intellectual works by the copyright owner of the image.

There are several conditions that must be considered if you want to use a photo from a stock photo for the purposes of your website

  • Public Domain. In this condition, the photo does not have the copyright of the photographer. You are free to use this photo without asking permission first
  • Personal vs Commercial. In this condition, photos can only be used for personal purposes only, but it is considered that you violate copyright rules if you use photos for business or commercial purposes.
  • For photos in this condition, you must include credit to the original owner of the photo

Best Stock Photo & Video Footage Site: Free and Paid

Pay attention before choosing and using photos from stock photos, make sure you know the terms and conditions. 

So, here are some recommendations for stock photo sites that can be a reference for finding the best photos for your WordPress website.

1. adds hundreds of new photos every week, completely free of charge and free of copyright restrictions. 

Photographers are only allowed to upload five photos at a time, with the basic idea that everyone can only upload their best work.

With so many images on this site, it doesn’t mean that you will have trouble finding the category you want. 

Just use the search field on the site, and voila your desired images appeared on its entry. 

All photos released by StockSnap are under the public domain which means no attribution required when using them

2. Pixabay

Who doesn’t know Pixabay? It seems that almost all bloggers are familiar with this stock photo site. 

Yes, Pixabay is indeed one of the most complete stock photo sites with almost 1.6 million images and is a favorite of many people

Pixabay offers more than a million images, which can be used for free on the sites you manage. 

Just like StockSnap, the photos released by Pixabay are under the public domain. 

This support allows you to copy modify and distribute without the need for permission.

3. Negative Space

Negative Space offers new stock photos every week. All photos on this website are copyright-free (Creative Commons CC0). 

Negative Space also has various categories ranging from architecture to abstract to technology. 

Besides that, Negative Space also provides various search options such as by color, copy space position, and category.

How to get it, just click on the image you want to download, then click “Download Stock Photo”, and the image will be saved on the device you are using.

4. Pexels

Pexels provides free, high-quality stock photos that all of which are under the auspices of Creative Commons Zero (CC0) license. 

Pexels is a photo and video library stock, with content that quite handy for variety of needs, mainly to fill your WordPress blog. 

All photos are searchable and also easy to find via the search page on the home page.

This website, founded by Bruno and Ingo Joseph, provides lots of free of charge stock photos under license from Pexels. 

With more than 1 million images and photos and 3,000 images added each month, Pexels can be a must-have website for you to access a wide variety of photos which can be downloaded for free.

5. Unsplash

Just like some of the stock photo sites above, Unsplash also offers high-quality photos with a CC0 license. 

Unsplash provides various types of interesting photos from thousands of photographers who upload their work on the site. 

Unsplash offers more than 200 thousand photos that very helpful for various purposes.

Uniquely, once every ten days, Unsplash adds about 10 photos, which you are free to use for your WordPress website

6. Foodiesfeed

As the name implies, the Foodies Feed provides free photos with a culinary theme. 

For those of you who manage a food blog, Foodiesfeed is the right choice to find a large collection of photos or images related to food. 

The photos in Foodiesfeed are all high resolution and free to use as they are under the public domain. 

The photos on Foodies Feed grouped into several categories, such as coffee themed photos, pizza themed photo, assorted meats themed photos, and much more.

7. Burst by Shopify

Burst sponsored by Shopify provide high quality photographs for various purposes. 

Several photos are licensed from Creative Commons CC0 while others are licensed from Shopify. 

This means that some of them are free to use, but some must meet Shopify’s permission before using them, especially for commercial purposes.

Burst is constantly updating its photo collection to suit current trends. You can find various categories ranging from fashion, business, food, natural scenery, professions and many more on this stock photo site. 

Burst was created with the aim of helping entrepreneurs who are just starting an online business either in creating a website to produce a more attractive website.

8. Kaboompics

Kaboompics provides a variety of good quality photos at no cost. And of course the photos that are there can be used for commercial needs. 

But keep in mind, Kaboompics strictly prohibits its users from redistributing or reselling all content on its website.

There are about 10 thousand images that you can choose from on this Kaboompics stock photo site. 

Kaboompics providing broad selection of high-quality stock photos for free including abstracts, cities and architecture, fashion, food, scenery and many more.

9. Reshot

Reshot is a stock photo site that provides high-quality and high-resolution images. 

This image can be used by bloggers to add aesthetic value to their website. 

The pictures on the Reshot are reusable for personal purposes to commercial purposes without giving credit to the creator of the picture, because it uses CC0 license. 

You can find various categories such as fashion, babies, food, natural scenery, cities, animals and plants in this Reshot.

10. ISO Republic

ISO Republic is a recommended stock photo site for you, especially WordPress website owners who want to add aesthetic value to their site. 

ISO Republic aims to provide high-quality images that can be freely used by designers, developers, bloggers, marketing, and social media teams.

You can download photos on the theme of food, business, technology, natural scenery, and many others for free. 

But please check their Terms page again for more information on licensing.

What Is The Best?

To get quality photos without copyright constraints does not always require a large cost. 

Currently, there are quite a number of stock photo sites available that you can download for free. 

All you have to do is find the photo you want and click download to download it, then use it to beautify the appearance of your WordPress website.

There are several sites that provide various stock photos that you can reuse for commercial purposes such as for your WordPress website. 

But you still need to remember to always read the license policy of each site, because sometimes there are some sites that provide additional requirements specifically. 

For that, don’t forget to read the license policy.