The Best WordPress Plugin For Live Chats Other Than Intercom

Reliable support who can answer your website visitors’ needs quickly is all you need to ensure your website visitors turn into customers when surfing your website. 

This applies especially if you own a dropshipping website or any eCommerce store using the WooCommerce plugin.

Adding a live chat option between you and your website visitors is one of the best solutions to provide reliable support to them. 

By using the live chat tab, your website visitors get real-time answers from humans – in this term, you (and your teams, as well).

Intercom is one of the most frequently used live chat option when it comes to choosing the best WordPress plugin for live chats. 

This is because Intercom can convert your website visitors into long-term customers.

Sadly, Intercom lacks many important advanced features. This makes Intercom can’t be the best WordPress plugin for live chats.

So, the best WordPress plugin for live chats other than Intercom are these plugins:

1. LiveChat

With more than 40 language choices, LiveChat becomes globally successful as well as one of the most successful and effective solutions than Intercom. 

This WordPress live chat plugin is a great add-on to your websites, can be accessed on multiple devices, and matches well with other web plugins such as Shopify, Weebly, or Wix. 

LiveChat (or LiveChat Inc.) costs $16 monthly when billed annually, and has the 30-day free trial version as well.

2. Tidio Live Chat

The specialty of Tidio Live Chat lies in the ability to customize color schemes that match your brands’ persona. 

Preconfigured chatbots to point your customers to the most relevant resources on your websites are also available in this 5-star rating live chat plugin. 

The paid version has extra features such as extra support agents, live typing, and abandoned cart recovery. 

Tidio Live Chat is free or you can pay to start from $15/month.

3. Olark

Since Olark matches well with the CRM, tools for e-Commerce, and many others more, Olark becomes a specific WordPress live chat plugin to provide support on sales systems. 

Some of Olark’s features include customizing the chatbox designs and sorting out messages from your website visitors. 

You have a 2-week free trial to try this software. Then, you can purchase for $15/month when you bill it annually.

4. Tawk.To Live Chat

Tawk.To Live Chat supports 27 languages and you can even customize the colors, contents, border-radius, positions, and more of your live chat boxes by using this 4,5-star rating, completely free, WordPress plugin. 

What’s more, is that, Tawk.To Live Chat also offers a free mobile application version. 

No wonder it gets installed more than 100,000 times.

5. Slack

If you want to communicate with your customers, Slack is definitely the plugin you need. 

Slack can also “team” together with your customers and your teams, so you will answer according to the team platform it has. 

Those are for the free Slack plan. 

More features are available for $6.67/month.

6. HubSpot All-In-One Marketing - Forms, Popups, Live Chat

This 4,5-star rating plugin is one of the most famous plugins in terms of marketing and lead generations. 

The free version features of HubSpot All-In-One Marketing – Forms, Popups, Live Chat contains three of those plus an integrated free contact database. 

In using HubSpot, you can even create chatbots to auto-reply to your customers’ messages when you’re not online. 

The paid version starts from $50/month.

7. Zendesk Chat

Compared to Intercom, Zendesk has far more complete features, even in the free version of the plugin. 

Some examples of Zendesk’s features include the displays on practically every chats and messages, whether those are still “on-page” or has been left for a while, as well as the targeted and behavior-based chat options. 

The paid version (or the Enterprise version) costs $14/agent/month.

8. Pure Chat

In the free version of this solid 4-star rating live chat plugin alone, you can enjoy the unlimited chats and three free users, making it easy for you to customize chat widgets. 

When you’re not available to answer your customers’ chats, Pure Chat provides transcript histories, triggers, and email forms to your websites. 

You will need to invest in the paid version if you want to have unlimited users, real-time analytics, visitor trackings, and more, starting from $39/month.

9. SnapEngage

With the bits of help of SnapEngage, you will be able to match your chat boxes to your websites’ brands. You can also integrate SnapEngage into social media accounts. 

Additionally, SnapEngage’s other features are also available to you when you try the software for free. 

When billed annually, you can pay SnapEngage’s premium version from $16/month.

10. WP Live Chat Support

Like other alternatives to Intercom, WP Live Chat Support offers you the ability to customize the colors and texts used on the chat widget. 

This 4,5-star rating WordPress live chat plugin also offers other impressive features, namely, unlimited simultaneous live chats, add polls, unlimited chat agents, live typing, agent to agent chats, quick responses, Google Analytics integration, and so on.

11. FreshChat

Sending messages according to the landing pages your website visitors visit is one of FreshChat’s specialty, along with the integration to other applications such as Shopify and WordPress. 

What’s more, is that this software will send pop-up messages for your website visitors when they’re about to leave your website. 

The free version has limited features, and the paid version starts from $15/month with yearly bills.

12. Live Chat By Formilla - Real-Time Chat Plugin

This 5-star rating WordPress live chat plugin is easy to use with its available mobile application version and the ability to integrate with your WordPress or WooCommerce websites. 

Moreover, Live Chat By Formilla can be downloaded for free. However, there is a pro version starting from $11.99/month with more advanced features such as using the plugin for multiple sites and having multiple support agents.

13. Chaport

Another multilingual and easily-integrative Intercom alternative you want to consider is Chaport. 

In the free version alone, Chaport enables you to have registered operators, unlimited chat capacities, reporting, analytics, chat histories, email notifications, and up to 5 support team members, as long as you have your WordPress accounts. 

Chaport’s paid version’s starter is called the Basic plan, and the cost starts from $9.8/month when you choose to pay your bills yearly.

14. Crisp Live Chat

Crisp Live Chat lets you chat with as many user agents and website visitors as you want. 

This 4,5-star rating WordPress live chat plugin is also available in the mobile application version. 

The premium version of Crisp Live Chat costs $25/month and has additional features, such as chat triggers, canned responses, integration to social media, and more.

15. Comm100 Live Chat

The best features Comm100 Live Chat has is the auto-send personalized messages according to your website visitors’ activities. 

The features include personalized welcome messages for your website visitors, surveys, personalized messages for your visitors, integration with e-Commerce and CRM systems, and more. 

The cost of Comm100 Live Chat that you need to pay is $29/agent/month if you want the full version of the plugin.

16. Drift

Efficient and easy to set up are two of Drift’s traits that makes it one of the best WordPress plugin for live chats other than Intercom, especially for small businesses. 

Drift’s features include message and query auto-replies, schedule arrangements for meetings, visitor analytics, and many more. 

The free version only contains the basic features, while the more advanced features are available in the paid version starting from $50/month if you decided to pay your bills on yearly basis.

17. Pure Chat

Pure Chat’s free version features include pre-chat forms, chats with as many people as you want, histories of chats, customized small-sized widgets for your other websites, limited support for different operators, mobile application version, and more. 

Pure Chat costs $39/month for the premium version.

18. Smartsupp

Smartsupp can match well with WooCommerce, Magento, Google Analytics, and many other more, apart from WordPress, the plugin of where it originated from. 

Additionally, Smartsupp is also able to send reports to chats, generate your own reports manually from the live chats you initiated, customize chat boxes, archive chat support histories for limited amounts of weeks. 

Those are in the free version. 

Yet, the free version has limited best features. So, if you want to enjoy Smartsupp’s best features, you’ll need to pay for the premium plan for $8/month/agent.

Final Thoughts

Every online store owner and person who provides any kinds of services online and offline needs adequate customer support to stand out from the competitors. 

Customer support needs a “shelter”, and a live chat plugin is the best shelter for every customer support team to answer customers’ questions. 

Eventually, website visitors can turn into leads.

Even though Intercom may be a decent choice, the premium essential features are lacking, which makes Intercom not the only way for you to choose the best WordPress plugin for live chats.

So, it’s important not to stick with Intercom and instead consider the plugins in this list to find the best live chat plugin for your site. 

Also, don’t forget to research every choice before coming to the decision of which of the best WordPress plugin for live chats you’d want to use. 

This way, you’ll close more sales and earn more money.