Bigbrain Hosting Reviews

BigBrain Global Network Web Hosting becomes one of the most popular hosting service providers, thanks to its good reliability for website owners. 

It turns out that website owners put their trust in this hosting provider, due to its decade of establishment. 

BigBrain claims that its service is well-supported, and users can enjoy all its reliable services at a reasonable cost.

Is the claim real or it was just lip service? Well, keep reading to find out the pros and cons of BigBrain Hosting.

Bigbrain Hosting Pros Review

• Giant Storage Platform

One of the main advantages of using BigBrain hosting is its ample storage. 

This is what professionals need. But, of course, beginners can make the most of this feature. 

Newbies might want to expand their websites in time to come, so they might want to choose a big storage platform. 

BigBrain provides actively running hundreds of disks for its storage platform. Users’ data in the server will never diminish. 

• Highly Reliable VPS

Many website users mention the fast and stable VPS that BigBrain offers. They claim that they never experience any downtime. 

Those users are the one who chooses the plan that includes 1GB ram, with 1.4TB bandwidth, with 80GB disk space. 

This plan can accommodate at least two thousand unique visitors daily. 

The VPS of BigBrain hosting is considered very affordable, particularly when compared to offered features. 

BigBrain Hosting can run on 1Gbps network connectivity at the minimum. 

But, the VPS storage network is running on 10Gbps. No wonder, the VPS has reliable speed. 

The company guarantees users access to any server worldwide, without any bothering downtime. 

Some users may choose, whether they want the Fully Managed VPS or the Unmanaged VPS. 

Most beginners will choose the first one, as they don’t want to face hassles on their startup projects. 

Managed Personal VPS is perfect for small websites, while e-commerce website owners may opt for Managed Pro VPS. 

For giant companies, owners usually prefer the Managed Pro Plus VPS or Managed Enterprise VPS, in which the storage can reach 200GB SSD Storage and 400GB SSD Storage successively. 

All the VPS services are easily activated within minutes.

• Various Affordable Plans

Plans for various website owners are varied in prices and features. 

The simplest one was the Cloud Backup that starts with less than $7. This plan is the best for beginners, who don’t want to face hassles in website configuration and customization. 

But, users are still in control and they can get 24/7 support from customer service.  

For VPS plans, BigBrain hosting offers Cloud VPS and Managed VPS. 

The Cloud VPS starts with less than $20, in which users can enjoy the user-friendly control panel, including the DNS hosting and DNS management with easy reverse. 

Full root access is also the most reliable feature of this plan. 

For VPS plans, BigBrain hosting offers Cloud VPS and Managed VPS. 

The Cloud VPS starts with less than $20, in which users can enjoy the user-friendly control panel, including the DNS hosting and DNS management with easy reverse. 

Full root access is also the most reliable feature of this plan. 

For website owners who demand better hosting management, they usually opt for Managed VPS with such big storage and DDoS protection included. 

Other included features that are worth advanced users’ attention include the JetBackup and Softaculous licenses, as well as cPanel, Plesk, or DirectAdmin. 

The Managed VPS plan starts with less than $40.

• Unswerving Dedicated Servers

BigBrain wins the hearts of millions of programmers worldwide, thanks to its dedicated servers. 

The perfect locations assure flawless connectivity to the whole web. 

The infrastructure of BigBrain hosting is intricately manufactured for dependable connectivity, which involves some top-notch providers like Atlantic Metro, Century Link, and so forth. 

Users can easily make changes with full root access. Some virtualization platforms are also installed KVM, OpenVZ, and anything by using a dedicated servers plan. 

This plan starts at $50 per month in which users can rest assured that they have the uptime guarantee for the whole month. 

Of course, every user can count on the fast response, within minutes. 

• Free to Cancel

This is the most favorite feature for all BigBrain hosting users. Users can cancel at any time, though this case rarely happens. 

Most users of BigBrain find this hosting provider trustworthy.

Bigbrain hosting Cons

• High Cost For Beginners

Some beginners may find it costly to try dedicated server hosting. In this case, beginners who want to start high may need to spend a lot of money to get the dedicated servers plan. 

But, if they want to be serious in this business, the cost shouldn’t be the main problem. Beginners may also think twice 

• Good Knowledge Requirement for Dedicated Server

No matter how user-friendly the BigBrain offers its dedicated server platform, some users may find it too complicated. 

Only highly advanced website technicians can manage it.

• Prices for Cloud Hosting

However, the prices of all plans may be a little bit higher as compared to other similar services. 

Some users find this worth paying, but others may think twice before using the service. 

• A Little Bit Long Technical Support

Technical support is indeed ready for 24/7. But, some users demand faster ticket response. 

Most users said that it takes approximately an hour to wait for the response. 

The conclusion of Bigbrain hosting review

All in all, BigBrain Hosting still wins with all its features. Many users are satisfied with the uptime, thanks to its consistency. 

This is what every website owners need, whether they are new users or experienced ones. Users are also satisfied with network speed and server reliability. 

Most reviewers claim that BigBrain has the best-dedicated server, as compared to others. 

So far, BigBrain has a good reputation, with very few complaints from its users. 

It means, this company is still worth considering as one of the most recommended hosting providers. 

Still, website owners have their own preferences, so choices are theirs to decide.