BigScoots Review Pros and Cons: Is It Worth to try?

One of the most familiar hosting names is BigScoots, a Fully Managed Web Hosting Provider. 

If you haven’t known about this hosting before, we’ll tell you about it. It’s been ten years for BigScoots to help people providing hosting.

There are also a lot of benefits it can give that many users can use. The testimonials are mostly positive. 

BigScoots is one of the niche companies with some unique plans. People can also have managed solutions from it.

The costs seem affordable at the beginning. 

The site is modern and looks simple. BigScoots says that the site also performs wonderfully. The question is: is it worth trying? 

Let’s see the pros and cons of BigScoots review and decide yourself.

BigScoots Pros

1. Incredible Performance

One of the most frequently asked questions is related to BigScoot’s performance. 

There are guarantees for users around 99.99% uptime for any disconnection. It even attributes you a percentage of your payment. 

The term when you get the credit is if only the disconnection happens within 15 minutes. It’s probably a quite huge rate of disconnection.

In short, the users of BigScoots don’t need to be worried to face this problem. BigScoots guarantees its performance. 

It is also dependable in terms of response times. It might not be the quickest host, but its performance average is consistent.

2. Fair Shared Price

What about the prices in BigScoots? 

First, you have to know whether you need to manage shared hosting or not. 

It is easier for you to share hosting compared to dedicated hosting or regular VPS. 

Still, it will be a lot more practical if it’s run for you.

It’s more pricey than regular shared plans because the managed plans are always ready for you. 

That’s why BigScoots has a big challenge to overcome. A lot of people expect that they can make managed shared hosting less expensive. 

And they did! Here is the range of price:

  • $5.95 per month for 105CC
  • $8.95 per month for 155CC
  • $17.95 per month for Turbo Diesel

If you pay attention to some big web hosts, the price isn’t far from the price range. 

The regular shared hosting price is dependable. For the first tier, it starts from $1 – $2 per month. To sum up, it’s quite impressive.

3. Easy to Operate

One of the advantages of using BigScoots for you is the easiness of operation. 

The reason is due to its managed solution. The site will work out every problem for you. You only need to take care of some of the primary settings. 

However, if you prefer to handle your site yourself, you can choose to devote yourself instead of asking the hosting to manage it. Despite all of that, the interface is easy to work with and smooth. 

Besides, it’s free to migrate your site to BigScoots. Also, it’s fully managed.

BigScoots Cons Review

1. Limited Storage in General

Managed hosting is usually pricier. 

That’s why you need to keep in mind when you choose a plan because it’ll have a different storage plan. 

If you like the cheapest one, the storage will be less than the most expensive one. If most hosts claim that they offer you unlimited storage, be careful. 

It’s exaggerating. Storage for shared hosting is more limited to work.

You will feel it with BigScoot’s as well about its managed shared that is too limited. 

There is only 5GB for the storage for the first tier. It’s relatively small among other competitors.  

Then, for the other two liners, BigScoot offers 20 and 10GB of storage. Even though it sounds better, it’s not that high if you compare it to another competitor. 

For now, the range of storage for managed WordPress starts from 10GB to unlimited. 

Now, it depends on you. Which one do you think is worth the price? 10GB of storage for $34.95 a month or 30GB for $98.95?

2. Less Information and Support

One of the disadvantages of BigScoots reviews is its less information and support. 

It means it’s the only support staff. Even though the support from them is good, it’s not fulfilling enough. 

It’s easy to get in touch with them but, the information provided on the website isn’t complete. 

Since BigScoot only offers managed service, no knowledge base or FAQ helps its users. 

If you compare with other hosting services, some of them provide complete basic knowledge for users who want to know more.

3. Only Monthly Paid for Non-Shared Plans

Last but not least, the biggest drawback is the monthly payment for non-shared plans. 

We indeed praised the variety of pricing choices earlier, but that works only for a shared scheme. 

Meanwhile, VPS, WordPress, and dedicated plans are only available on monthly payments.

A small business might appreciate that plan. The reason is that it probably feels too hard if it pays for a year up-front on such a pricey bill. 

That’s why they will prefer a monthly basis. The question is: what about a larger business that is willing to pay the up-front cost? 

They think that paying every month will decrease the effectiveness of their budget. 

They can’t save money since the only choice is to pay dedicated plans, VPS, and WordPress monthly.

Conclusion of Bigscoots Review

So, how is the conclusion of BigScoots reviews? We don’t have full certainty to say yes or no. 

But if we look back at its advantage, you might find some aspects you need. 

BigScoots is perfect for those who like managed shared hosting.

You don’t need to take care of your site too much. However, if you prefer to pay for a cheaper plan, choosing BigScoots isn’t a wise option. 

You won’t get discounts even though you’ve been using it for two years. 

Then, keep in mind that the storage you get is limited as well. You need to pay $1 per GB for extra storage.

BigScoots fits the need for monthly payment. The option is great. 

The dedicated plans and VPS are good as well as WordPress is consistent and high powered. 

It’s also the best value if you need BigSoots to manage your hosting anywhere. 

It is indeed not suitable for everybody, but it can be a hidden gem for some. Good luck!