Bluehost Review

Pros And Cons About Bluehost You Need To Know And The Conclusions

Introduction of Bluehost Web Hosting

Bluehost has been the unofficial #1 WordPress-based WebHost service provider since its start in 1996. 

Not stopping there, Bluehost itself has developed a long-term relationship with the WordPress community. 

No wonder when people google WordPress-based web host service providers, Bluehost becomes the first one that appears in the Google search engine.

Bluehost itself is a part of a larger company named Endurance International Group (EIG). 

The company, apart from Bluehost, also owns several other web host service providers. 

This makes Bluehost becomes one of the most dedicated and aggressive WebHost service providers in terms of their internal marketing strategies.

Like any other web host service provider, Bluehost provides shared hosting, shared and managed WordPress hosting, and VPS hosting as their web hosting products. 

Bluehost also has a dedicated server for those of you whose websites generate lots of traffics. 

Not stopping there, Bluehost’s products also include domain naming for your websites.

Many online reviewers consistently rated Bluehost for more than 4 stars out of 5 because of the many strengths it possesses. 

Yet, as with any other products and services, Bluehost is not 100% flaw-free.

So, in this article about Bluehost review, we’re going to learn more about Bluehost’s pros and cons. 

At the end of this article, you will find the Bluehost review’s conclusion that will help you decide whether it’s okay to purchase Bluehost plans or not.

Pros About Bluehost You Need To Know

Almost all of the online reviewers praise Bluehost for the impeccable customer service. 

Indeed, when we head over to Bluehost’s official website, we’ll find that Bluehost’s Help Center is one of the most complete in their class.

Other web hosting service providers can have their own knowledge bases. 

Some others have step-by-step videos that even beginners can follow. 

Yet, Bluehost’s Help Center offers one of the most comprehensive and expansive tutorials for the customers. 

If the Help Center is not enough, we can always reach out to their 24/7 customer service team. 

There are two ways to communicate with Bluehost’s customer service team: By phone or live chats on their official website.

Even so, several Bluehost customers have reported the customer service teams are responsive to their concerns. 

Furthermore, they reported the customer service teams are fast and efficient in answering their queries. 

These, along with the comprehensive Help Center’s tutorial, make Bluehost one of those web host service providers with decent customer service backups for each of your websites’ needs.

Bluehost’s impressive quality of customer service is accommodated with their transparency regarding prices as well as the affordable prices. 

Bluehost’s overall payment package starts from as low as $2.95/month for the Basic shared web host plan. 

If you’re a WPBeginner, you can also benefit from the 63% off discounts and get free domain names, SSL certification, and templates for building websites.

Bluehost’s strong point in terms of their prices doesn’t stop in being a cheap and affordable solution. 

Instead, Bluehost also doesn’t charge any hidden fees. Such transparency is beneficial for many customers to trust Bluehost as their #1 choice from the many web hosting service providers in their markets.

Bluehost is also one of the safest choices for every users, especially users who also own small businesses who want safety for their internal and external business data. 

This is because Bluehost offers a free data backup in every of their products. 

Not stopping there, Bluehost also provides free security tools in their products, such as the Spam Assassin Protection, Secure Shell access, and many other more.

Almost all businesses require data transferring to some extents. Small-and-medium enterprises and mom-and-pop shops that becomes Bluehost’s specialties are no exception. 

In Bluehost’s case, Bluehost’s data transferring limits are not metered even in their cheapest shared webhost products. 

Thus, such a strong point enables business owners to transfer their data to different devices and websites without any hassles.

Uptimes are essential for customers and website visitors so they don’t have to wait for the webpage elements to fully load as they should be. 

Conversely, nobody want high downtime rates since downtimes mean websites experiencing serious problems. 

Many customers have reported Bluehost’s high uptime rates and low downtime rates. 

This applies especially in the U.S. data centers.

A customer tested Bluehost’s uptime rates with StatusCake in 2020 and got 99.96%. 

Even though this amount is below the previous year’s 99.98%, it is still above the standard uptime rate of 99.95%. 

Another customer tested Bluehost’s speeds using Pingdom and got an information saying that the load time was less than 2 seconds and faster than 85% of the entire available websites in the internet world.

Such data of Bluehost’s uptime rates mean only 1.75 hours per year of downtimes. 

Such amounts of downtimes are very low, which means seamless data transmitting from one website to another.

If you pay for any Bluehost products other than the reseller hostings, VPS hostings, and dedicated servers, you can pay an additional amount of $149.99 to your packages to let Bluehost takes care of migrating your websites, guaranteeing absolutely no downtimes in the process. 

If you’re using WordPress-based websites, Bluehost’s experts will migrate your websites at no cost.

Bluehost’s website builder is also easy to be used. 

Even if you don’t understand HTML, CSS, or any other programming languages, you can still use the website builder by dragging and dropping the available website elements there. 

It is also integrated to WordPress’ elements, including the many templates it has, making it even more seamless to design websites with Bluehost’s website builder.

Bluehost is not only close to WordPress in terms of their relationships. 

A customer praised Bluehost’s ability to integrate with several other applications, such as Drupal, Magento, Joomla, and many other more.

The money back guarantee is important in every part of business products and services to ensure customers’ happiness in using them, and Bluehost as a webhost service provider is no exception. 

Bluehost offers 30-day money back guarantee, in which the periods are longer than most of other webhosts. 

The longer the money back guarantee period means the more flexibility for customers to try out every single Bluehost’s products and make sure Bluehost truly satisfies them.

Cons About Bluehost You Need To Know

Even though Bluehost offers competitive pricing plans in their shared webhosting products, the prices for renewing each packages are one of the most expensive, as most customers have complained.

Some other customers complained they have to pay more for Bluehost’s addons. 

They said the more addons they installed through Bluehost’s webhosting products, the more they had to pay.

A customer said that Bluehost’s packages are filled with constant upsells. 

In this case, Bluehost sends numerous selling pitches even when the customers have paid for their most expensive payment plan. 

This can be annoying even if the customers have trusted Bluehost for a long time.

Given their entire cons in their pricing plans and their many paid addons, Bluehost seems like a materialistic webhosting service provider. 

The materialistic trait of Bluehost can also be seen on their Basic shared hosting plan, where people can’t enjoy the many benefits other hosting plans and dedicated servers have.

The maximum database size of the Basic shared hosting plan is 20 GB with a 50 GB data storage quota. 

This size is not only small in their class, but also not enough for most business owners to store their data.

Bluehost’s weakness on their Basic shared hosting plan also includes the weak data backups. 

A customer reported only 3 allowed backups in the Basic shared hosting plan, in which they can’t guarantee the quality of data backups. 

Everytime you want to add more backups, you’ll have to pay for the expensive extra backups, which can be frustrating especially if you want to backup your crucial business data daily.

Even though Bluehost has data centers outside the U.S., the tests done by some customers have shown that Bluehost-hosted websites are fast to load only when they are accessed in the U.S. This can be a nuisance if you are currently outside the U.S. 

After all, even when switched to the nearby data centers from your current locations, Bluehost’s response times can be up to 10 times slower when tested with Bitcatcha or other types of response time tests.

Conclusion of Bluehost Review

Bluehost’s 24/7 customer service team is helpful and responsive to their customers’ concerns, making Bluehost one of the most trustworthy web hosting service providers. 

Bluehost is also transparent in its cost and doesn’t charge too many costs in the beginning. 

Bluehost’s strengths in their impressive customer support services and transparency are accommodated with their safety measures, high uptime and low downtime rates, seamless data migration on your websites, and easy-to-use website builders.

However, Bluehost can be one of the most materialistic in terms of their extra charges on addons and their not-so-generous data storage in the Basic shared web hosting product. 

It also comes with constant upsells that can be annoying to many customers. 

Additionally, the data backup is also weak and websites can’t load faster outside the U.S.

Taking those into account, Bluehost is still the #1 WordPress-based website companion you need to consider. The strengths it brings to the table outnumbered the weaknesses that many customers rated Bluehost on above 4-star ratings.