ChemiCloud Review Pros and Cons: A Big Hosting Provider

If you’re looking for one of the famous hosting providers, you should try ChemiCloud. 

A lot of people are familiar with it due to its existence. It’s been more than ten years now. 

They contribute to the field of hosting for so many years. They’ve been updating its service and website consistently as well. 

We can say that this is probably one of the dependable hosting providers or providers.

WordPress is one of the products that are familiar to users.

ChemiCloud has different schemes for its users that are suitable for their needs. 

The examples are including Cloud VPS, Web hosting, WordPress hosting, and Reseller hosting service. 

They also promise you a guarantee of more than 90% on their hosting site itself.

It shows that ChemiCloud’s seer is strong. One of its strengths is a website backup that works daily. 

It makes ChemiCloud users feel safe because they won’t lose any data or information. It will be 30 days long. 

To know more about ChemiCloud, we provide the ChemiCloud reviews of this website hosting for you.

Pros of ChemiCloud

1. Free for Migrations of cPanel

Do you want to migrate your website? This hosting will lend you a hand for it. 

The good news is it’s free! It’s not difficult anymore to move your site with the help of ChemiCloud. 

So, how long does it take to migrate a website completely? 

After you register in Chemicloud hosting, it takes around 60 days to transfer or move your websites.

It means that your domain names, scripts, site files, and the database will move into the new hosting. All of the cPanel transfer is in the process of transfer. 

So if you have more than one site you are using, ChemiCloud will consider it to move it for you.

2. Free Domain Forever

One of the biggest strengths of ChemiCloud reviews is the feature for a free domain forever. 

It means that once a user registers to ChemiCloud, they will get a free domain name. 

The domain will belong to them as long as they are ChemiCloud’s customers.

There aren’t many hosting companies that give a domain for a lifetime. However, ChemiCloud is one of the companies that offer this unique plan. 

So, how do you get that? You only need to sign up as a new customer. Then, you will get a special offer related to a free domain. 

But don’t worry if you haven’t got a free domain name once you registered. 

There is still a chance for you to get one. ChemiCloud gives 60 days after registering. It’s also the same as the time the active time of the hosting.

3. Good Customer Support

ChemiCloud is famous for its well-established support. It includes the form of live chats, phone calls, tickets, chats, and others. 

The quickest choice to link with ChemiCloud’s support team is by choosing live chat. The customer support is fast response and sleek.

It takes less than one minute for them to respond to a customer. 

That’s why we can say that ChemiCloud’s customer support is excellent. The company already trained their staffs well. 

Whenever the customer needs problem-solving, the personnel always provide easy and fast measures to tackle troubleshooting. 

The support is available 24/7. They also never decline calls from customers.

Why this company tries so hard to make its customer support very dependable? 

The reason is that there are already a lot of hosting competitors in the market. 

By maintaining its customer relations well, the company believes that its existence will be long-lasting and more people will be loyal to use their service.

4. Money-back Guarantee

The next advantage of being a ChemiCloud customer is its practices that are enough. 

There is a money-back guarantee within 45 days for the users. It shows that ChemiCloud believes that their service is flawless. 

They always give their best to customers as one of the leading hosting providers.

ChemiCloud gives a good quality standard in the industry by offering a guaranteed maximum of 45 days. 

So, if you encounter any issues when you use the hosting within 30 to 45 days, you can ask them to return your money.

Cons of ChemiCloud

1. Extra Fees or Expenses

Despite ChemiCloud’s excellent service, they charge extra expenses. It is commonly for “True” builder of website, email, Malware, and so on. 

When you read their schemes, they are cheap. It starts from $2.76 every month for introductory pricing. It lasts for 36 months.

The other schemes have a different range of prices. 

The cheapest one only offers unmetered bandwidth and a single domain. You will be able to click on famous applications. 

They include WordPress and Joomla. These are what a starter needs to have a good site or blog.

Talking about the default plan, ChemiCloud also offers some default schemes. 

However, the extra expenses schemes show up once you sign out. You will have an additional charge for SEO tools database builder, SiteLock security, email security, and others. 

For email security, you need to pay $70.00 for two years. Meanwhile, for SiteLock fix and find, you need to pay $45.00 and $179.00 for two years.

2. Tricks of Pricing

ChemiClouds is not only smart in making a good relationship with their customers. 

They are also successfully pulling a few tricks of pricing in the schemes. 

Then, they renew it with the standard of the industry. And that’s the best part. 

They make it looks like the industry standard that people don’t realize. 

The beginning of the hosting’s ads is low-price hosting that provides its scheme for $2.00 every month.

Unfortunately, some people don’t realize that the scheme asks you to pay full payment for the three years. 

If you choose the two years scheme, you need to pay $4.00 each month. It is only the beginning. 

Some testimonies are reporting that this hosting asks for higher payment when the starting scheme runs out. 

However, it’s still a great deal if you pay directly for a three-year plan.

Conclusion of ChemiCloud Review

The end of the ChemiCloud reviews is that we recommend you to try ChemiCloud. 

It is a great hosting provider for a beginner as well. The interface of ChemiCloud is also friendly. Then, the experience of the hosting is adaptable for each user. 

The level of their service makes it comfortable. 

Keep in mind that you need to be ready for any additional expense. 

Because when you trust big hosting providers like ChemiCloud, the excellent service comes with an expensive cost.