Cloudways Review:

Pros, Cons, and Conclusions

Choosing WordPress hosting is not an easy task and cloud hosting become another option for your website host. 

There are several advantages you can get by installing cloud hosting. 

It is easily scalable as you will be able to easily control over server options and also budget-friendly. 

Cloudways is one of the most popular cloud hosting for WordPress you can consider.

CloudWays is one of the most popular managed cloud hosting providers. 

It enables you to generate as many applications as you desire with no restrictions and you will need to pay as a result at some hourly charges. 

The best part is that your technical uncertainties are decreased a lot.

The goal of Cloudways is to make cloud hosting simpler so that unprofessional developers can get benefits from it. It also supports WordPress for sure. 

By using Cloudways, you will be able to deploy your site with a speedy cloud server through an easy interface without difficulty. 

They offer multiple cloud providers under one platform. In just a few minutes, you can easily launch an awe-inspiring web application.

Within this Cloudways review, we are going find out its pros, cons, and also how it works. 

We will also cover the pricing, support, and performance to ensure whether it’s good or not as well as being well-informed.

Cloudways Pros

There are so many impressive things about CloudWays. First of all, you have to understand that Cloudways is not a hosting provider per se. 

Instead, it allows you to set-up web applications on one of the numerous cloud hosts such as Google Cloud, AWS, Vultr, Linode, or DigitalOcean. 

When setting up a new site, CloudWays allows you to configure things from the cloud server. 

You may also have to choose multiple user locations. You can easily set up your website in just a few minutes.

The following advantages of Cloudways may be able to change your mind when choosing a web hosting service:

- Easy to use

In terms of ease of use, CloudWays is on the top-notch. 

Regardless of how to configure servers you have chosen, you are free to access the following features:

  • Git integration
  • FTP and SSH access
  • Multiple PHP versions support
  • MariaDB and MySQL support
  • Simple server scaling
  • Security service and managed hosting
  • one-click SSL certificate system

- High-speed performance

CloudWays is one of the fastest web service provider. 

It can deliver content to site visitors so quickly no matter how the traffic condition is. 

Some features to support its high-speed performance include free caching plugin for WordPress, dedicated resources, PHP servers, support on Redis, CDN (Content Delivery Network) service, and auto-healing servers.

- Security

The security offered by CloudWays is somewhat amazing. In case something happens to your site, it offers a free automatic backup. 

The downtime is minimal as long as your website does not crash.

- Modest integration

CloudWays certainly has a modest integration with SendGrid for email sending with no charge. 

Furthermore, to host your mail, you can also use some services like Zoho Mail (which is free), or Google Workspace (which is paid). 

If you prefer affordable email hosting, CloudWays also provides a dedicated integration using Rackspace as well.

- Flexibility

Unlike other WordPress-based hosting services, CloudWays allows you to build a website without spending much time. 

You can try it’s a three-day trial by creating password along with username. 

Otherwise, you can log in using either LinkedIn, Google, or even GitHub. 

After logging in, you will see CMS (Content Management System) you will see some options such as Media Wiki, Joomla, Magento, Koken, Drupal, Prestashop, PHP Stack, and, of course, WordPress. 

The display is somewhat flexible as it can be extended to the server option as well as building a website atop numerous hosting providers

- Hosting plans

When it comes to hosting plans, CloudWays has several hosting plans to suit your needs. Unlike traditional shared hosts, CloudWays does not dabble at all. 

Instead, it offers numerous pay-as-you-go option as it will only charge you the amount of time you have used. 

Surprisingly, it also offers customary monthly billing for another option.

The monthly plans cost you around $10 (you will get 25 gigabytes of storage, a single-core processor, 1 gigabytes of RAM, and 1 terabyte of monthly data transfers. 

The hosting plan scales upward to $1,035 (you will get 12 terabytes of monthly data transfers, a 32-core processor, 192 gigabytes of RAM, and 3840 gigabytes of storage). 

The highest plan outclasses many powerful dedicated server plans that belong to a web host.

- Excellent uptime

In terms of hosting service, website uptime is considered the most essential aspects to look for. 

When your website is down, customers or clients will be unable to access or find your brand, and they may not come back. 

Instead, CloudWays comes with an excellent uptime providing a stable connection when accessing your site.

- Good customer service

Anytime you find any difficulties, the customer service of CloudWays is there for twenty-four hours every day. 

However, if you want to chat with the CS, you have to request a Skype or phone call. 

Besides, you also have an option to speak with the CS through a webchat. Thus, you will get answers immediately. 

The customer service team is also knowledgeable enough to speak with as they provide accurate information.

- Numerous server features

All servers launched on CloudWays have built-in caches, PHP7, and SSD-based hosting among others.

- Backups

You can back up your site manually by utilizing CloudWays dedicated plugin in just one click. 

Another option is letting their system do it automatically on a daily basis.

- Pay-as-you-go feature

This feature is very beneficial as you just need to pay the amount of time you use the web hosting service. 

So, you don’t need to pay any when you do not use it.

- Support

Even though the hosting is managed, you still need support. In line with that, CloudWays comes with ultimate support with some aspects to build your trusts.

- Free migration

Migrating a site to another could be a difficult task for a novice website owner. 

That’s why many hosting providers offer some migration services but mostly at a cost. 

With CloudWays you can migrate your site with no charge needed.

Cloudways Cons

CloudWays may be a high performing, reliable, and unique hosting solution. 

It is very challenging to find any cons as it comes with remarkable features as a managed cloud hosting provider. 

That said, it misses a few essential features such as:

- No Plesk or cPanel available

As CloudWays is renowned as a platform-as-a-service company, unfortunately, Plesk or cPanel dashboard is not there. 

Instead, it provides a dedicated console to manage applications on the cloud server. 

However, the dedicated console can be a little bit overwhelming for those who want to switch from a distinct hosting platform.

- Email hosting unavailability

Unluckily, CloudWays doesn’t provide any integrated email accounts just like other hosting providers. 

Instead, CloudWays want their users to pay per email account, which is beneficial for larger businesses. 

They provide separate paid add-on instead.

- Domain name registration unavailability

As CloudWays doesn’t provide any domain name registration, you need to sign up by using its hosting services. 

You will have to secure your domain name over a third-party provider. 

For a novice website owner, it could be a difficult task to be done.


Without a doubt, CloudWays is one of the best-managed cloud hosting platforms. 

They provide five different cloud hosting platforms under a single service, which is extremely significant. 

Likewise, the managed way in which you can build Applications, Servers, and Projects is just marvelous.

Support, CloudBot, and Scalability are other great attractions CloudWays has. 

They have tried to create their interface in a minimal way to provide maximal insight into your applications. 

Moreover, they also have been working with some popular cloud hosting platforms such as Amazon’s AWS Cloud Platform and Google Cloud to proffer an ultimate experience over a cloud hosting.

We all know that support, uptime, speed, etc. are the essential factors behind every hosting platforms and CloudWays does not encompass in each detail to please their clients. You and your website will be not dangerous hands. 

The intuitive dashboard paired with reliable support team makes CloudWays as a perfect choice for those who want to migrate from regular shared hosting or those who want to have more control over their recently managed WordPress-based hosting providers.

They have everything in a cloud hosting service platform must-have. That’s why CloudWays is highly recommended as your managed cloud hosting platform.

In a nutshell, the self-usage feature gives you better clarity. Since they provide a free trial to try before purchasing. 

This trial is great to help you check and analyze computing power and features of the CloudWays hosting platform. 

You do not even need credit card detail to start the free trial. 

The only way to find what suits your need is by trying but when it comes to powerful, cost-effective, and high-capable managed hosting providers like CloudWays, you can’t go wrong with it.