Best Construction Web Design Service

Get your best construction web design service that will build a professional website proven to drive traffic, build your brand, increase leads and sales.

Build a convincing and professional construction website that’s proven to:

  • drive organik traffic
  • optimize conversion
  • increase leads and sales
  • engrave your brand into customer’s mind
  • encourage recurring transaction

Why Do You Need a Construction Website

Construction business is a quite competitive industry which needs it’s players to have a strong impression and branding. 

Because, it’s a business where people are willing to spend a lot of money to get the best service at the highest quality.

Many construction companies are struggling pretty hard in their early days because of a lack of trust from customers. 

While others long standing companies are also struggling to compete with the new because of the same thing.

construction web design services

A construction website is one of the best tools your construction company needs to build instant credibility and trust in the era of the internet.

OlaWebDesign has built tons of construction websites that are proven to drive organic traffic, increase leads, and establish strong brands. 

We are ready to help you grow your construction business up to a higher level.

5 Benefits Your Business Get by Having Your Own Website

Having a professional and compelling website is not just for decorations or online brochures.

Moreover, as a construction company, your business will get a tremendous amount of benefits just from having a professional construction website.

Check what benefits your business can get by having your own professional construction website.

1. Instant Credibility and Trust on Your Company’s Brand

In the business where people tend to decide and act carefully, building a brand and credibility will take pretty much time and effort.

By having a professional and well-designed construction website, you will get instant credibility and trust from your potential customers. 

Even if that is the first time they come to your website.

Did you know that 75% of people have judged a company’s credibility based on its website design?

construction web design services

2. Easy Optimization for Word of Mouth Marketing

Did you know that 70%  of people tend to recommend goods or services that satisfy them to their circles of families, friends, and colleagues?

By having your own construction website, you make it easier for them to share their experience of working with your construction company.

All they need to do is just mention your brand and their circles will search about it. 

Because 90% of customers will start a search on the internet after getting recommendations through word of mouth.

3. 24/7 Office and Automatic Sales Representative

Rather than just being an online brochure, your construction website could be a 24 hour office as well as being a sales representative.

Not only become a static presentation, you also could educate your market, engage your visitors, persuade your leads, and  manage your customers.

Furthermore, you could set them automatically so you’ll still have a lot of time to manage your projects.

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4. Keep in Touch with All Leads and Customers Easily

For majority business, it takes around 7 sessions of interactions for a lead to become paying customers. In the construction business, it might be longer.

But as long as you keep in touch with them, they’ll eventually come to you when they’re ready to build something.

That’s why you need to keep in touch with all leads and customers so your company’s brand is no. 1 that appears in their mind.

Our construction web design service will help you build a construction website that allows you to reach and engage your leads and customers pretty easily.

5. Gain More by Working Less

A well designed construction website doesn’t just make you gain more customers and more omzet. 

It also helps you simplify your task and make your work less and easier.

Although it’ll still need a little effort to manage, you’ll find that increasing 300-1000% more omzet proves its worth.

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10 Features Your Construction Website Needs

In order to obtain all benefits mentioned before, your construction website needs to have several features.

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Affordable Web Design Services For Construction

Professional and Representative Design

This feature helps your website to build a great branding and trust in the heart of your customers.

Search Engine Optimization

It makes your construction website visible and helps it stand out among other competitors on the internet.

Fast Loading

Slow loading websites have 40% higher bounce rate and 7% reduction in conversing rates. 

Don’t miss your chance just because of this small thing.

Mobile Responsive Design

Over 55% of people access the internet through mobile devices. 

It also works well along with SEO strategies so your construction website must have it.

Live Chat and Instant Messaging

A beneficial feature that helps automate your construction website and establish trust and strong impression for branding.

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List Building System

A must have feature that helps you keep your leads and potential customers in touch. It’s the key to success in applying digital marketing strategy.

News or Blog Section

It’s part of SEO strategies that help you educate your targeted audience and build engagement with them.

Integrated Maps

A specific feature that helps your customers find your office and works well along with branding and SEO strategies.

Social Media Integration

More than 65% of people prefer to choose a business that has strong social media branding. 

It also works well with SEO strategies.

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Content Management System

It helps you manage and maintain your construction website in a faster and easier way. 

Install it once and you’ll save tons of time and effort.

Best Construction Web Design Service with WordPress

OlaWebDesign is the best web design service for construction websites. Our contractor web designers have built dozens of websites devoted to this business.

We’ll help you turn your bright ideas to a ready to launch website that will be optimized to drive traffic, build your brand, capture your leads, and convert them into paying customers.

All features and benefits we mentioned before could you get by using our construction web design service. Feel free to get a consultation and see how we can help you to grow your business up to a higher new level.