Crocoblock Review to Understand Features, Pros, and Cons

Today, you can create a website quickly with WordPress. This CMS has versatile capabilities and features that are reliable and useful for any project. 

Moreover, you also find tons of third parties services and supports to boost performances.

One of them is Crocoblock as the Elementor toolkit. 

Crocoblock review will explore and explain several important aspects such as features, pros, cons, installation, and conclusion. 

You need to know them as a reference before deciding whether this platform is worth or not.

Crocoblock Features

Before exploring more about Crocoblock, you should understand that this platform only works on WordPress. 

It is better if you already have some websites or projects. For beginners, install WordPress and add some content. 

After that, try Crocoblock just to grasp the basics. More features will be explained in the following list.

• Plugins for the elementor

The Elementor has been the top choice when developers must create websites efficiently. 

It is a free page builder that you can get freely. However, users mostly only receive basic features with less advanced components. 

If you are just a casual web developer, the Elementor is more than enough.

On the other side, your website is not just a simple blog. It contains elements such as a menu, directory, editing, content, post, video, text, comment and review, and transaction. 

Some websites are dedicated to a specific purpose such as travel agencies, online stores, and photography. 

In that case, you need Crocoblock to get more capability from the Elementor. You will find tons of plugins that are capable to support your needs.

• Templates and themes

Crocoblock also contains templates and themes. After installation is done, check template sections and you will find at least 40 options. 

That’s extensive choices where you may select the most suitable one. Moreover, users may edit and add a few things so that the theme is adjusted. 

You do not need to worry about the old ones from the previous installation. 

Crocoblock will make sure your template is still useful and functional. You just switch from new into old and vice versa.

Each template has a specific layout, components, theme, color, backgrounds, and configuration. 

This is different from other page builders where users often have issues getting the right one. On the contrary, you just pick a specific template for e-commerce when creating an online store. 

If you want to make a directory-type website, there is a suitable option for such a purpose.

• Pre-build demo

Crocoblock review also explores the pre-build demo. The only way to make a faster website is you choose from an existing demo or file. 

After loading is done, you just replace several things such as title, header, post, background, color, module, and plugins. With the demo, you have a specific website that meets your need. 

As usual, you may change the template from this demo.

• Custom post

You often see websites with a unique post. The content is simple such as text or just pictures. 

On the other side, this port has a section for comment, like, review, rating, button, submit, and another interactive component. 

To make such a post, you just go to the custom post section the modify everything. 

This feature is useful when a website must contain dynamic content. You can interact with viewers and visitors including adding a chatbox. 

All components are available in Crocoblock.

• Widgets

When creating a website in WordPress, you cannot ignore widgets and modules. 

In this toolkit, you can obtain various widgets. Each contains specific purposes so that website becomes more interactive even better looking. 

You have two main options when adding widgets to an existing project or website. Firstly, it uses from list of widgets that already available in Crocoblock. 

In that case, you do not need extra from third parties. Secondly, widgets may be from other sources as long as compatible with Crocoblock. 

If you choose this one, make sure the component is adjusted into the Elementor.

• Woocommerce

The next feature is woo-commerce for online store, product listing, and marketplace. 

From the previous section, you can choose a particular template when developing a website for e-commerce. Crocoblock is compatible with woo-commerce even better after you customize some components.

You create categories, listing, and add some modules. 

This is where Crocoblock becomes the best builder because the online store will have some components such as search, sorting, checkbox, and others. 

You open a popular marketplace as a reference. When users go to a specific category, there is an extra menu to make a list based on price and popularity.

Unfortunately, you are not an expert in this field. That’s not an issue anymore after you install Crocoblock. 

The online store will have a layout and menu including features similar to the marketplace. 

As a user, you just add several components to ensure buyers or sellers can use them properly.

• Free kava theme

Users will receive a kava theme after register. It is a free template from Crocoblock with enough components and modules. 

In fact, people also consider this one as the most reliable. You can modify easily such as adding text, editing background, and more customize practices. 

This template will be benchmark before exploring more features in Crocoblock.

• Pricing

The most important part of Crocoblock review is pricing. You pay a subscription to get more features and updates. License is available for one website with a price of less than $50. 

For developers, pay at least $65 to get at least five licenses simultaneously. For efficient cost, users should pick a yearly subscription. 

Another offer is a lifetime offer with a price of $750. For your information, the price is tentative and may change in the future.

• Support and updates

As a premium service, users receive supports and updates. You will see a notification when the new one is ready. 

Updates are mostly available on weekly basis. Developers put more effort to bring the best components and contents in Crocoblock. 

Moreover, you may join the community and ask something directly.

Crocoblock Pros Review

The next list will show some pros you can consider when using Crocoblock.

• Many themes

This toolkit has many themes with an attractive and dynamic layout. You can use one of them to make a certain website. 

Crocoblock provides the necessary things in each theme such as modules, plugins, layout, and widgets. In general, you just pick one and do editing.

• Interactive templates

The next benefit is interactive templates. Today, the website must be dynamic and compatible with the latest technology. 

The most important thing is you need a proper template when creating a website for a mobile platform.

• Plugins and widget

Plugins and widgets are also the best things you can get from Crocoblock. 

Users may edit, change settings, modify, and adjust with your needs. In the general, widgets have specific functions and purposes. You have enough from Crocoblock that are compatible with any template. 

More features are users can add other widgets from different sources. The platform will adjust and make sure they work properly.

• Professional support and community

Another good thing from this toolkit is support from professionals. You pay to get a subscription. 

It means you deserve full support. They will explain everything from basic to the most advanced components. 

Users should join the community to get the latest information.

Crocoblock Cons Review

Crocoblock review also includes some drawbacks you will find when using this toolkit. Check the following list for more information.

• Some plugins only works on specific setting and templates

Every template has plugins when you install Crocoblock. 

The issue is some plugins may not be available when you pick other themes or templates. It seems you should try external sources. 

When something you need is not available. As an alternative, ask for support to find the right solution.

• Too much components

The Elementor already contains extensive components and widgets. It sounds good until you have an issue with too many options. Complexity is like two edges of the blade. 

You are happy when finding something useful. Unfortunately, some components might not be as functional and useful as you expect.

• Not for beginner

If you expect to create a website quickly with Crocoblock, it is time to withdraw. 

As a beginner, you must allocate time and effort to understand features. Pre-built demo is the best starting point so that you can learn every component. 

For your information, the beginner in this situation is not the one with complete cluelessness about WordPress. On contrary, he or she already knows a few things but only the basics. 

Jumping into Crocoblock will require a great amount of learning. Trial and error seem to be the best way to try every feature and component.

• Pricing

A single license for one month is quite expensive. As an alternative, you may consider paying more to get several ones. 

Another offer is the lifetime that you can pay a single installment for every update and support. 

It sounds like a good offer and you expect this service will be around at least five years later. Price is competitive but not for one website.

Conclusion of Crocoblock Review

From the explanation above, you know the pros and cons regarding Crocoblock. 

This toolkit is a practical option when you must create an interactive website as soon as possible. With Elementor capabilities, users have the top features, templates, widgets, components, and more. 

Pricing might be a little bit expensive if you only this platform for a simple website. 

On the contrary, this one is more reliable when you must create interactive websites.