Divi Review - What Makes Divi Good and Bad at the Same Time?

What comes to your mind when people say about Divi? A page builder or a WordPress theme? As we know, Divi refers to the Divi Builder and Divi Theme. 

We’re going to talk about the Divi Builder. The page builder is an advanced page builder for WordPress. It is like a short-code based page builder.

You can create an elegant theme for your website with Divi easily since it comes with drag-and-drop choices. Divi is quite popular due to its features and elegant design. 

Divi builder is another form of Divi that provides a flexible page builder. 

As you know the Divi Theme is renowned for its versatility and flexibility. It’s such a multipurpose theme powered by Divi Builder.

This page builder can be used for any purpose. It’s such a multi-concept WordPress theme so that you can easily create a blog, a website, an online portfolio site, and a business website. 

Since the theme supports WooCommerce, then you can create appealing eCommerce stores. 

Again, since the builder comes with drag-and-drop options you can easily redesign and design your own page from scratch with no code needed.

All themes provided by Divi is customizable easily. Just pick the one you desire from the pre-built modules and then put it wherever you desire by using drag-and-drop options. 

As a beginner, you may think that this is difficult but it’s not. You don’t have to be exactly trained to utilize the Divi theme or Divi Builder and to understand how they work. 

Anybody with little know-how can easily understand to create their own WordPress website as well as design it. 

Consider this Divi review will help you to make sure whether this page builder is suitable for you or not.

What is Divi Page Builder?

As mentioned earlier, The Divi Theme is flexible, thanks a lot to the Divi Page builder. 

Divi builder plugin’s functionality was already existent with the Divi Theme, but currently, you can use other themes on it too.

The Divi page builder can easily be integrated as a plugin, just like installing and utilize other WordPress plugins. 

The builder is lightweight and just like other page builders, it’s created to allow you to create your own professional website design with a drag-and-drop option.

Fortunately, it also works using any theme of your selection. Besides, the modules of the Divi Builder are also flexible. 

Hence, you can make those modules fit your theme design with the offered customization choices. 

When purchasing Divi, it means that you will not only get access to the Divi theme but also other products offered by Elegant Themes.

Divi is an affordable theme for WordPress particularly if you deliberate extra products you can get access to. 

It is cheaper than other products in the market, together with those that don’t offer any additional products. So, how much does Divi cost? Well, there are 2 options for buying Divi. 

One offers you lifetime access to entire themes products, together with updates, support, and releases whereas the other only covers you for one year.

You will need to pay $89 for a year’s access while the lifetime access will cost you $249. 

Even though you can purchase the yearly access choice when the year is up, you will face security issues that need to be fixed in the future. 

Plus, some improvements and features will be missed out on the regular basis. 

A 30-days-money-back guarantee is offered if you think it’s such a large financial outlay for a product you haven’t used yet. It lets you try Divi with no risks.

Divi Page Builder features review

Divi provides useful themes that can be used anytime you are going to create any kind of site with WordPress. 

The Divi Builder is available as a separate plugin that can work in any theme of WordPress not only for the Elegant Themes. 

This page builder has numerous features that differ from other competitors. Below are two notable features provided by Divi

- Drag-and-drop option and visual editor

Just like other page builders, Divi also offers a drag-and-drop option to make everything easier especially in creating and designing a website theme. 

Thanks to its recent upgrade that make your designed theme become a what-you-see-is-what-you-get interface. 

You can actually work by using the latest version of the builder to give you an accurate image of how your website visitors will see your website’s contents.

It saves more time as you don’t need to switch between front and back views as well as removing the hindrance of discovering your website layouts.

When it comes to the visual editor, Divi Builder allows you to switch effectively to wireframe mode that makes the page’s structure more prominent. 

You’ll get a nice overview of your website layout. Now you can easily redo and undo any actions you have performed in the visual editor to see how the layout will look.

- Pre-made page and website layouts

As mentioned above, Divi allows you to create your own cutting-edge page design with no coding skills. 

No need to worry if the design is not your main point as it comes with a wide selection of pre-made website and page layouts that can be used whenever you want.

You can effortlessly mix and match the templates to build your own inimitable page and then integrate it into your website. 

The previous version of this page builder only included a small number of separable page layouts, but now you can access a library with complete packages.

Divi Pros

As a WordPress-based plugin, Divi is a good drag-and-drop editor allowing you with no coding skill to access the back end of your site. 

Divi does a great job of showing off the tool you will see on your own website. 

So these are things so good about Divi you should think through.

- Plugins

Divi provides good analytic features that allow you to see what your site visitors will see of your designed theme. 

You can also set a time limit and then check the analytic within the split testing to comprehend which language performed higher.  

- Intuitive

Once you using Divi as your page builder, most part of it is so intuitive. If you are getting accustomed to using WordPress, the verbiage is laid out very well.

- Lots of tutorials

The tutorials provided are so helpful. If you find any difficulty, you can search for guidance within the plugin.

- Speed content update

You can go directly to the modules instead of sending your request to the developer. 

It all includes CTAs, blog categories, footer, copy, headings, page titles, etc.

- No design-experienced needed

Since Divi comes with many modules and templates, you don’t have to have a design experience to create an appealing site post. 

You can directly select some abundance options in the plugin’s library.

Divi Cons

Though there are some good things about Divi, there are also some drawbacks that must be taken into account.

- Not editable

Since you don’t need coding experience, the design you have created by using this page builder is not editable. 

There’s some inflexibility to how much you can pinch the templates with no coding experience. 

To make it really work, you have to know about its HTML or CSS.

- You can’t be a designer

Indeed, you don’t need to be a designer to design your own site but it becomes a problem 

if you don’t satisfied with the layout design. If you aren’t careful, you can mess up the formatting. 

Only a skillful designer can overcome the circumstance.

- Too many tools

Many tools may be good especially for developers and designers but for marketers, it can be cluttered. 

It is difficult to get the module you are going to edit and you can change things you did not mean to.

- Not suitable for marketing

When it comes to landing pages and forms, Divi works really great while when it comes to CTA it will take extra work.

Final Verdict

Overall, based on Divi review, Divi is such a great way to design your own website, blog, and pages with such interesting themes. 

You can easily create and custom your own page from scratch with any code needed. 

This is a good chance for you when searching for a beautiful theme with a set of beautiful templates that is ready to go.

Divi combines impressive features with appealing looks to deliver a multipurpose theme for WordPress. 

A wide range of templates and an easy-to-use builder are suitable for anyone who want to create a custom design with no coding.

This page builder works perfectly to manage a page as well as saving more time. 

It enables you to create content for your website with no need to rely on a developer or designer.

As mentioned earlier, while Divi is somewhat easy to use, unluckily, you will need to spend more time grasping the interface of the builder in case you want to get the most out of the themes. 

On the other hand, if you want to get your site online, making use of pre-built templates is a good idea based on the Divi review.