Dreamhost Review:

The Pros and Cons and Its Benefit

As someone who runs a business, you must make any effort to increase your business traffic. 

Out there, there are so many ways that can be done but each way has different outcome. 

You will certainly do things that give you a lot of benefits. One of those ways is to promote your business through offline or online. 

But we all know that nowadays, the way that is considered to be the most effective way of promoting your business is by online, especially through website.

That’s right, the appearance of website is not something very new.

 In fact, there have been many product or service businesses circulating that use websites as a medium for them to do their business transaction. 

Many businesses have their official website because people will think that if a business has its own website, then the business is managed professionally.

This could be their reason for competing to build a professional website for the continuity of their business. 

Of course, in this case there are several obstacles. For ordinary people, especially people who are completely unfamiliar with technology, creating a website is a very difficult thing to do. 

They definitely need help in solving this problem. 

Their solution is website hosting service providers, one of the most well-known hosting service providers is Dreamhost.

Dreamhost hosting is not a new name in the field of hosting. 

For those of you who are quite often involved in the world of website hosting, maybe this name is included in the list of the oldest hosting service providers ever existed. 

Dreamhost hosting is a senior with a lot of experience in knowing hosting features, support for their users and affordability. 

Until now, there have been counted more than 15 million websites, blogs, WordPress or applications that have been hosted by Dreamhost.

But there’s nothing wrong with remembering and discussing about Dreamshot hosting again. 

In 1996, Dreamhost was developed. 

They set up a center of operations in California. Since they first started operating, their main target has been to help users building a successful website or blog so that online developers and businesses can run their business smoothly.

Dreamhost is very good at attracting the attention of users so they will use their hosting services. 

They provide a generous 97-day money-back guarantee. In addition, payment for the selected package or service is made monthly. 

This kind of service, of course provide benefits for users, making Dreamhost their subscription web hosting service provider.

Dreamhost has several packages and services that are used as a tool to meet the website development needs of its users. 

And this time, this article about Dreamhost review will guide you to find out what packages and services are provided by Dreamhost and also the pros and cons.

Dreamhost for WordPress Hosting Package

The first hosting package we will talk about in this dreamhost review article is the WordPress Hosting Package. 

Dreamhost provides hosting packages using WordPress. 

This is done by looking at the creativity of people who are considered to be successful using this website platform. 

Besides that, WordPress is very familiar to the ears of the wider community. 

Dreamhost provides three options for this hosting package, namely WordPress Basic, DreamPress and VPS WordPress.

WordPress Basic

This package has 2 other options inside, namely WordPress Starter and WordPress Unlimited. 

These two packages have different prices, but the facilities are almost similar to each other. 

On WordPress Starter, the price you will have to pay is $ 2.59 if you choose to use it for 3 years straight away. While WordPress Unlimited requires you to pay $ 3.59. 

These two options are facilitated with a free domain, pre-installed WordPress, free automated WordPress migration, fast SSD storage, free SSL certificate, and unlimited traffic.

DreamPress Package

In this package, there are 3 options that you can customize to your website needs, namely DreamPress, DreamPress Plus, DreamPress Pro. Each of these plans requires you to pay $ 16.95 per month, $ 24.95 per month and $ 71.95 per month. 

The facilities that you will get are SSD storage memory, unmetered bandwidth, SSL Certificate, 24/7 WordPress Support, WP Website Builder and Unlimited CDN.

VPS WordPress Package

This package is intended for those of you who have multiple WordPress sites, so you can easily control your WordPress resources. 

There are four types of VPS WordPress Package options, namely VPS Basic, VPS Business, VPS Professional and VPS Enterprise. 

The prices for each of these plans are $ 10.00 per month, $ 20.00 per month, $ 40.00 per month, and $ 80.00 per month. 

With this price, you will be facilitated with SSD storage, unlimited traffic, unlimited SSL Certificate, Unlimited Websites and Unlimited Email for your domain.

Shared Website Hosting Package

The shared hosting package has 2 different options, they are Shared Starter and Shared Unlimited. 

Shared Starter package is priced at $ 2.59 per month with facilities offered to you, namely 1 website, free domain, pre-installed WordPress,

unlimited traffic, WP Website Builder, Free WordPress Migrations, FREE SSL Certificate, and SSD Storage. 

Meanwhile, the Shared Unlimited package is priced at $ 3.95 per month with the same facilities as the Shared Starter package but with unlimited websites and unlimited email domains.

Dedicated Hosting Package

These packages come with their best in hardware and software to ensure your website is always running at its best and is fast. 

In this package, there are two options, namely Standard and Enhanced. 

The standard hosting package offers you an Intel Xeon 4-Core 8-Thread processor, 4 GB RAM, 1 TB HDD data transfer, guaranteed full network uptime, root access, and 24/7 server monitoring.

You can get this facility at a price of $ 149.00 per month. 

Meanwhile, the Enhanced hosting package at $ 279.00 per month facilitates you with an Intel Xeon 12-Core 24-Thread processor, 16 GB RAM, 2 TB HDD data transfer, RAID 1 Storage, Ubuntu, full network uptime guarantee, and full server monitoring.

Cloud Hosting Package

This hosting service server has very reliable root access speeds. Likewise, with SSD storage and a fast network because it is supported by the API. 

You can get this hosting package for $ 0.0075 per hour.

There are 2 options for this cloud hosting package, namely DreamCompute and DreamObjects. 

DreamCompute provides you with full unrestricted root access and control. The server is used using MS Windows, BSD or Linux.

Meanwhile, DreamObjects is the right choice for those of you who want to develop your website into a more professional website. 

You also don’t have to worry about losing your website data, QNAP, next cloud, CloudBerry, Retrospect, and Dropshare will fully protect your data.

Pros of Dreamhost Hosting

Dreamhost, which incidentally is one of the oldest website hosting service providers, has been here since1996, of course, is said to be one of the famous hosting providers with clear reasons. 

The 15 million websites that are currently operational are a clear testament to how well Dreamhost is doing in their field. 

Users trust Dreamhost to have very reliable performance.

Besides that, the advantages that Dreamhost have are also their plus points. 

The first Pros of Dreamhost is the server’s working speed. Dreamhost uses several technologies such as Solid State Drice, Gzip Compression, OPchache Caching, and Cloudflare which can provide protection when your website accelerates. 

These technologies are the main support in Dreamhost server performance speed.

The next is the 100% uptime guarantee which is rarely provided by other hosting services. 

Not only that, all of the hosting plans provided by Dreamhost provide a 97-day money-back guarantee, and all DreamPress plans are 30 days. 

This is truly a dedication from Dreamhost for its loyal users.

Cons of Dreamhost Hosting

Regarding the cons of Dreamhost, actually this can be said to be only a little bump on their journey. 

This is because Dreamhost already has a lot of experience in the hosting field, their experiences are unquestionable.

But still, every hosting service provider has their own drawbacks.

For Dreamhost, since 1996, they have not provided communication services in the form of telephones. 

This can be overcome by other means of communication such as communicating via email, but there are still some users who prefer to communicate by telephone. 

This problem can be said to be a minor problem because Dreamhost will easily solve it by providing telephone service for their company.

So, after knowing everything about the website hosting service provider company which we talked about in this Dreamhost review, we have in our mind about the hosting package, about the pros and cons.

We can say that Dreamhost is a highly recommended hosting service provider. 

This statement already has real evidence and you can prove it yourself. 

Dreamhost with its many experiences can professionally handle all the wants and needs of its users.

They are very loyal to their user, this can be proven by the money back guarantee after 97 days if a discrepancy is found in the hosting program they provide.

However, you still shouldn’t forget the things that Dreamhost hosting lacks, because at least, it will still reduce their performance. 

One thing is for sure, as users we must be smart in deciding which hosting service provider options can provide benefits with the hosting packages they offer to us. 

Be a smart and wise user.