Fast Comet Review:

Pros and Cons You Should Consider

For a website developer or someone who owns and operates website, they surely have known or at least heard about Fast Comet. 

Fast Comet is one of the most popular web hosting and it is getting more hype in 2021. 

However, if you are looking the best and most trustable web hosting, then we suggest you read this Fast Comet review first so you can consider it fairly.

Surely Fast Comet has become one of the most user – friendly web hosting that make many people use their services. 

But, like any other things humans have built, Fast Comet also has several pros and cons you should consider. 

We hope that after you read this post, you could get a complete and honest Fast Comet review to help you decide. 

Fast Comet Review: Pros of Using Fast Comet

Here are the good things about Fast Comet services:

1. Effective Support Quality

Fast Comet team support offer two main ways to reach them:

  • – Via tickets
  • – Via live chat

Both of these Fast Comet support channels give their customers with a fast and effective response. 

They use Zendesk as their chat system and a real person, not a bot, will give a response to your question directly and immediately. 

The support teams are also very friendly. While the ticket system only needs less than one hour to give response.

2. Convenient Use of Control Panel

Unlike several others web hosting services, Fast Comet designs their custom control panel in a best way both for a novice and professional. 

Fast Comet offers Control Panel on every shared hosting environment. This surely will make your activities become easier.

3. Provide FastGuard Feature

When it comes to digital technology, surely security is one of the huge concern you should consider especially if there are many users on shared hosts share the same resources. 

The users cannot know who share the resources with them. 

This activity is very dangerous especially when the web hosting provider doesn’t take the necessary precautions.

Fortunately, Fast Comet has already installed the FastGuard feature in their services. 

This feature will prevent every account on shared hosts to share resources. 

Therefore, your website will not get affected even when your account is affected. 

Fast Comet also offers DDoS Protection for better security. Users can enable this service through Control Panel.

4. Easy to Install SSL Certificates

SSL certificates surely is one of the most important elements when it comes to web hosting services. 

Fast Comet offers a free SSL certificate through Let’s Encrypt which is a go-to certificate authority that enables every Fast Comet customer to install SSL certificates very easily. 

No matter if you are a novice or professional, you can install the SSL certificate in a few clicks on all domains.

If you want to install Fast Comet SSL certificates on various domains, you don’t have to purchase dedicated IP since these servers are already SNI – enabled. 

The SSL certificates will automatically renew themselves every three months so you will not have to worry about dated certificates.

5. Offers Free Daily Backups

As a Fast Comet users, you can get free backups not only monthly, but daily! 

Surely Fast Comet has walked a step ahead from the other popular web hosting providers that offer only free monthly backups. 

When it comes to better security services, Fast Comet can be your best choice especially when this feature is coupled with aforementioned features.

But, we still recommend you provide a separate backup plan from host backup which is linked with remote storage since it will be safer for you.

Fast Comet Review: Cons of Using Fast Comet

1. They Don’t Have Datacenters in South America, Africa and Middle East

When it comes to data centers, surely Fast Comet has quite a wide choice of datacenters locations. 

They have eleven locations of datacenters as of January 2020 that customers can choose when buying the subscription plan. 

Eleven datacenters worldwide surely are quite big considering that most cloud providers only offer less than ten locations worldwide.

At a short glance, it looks like this point should be put in the good things about Fast Comet. 

Of course, eleven datacenters locations is a good deal, but unfortunately, among those datacenters, Fast Comet doesn’t have branches in South America, Middle East, and Africa. 

Therefore, if you come from those locations, you should find the closest server location that works best for you. 

Here are the eleven datacenters from Fast Comet:

  1. Dallas, USA
  2. Newark, USA
  3. Chicago, USA
  4. London, UK
  5. Mumbai, India
  6. Tokyo, Japan
  7. Toronto, Canada
  8. Frankfurt, Germany
  9. Singapore
  10. Sydney, Australia
  11. Amsterdam, Netherlands

2. Plan Limitations

Every web hosting providers offer different plan with different prices, core features and bonuses to their customers. 

Fast Comet really provides a lot of bonuses features to their customers which makes this web hosting providers seem promising. Unfortunately, it is not the case with their core hosting features.

There is Fast Comet’s biggest disadvantage when it comes to core hosting features, their plan limitations. 

When we compare Fast Comet’s domains and disk space offerings, we can say that Fast Comet limits their disk space and domains in almost their whole plan, from Starter Plan, mid – tier plan and to higher – tier plan.

In the Starter Plan, the customers only get one single domain and website to operate while the disk space is limited to 15 GB storage. 

Of course this is not a case when it comes to those who only operate small website, but this will be a huge problem for those who own bigger website and need to store a lot of files, videos and images. 

Meanwhile, if you chose Scale Right plan which is a mid – tier plan from Fast Comet, they only offer 25 GB disk space. 

However, their Speed Up plan which is a higher – tier plan, provides 35 GB disk space.

3. Some Hidden Additional Price

This is what we can suggest you to do when you are looking for the best web hosting providers, “Do not ever being lured only by seeing at the pricing plans on the main page, you should go deeper into the purchase plan”.

Why we said so? It is because several web hosting providers, including Fast Comet, doesn’t disclose all the significant features on the main sales page. 

For example, at a first glance, we might think that the Start Smart Plan from Fast Comet is a little bit cheap, but we bet you might be surprised when you click at the plan to purchase it.

For one month purchase, Start Smart Plan is offered for $5.95. But, it doesn’t include set up fees and you should pay $19.95 to set up the website. 

Turn out, the setup fee for the website is actually much higher than what it showed us at the beginning. 

You could get a free setup if only you sign up for the longer-term plan, 12 months or more.

This will be very confusing especially for a novice who is just looking for web hosting providers. 

Furthermore, if you are planning to sign up for a longer-term plan, this is actually not a big problem.

4. Mediocre Load Speed

A best web hosting provider will concentrate on giving their customers the fastest load speed they can. 

The load speed performance is one of the most important feature from web hosting providers as all the visitors who come to certain website will need the website’s files to be transferred as fast as possible.

You cannot let your load time longer as the visitors don’t have much time to wait for the files to be transferred. 

However, there are a lot of variables that affected the load speed of the website, and one of them is the performance from the web hosting providers itself. 

To check the real load time from Fast Comet, you can use Time to First Byte (TTFB) when you first set up your website.

The result test performance from Fast Comet shows that this web hosting still gives a fairly good load speed. 

They don’t give a top – tier performance but not the worst either.

Conclusion of Fast Comet Review

Fast Comet is a stand – alone web hosting company unlike any other well – known web hosting companies that have merged to build huge multinational companies. 

When we visit to Fast Comet’s official page, we can see that they are really transparent and confident about almost everything they have. 

They post their employees photos and infrastructure they have.

This really give good impressions about this company level of confident. 

But to decide whether Fast Comet web hosting is the best for your choice, we should dig deeper into their services. 

Fast Comet offers a lot of advantages especially when it comes to security services and features.

They also have some disadvantages, but it is actually still understandable and not a very huge issues – but of course, it depends on your needs as well. 

If you need a mediocre performance, then Fast Comet will still satisfy your needs. 

But, if you want to get a top – tier performance, then you should consider the other web hosting providers.