Fastwebhost Webhosting Reviews:
Pros And Cons About Fastwebhost You Need To Know And The Conclusions

Introduction Fastwebhost Webhosting

Fast Web Host LLC (or more commonly known as Fastwebhost) is a webhosting company originated in California, the U.S. It was first founded in 2001. 

Since its inception, Fastwebhost has claimed to be the best webhosting service provider.

Until today, Fastwebhost has hosted for more than 200,000 websites in their operating countries. 

Fastwebhost has also got two servers in the U.S., one server in Amsterdam, New Delhi, and Falkenstein respectively, and one upcoming server in Sao Paulo, London, Brazil, and Hong Kong respectively.

As a webhosting company, Fastwebhost offers premium webhosting products such as shared hostings, hostings for WordPress, and VPS hostings starting from $2.95/month for the Value shared hosting packages. 

Not stopping there, Fastwebhost also has their unique server based in New York, the U.S., in which they also offer their dedicated server product starting from $99/month.

There are pros and cons for using Fastwebhost given Fastwebhost’s different offered products and the brand’s presences. 

We will clarify these in the Fastwebhost webhosting reviews as noted below.

Pros About Fastwebhost You Need To Know

The main strength about Fastwebhost you need to know is the free website-making tool it has. 

It can also support unlimited amounts of email and webmail support. 

This makes not only you don’t need the coding, HTML, or web design knowledge, but also make your lives easy as you select your website templates, type in your desired email addresses, and wait for the support to reach out to you.

The basic tutorials are also among Fastwebhost’s pro you need to know. 

If you’re curious on how do programming works, you can always head on to Fastwebhost’s tutorials on preparing Magento and CSS syntaxes, and how to make Google-based applications, just to name a few of the vast numbers of Fastwebhost’s available tutorials.

Furthermore, Fastwebhost doesn’t only support Magento for the e-Commerce plugin. 

It also support other e-Commerce-based plugins, such as Cube Cart, Zen Shopping Cart, and PrestaShop.

Among two of the most popular Fastwebhost’s webhosting products are the shared hostings and hostings for WordPress. 

Both version’s most expensive paying plan have every possible unlimited accesses every website owners need. 

For example, the shared hostings’ Enterprise Plan has unlimited web spaces and amounts of domain. 

Another example is from the availability of the Git workflow in the WP Pro hosting payment plan.

All of Fastwebhost’s webhosting products are complete with the presence of 24/7 customer support. 

You can reach out to Fastwebhost’s customer support through live chats or phone them using the phone number they have posted in their official website. 

The VPS hosting product 99.9% guarantees your VPS back within operational times.

The dedicated server product, on the other hand, has a low latency in their connections and SLA active times for cooling down batteries and network connections. 

This makes the dedicated server product suitable for different business owners, such as developers, e-Commerce sellers, online workers, start-up business owners, and many other more.

Cons About Fastwebhost You Need To Know

The main weakness about Fastwebhost you need to know is all about the speed. 

Some customers complained their server speeds are slowing down when they use Fastwebhost’s webhosting products. Some of them told that Fastwebhost put their websites down for more than 24 hours. 

When complained through the available support resources, the Fastwebhost team always replied that they will “get them back soon” without any further explanations.

There is even a customer with more than 3-weeks of waiting for Fastwebhost to finish their server migration as promised. 

Yet, after 3 weeks period of waiting, there were still no updated news about when the migration will be finished. 

This, along with their “get back soon” complaints from the customers, makes their claim of having low latency in their dedicated server product questionable.

The payment area is also the area where Fastwebhost is lacking strengths. 

One customer who subscribed for the Value Plan in Fastwebhost’s paid version calls the billing as “sneaky”, since they bill in 3 months later even when they have paid the bills, making the domain can’t be obtained for no cost. 

Worse, is that, the bills are almost impossible to get corrected.

While it’s true that every Fastwebhost’s products are complete with 30-days money back guarantee, there are lots of rules that make the money back even nearer to impossible. 

First of all, they limit their money back policy to the pro-rata amounts. 

It is also only available to the shared hostings and resellers, making you impossible to get your entire money back when you’re not satisfied with Fastwebhost’s ways to handle your complaints and their products as well.

The fact that Fastwebhost’s money back guarantee is extremely limited is not the only fact that makes Fastwebhost’s money back guarantee feature horrible. 

A customer complained that the Fastwebhost team uses lame excuses every time they asked their money to be back. 

These excuses are meant to justify their actions, exclamating that those are not their faults, while the truth is that the errors are caused by their own selves.

There was also a customer complaining publicly about Fastwebhost adding sneaky codes to their websites. 

After that, the Fastwebhost team said they will never do such a thing. 

These, along with the fact they use lame excuses to not return the money back to the customers, make Fastwebhost clearly lacking in the payment systems and mechanisms.

Conclusions Fastwebhost webhosting reviews

So, the first point of conclusion of our Fastwebhost Webhosting reviews is that Fastwebhost is one of the best Webhosting providers who have limited knowledge on HTML, coding, and many other more, given their free website-making tools and the availability of tutorials in using Magento and other e-Commerce-based plugins. 

The possibility of having unlimited accesses, the availability of Git workflow, the presence of 24/7 customer support, and low latencies in the dedicated server products, are also among Fastwebhost’s strong traits.

The second point of conclusion we make in our Fastwebhost webhosting review is Fastwebhost’s weakness. 

In this term, Fastwebhost’s speeds are rather slow, especially on the main server’s speeds and the speed of migrating their servers.

The money-back guarantee is also the area of weakness you should know since Fastwebhost tend to use lame excuses to blame the customers and justify their actions not to give the money back.