Fatcow Reviews for Your Web Hosting Convenience

In today’s web world, creating a website is essential for big or small companies, businesses, governmental agencies, institutions, and even for personal uses.  

Besides being easily accessible by internet users around the world, a website also contains a variety of complete and detailed information about a particular web page.  

When creating a website, you will need a hosting service from a web hosting provider. 

If you are new to website making, web hosting is an online service to put a website or a web application online on the internet.  

So, when you buy and sign up for a hosting service, you are basically borrowing some space on the server, where it is a place to store all the files and data needed by the website to make it work fully.

Before choosing your own hosting provider, it’s a good idea to pay attention to the quality of a particular hosting first.  

There are many hosting providers that you can choose on the market.  

Fatcow, for instance, is a hosting provider that you can use today that offers various plans and services.

Who is Fatcow Web Hosting?

Back in the days, Fatcow was one of the most popular and especially affordable hosting providers for small and medium-sized businesses.  

Founded in 1998, Fatcow is owned and managed by the Endurance International Group (EIG), a big player who has taken over dozens of hosting companies over the last few years.

Since then, Fatcow has worked hard to develop a client-friendly reputation and has gone through a lot to make their hosting plans suit their users’ needs as perfectly as possible.  

For that reason, it’s no surprise that Fatcow consistently appears among the list of the ten best hosting companies on the internet.

But is this hosting provider a bad one or a good one to use?  For those of you who want to know the answer, you can check on the following Fatcow reviews. 

Fatcow Web Hosting Pros

In terms of the Fatcow reviews pros, some are really good to make use of.  

There are quite a lot of advantages offered by Fatcow compared to its competitor hosting provider.  

Hence, this hosting can last until now even though it is quite old which is impressive.  

Here’s a list of the advantages offered by Fatcow reviews include:

● Fairly Stable Uptime

One of Fatcow’s best features is its uptime. 

You can say that this hosting is reliable when it comes to managing a website for business or personal purposes.  

Therefore, the average uptime presented by Fatcow is claimed to be around 99.85% to 99.9%.  

So, on average, this percentage is quite good and stable compared to other hosting servers.

● Daily Backup Service

Fatcow also offers daily backup services, where most other affordable hosting providers can’t do. For that reason, this is a potential hosting candidate.  

Thus, protection is certainly the service you are looking for which you will get with Fatcow for free.  

Therefore, your web data will be secured and every information you have there will be preserved because it is always protected. 

● Various Hosting Packages

Fortunately, Fatcow has various hosting packages that are good in quality. 

Make sure you choose the ones that justify your web hosting needs. Plus, the prices offered are also affordable.

● Free Hosting Migration

If you have to do hosting migration or website migration to Fatcow, then Fatcow will also do it for free. 

For instance, when you have subscribed to another hosting, but feel incompatible with their services and hosting packages, you can move to Fatcow without having to pay for it.

● Good Support Service

Like any other web hosting providers, Fatcow also has a good support service system. 

With a 24 hours non-stop support service, you can easily ask questions about your technical problems.  

They will respond to you sooner or later.

● 30 Days Refund

In case you are incompatible with the hosting packages at Fatcow, you can ask for a refund, only if you haven’t passed your 30 days subscription. 

The refund process is also very simple and pretty quick. 

Cons of Fatcow Web Hosting

As for the Fatcow reviews, unfortunately, there are also quite a few of the drawbacks.  

Here are some of the disadvantages that you probably will encounter when using this hosting, such as:

● Limited Shared Hosting Services

Similar to any web hosting providers out there, Fatcow also claimed to have unlimited shared hosting plans. Unfortunately, it is not the case, since this particular service is actually very limited and is quite disappointing for users.  

FYI, if you use up a lot of storage space, bandwidth, or CPU time, these accounts may be suspended and will harm your website. 

● Limited Servers

Fatcow is actually a web hosting provider that offers limited servers, unlike other hosting providers. 

Fatcow only provides hosting in the United States, which is of course very detrimental for users who come from other countries. 

● Fatcow Aggressive Upselling

Fatcow is using an upselling strategy to increase sales. Therefore, you will need to pay for an additional service provided in the hosting packages.  

Initially, you will be given a trial to certain software and must register for it.  After it ends that you will certainly need to pay for the service.  

So, make sure you pay attention to the end of this type of hosting trial unless you are subscribed to something you don’t really need for your web hosting needs.

● Similar Plans but More Pricey

Fatcow is quite affordable in their hosting service. However, with the same hosting plans, Fatcow is more expensive than other hosts EIG also manages.  

Now, it seems like you have to prepare an extra budget when using hosting here.

Final Thoughts on Fatcow review

In general, Fatcow does claim that they are focused on providing the best value and customer service experience for small businesses, which is true.  

Being one of the experienced hosts in the United States, it’s no surprise that Fatcow provides a variety of hosting services for customers. 

The pros and cons of Fatcow reviews mentioned above will hopefully be useful for your hosting needs.  

Although this hosting is quite old, it’s still popular and worth getting especially for beginners.