Flatsome WordPress Theme Review, Pros and Cons

There are many WordPress themes that you can choose from for your website or blog. 

Each of these WordPress themes offers various attractive benefits which are sure to promise an increase in traffic and visitors to your blog. 

One of them is the Flatsome WordPress theme which is now being loved and recommended by many people.

Many people claim to be satisfied using the theme developed by the UX theme. 

In fact, Flatsome is claimed to occupy the first position as the best-selling WordPress theme used for WooCommerce on ThemeForest. Reportedly, this WordPress theme has received a five-star rating from consumers, and has sold 70,000 downloads. Wow, how amazing isn’t it?

Flatsome is one of the premium WordPress themes that have received many positive reviews from consumers. 

As we know that the WordPress theme is an important element that must be considered properly. 

Not just a nice and colorful appearance, but there are a number of things that must be considered in how to choose the best WordPress theme.

Most new WordPress users are confused about choosing a theme, so most of them often change themes. Actually this action is not recommended. It because it will have an impact on the SEO of the website. 

WordPress itself does provide a large selection of templates, ranging from free WordPress themes to premium WordPress themes. 

With the number or large selections, sometimes new users get confused about which WordPress theme is better and make their website look more attractive.

If you are one of those people who are still confused about choosing a WordPress theme, it doesn’t hurt to try to choose Flatsome. 

However, if you are still unsure, then read the following article to find out the pros and cons of this Flatsome WordPress theme.

Flatsome pros

If you want to build an e-commerce website, Flatsome is a WordPress theme that is tough enough to rely on. 

Flatsome is one of the e-commerce templates that combine several ecommerce design trends. 

The goal is that you can create an attractive website, and be able to increase conversions for your business.

Flatsome is a WordPress theme that is highly recommended if you want to create an online shop. 

This is because Flatsome has a number of advantages that will help you grow your online shop. 

No wonder this template has been downloaded nearly 70,000 times and received positive reviews from users.

Then what are the advantages of Flatsome compared to other premium WordPress themes?

1. It is equipped with UX Frontend Editor

Flatsome became one of the premium themes equipped with the UX Frontend Editor. 

The existence of this feature makes it easy for you to create a stunning site appearance, even without the slightest coding knowledge. 

This means that Flatcome is very suitable for those who want to run an online shop business, even though they have no knowledge of coding at all

2. Flatsome has complete features

such as live search, wish list, product comparison, quick add to cart, related products and many more. 

These features are useful to make it easier for users and buyers to find product.

3. Flatsome theme very useful for online shop

For online shops, Flatsome is very useful because you can customize the appearance of your own website. 

This means that the user has full control of the online store appearance in line with expectations

4. Easy to customize

Apart from the appearance, Flatsome also gives you complete control over how to customize the appearance of the checkout pages. 

This is very helpful because consumers typically would leave the product away and off to buy, due to checkout page that is complicated and impractical

5. Image resizing feature for online store

To make the appearance of your online store products uniform, Flatsome provides an image resizing feature. 

This is very useful for adjusting the image size or product display to be uniform and look very professional

6. Mobile Responsive

As a premium WordPress theme, Flatsome is also very responsive for smart phones and tablets, so that no matter what device consumers use, the appearance of your online store will remain attractive, neat and easy to use.

7. And many more feature from the Flatsome theme

At $ 59, Flatsome has tons of features that you can customize to your liking. 

There is a header and footer builder, page views and much more

Flatsome cons

Even though it is claimed to be one of the best premium WordPress themes, Flatsome is not perfect. 

There are several drawbacks to this theme that you should know, such as:

1. Need a compatible plugin

The presence of UX Builder on Flatsome is useful for editing websites directly on the front. 

However, the UX Builder integration will make it difficult for you to change themes. 

Sometimes you have to buy a new plugin that is compatible with your new theme

2. The price is quite expensive

To be able to download Flatsome, you are required to pay $ 59. Unfortunately, with such a large fee, you will only get support and new feature updates for 6 months. 

This means that if you need support for longer and keep getting updates about new features, you have to pay again for the next 6 months

3. Need time to learn the Flatsome theme

Even though it offers a lot of convenience for its users, Flatsome also requires you to undergo a learning curve first, so that you can get used to using this WordPress theme. 

This is because Flatsome is not an ordinary and free theme, so inevitably it takes a long learning curve to get used to it.


With Flatsome you can save more time and increase sales in your online business because it is supported by many features and can be customized with the theme of your online business. 

Flatsome is also relatively easy to use, although of course, you need patience and time to get used to using this premium WordPress theme

With 59$, Flatsome is worth trying because there are so many features and conveniences you get when using it. 

Even so, you should prepare a spare fund to extend support, services and feature updates from Flatsome.

The theme in a WordPress-based blog is one of the most important elements. 

Choosing the right WordPress theme, of course, must be based on various considerations that you must carefully consider before actually using it. 

Flatsome can be one of the premium WordPress theme choices that you can try, especially if you want to build a professional-looking online store that is easily accessible to consumers.