Fused Reviews: Does the Hosting Service Fit Any Types of Business?

One of the web hosting companies from Tennessee is Fused Network. 

Today we are going to give you Fused reviews that can help you decide whether it is the right hosting for you or not. 

You can find a lot of articles mentioned this web hosting company. 

However, what is the advantage and disadvantages?

Fused Network successfully overcomes and tackles hosting solutions to small and big businesses. It has a lot of users from more than 30 different countries across the world. In 2003, the company started the operation. 

Supported by qualified staff, it still proudly stands out among other hosting companies nowadays. 

The number of their customers reached more than 7,000 customers. 

Meanwhile, there are up to 11,000 websites that Fused Network is hosting.

Pros of Fused Network

1. Complete Features

One of the clear Fused reviews is its total features. A lot of customers feel helpful because of them. There are various hosting schemes you can see on their website. 

They include semi-dedicated servers, fully dedicated servers, and hosting. Some of the features are the same in almost every plan. 

Those features are:      

  • cPanel,
  • unmetered data transfer,
  • free spam filtering,
  • dependable email hosting with webmail access, POP3, IMAP,
  • hassle-free website service of transfer,
  • Support for Perl, Ruby, MySQL, Python, PHP, and other scripting languages.

Besides those features above, some qualities can be the highlight of the Fused Network.

Besides those features above, some qualities can be the highlight of the Fused Network.

  • Nightly Backup

Nightly backup means that Fused Network conducts backups every night. 

It takes around 70 days to whoop after Fused Network keep back these backups. 

If you observe other hosting providers, it offers longer extended retention. That makes their user feel relieved.

  • Global Anycast DNS Cluster

The distribution of the DNS Fuses Network is equal across the world. 

The speed can be ten times quicker than the DNS standard that most web hosting services are using.

2. Guaranteed Uptime

Fused Network offers more than a 90% uptime guarantee. You will have 90 days since you use the scheme in Fused Network. 

They can return the money if you are not satisfied with its product or encounters complicated issues. 

This guarantee shows that Fused Network is sure that its service and support can offer troubleshooting solutions for every user.

With 90 days money-back guarantee, it makes Fused Network becomes the hosting industry that has the most extended warranty. 

The satisfaction of customers for Fused Network is an essential and high priority. 

It’s a steady commitment to providing different solutions. They can be suitable for small to big businesses anywhere in the world. 

They will return your money 100% if you are not satisfied with their products and services. Nothing to be worried about, right?

3. Two Months Daily Automatic Backups Retained

The backup that Fused Network conducts for its users is in every two months. 

You don’t need to change any setting or schedule to backup your data. Fused Network will handle the backup for you.

4. Fast Response Times of Support

The response time of Fused Network is quick and caring. The supporting staffs are 24/7 available to answer any inquiries or questions. 

You can send any question or ask for a request through email or a ticket. They are professional and caring.

Cons of Fused Network

1. Limited Selection of Schemes

The next Fused reviews are about its downside. The choices of schemes that it has is limited. 

They are only a single semi-dedicated hosting scheme, a single shared hosting scheme, and an option of dedicated servers. 

One of the plans is custom. It can adjust the requirement of each user. 

However, if you need a specific and special request, you need to contact customer support to receive a quote.

Unluckily, you need to be ready if none of their schemes are suitable for your need. You probably need to change the hosting provider.

2. High Price

There is no doubt that Fused Network provides excellent service and professional problem-solving. 

But all of them come with a high price. The price tags can be so expensive. If you take a look at their offering, you will see the hidden cost you need to pay at the end. 

It can be a problem for small business who starts building their blog step-by-step. 

On the flip side, it doesn’t matter for big organizations or enterprises to pay an additional cost as long as the hosting solution is dependable. 

That’s why you need to make sure their schemes and the range price. We recommend you to research before you sign up before you regret your decision in the future.

3. Inconvenient Customer Support Forms

Last but not least, the Fused reviews of its downside are the form of customer support. 

The company indeed has provided some ways to keep in touch with their customers. 

The kinds include a ticket system, email, and a postal address. Even though the customer service forms are available, it can be inconvenient for some users since there is no telephone number. 

A customer who wants to make a phone call with them has to request first. It’s even worse because there is no live chat feature. 

It can make it troublesome for those who need a quick answer or response.

There is a tip from us to get the reply quicker. You should mark your message as a high priority. 

This alert will make it respond to your urgent matter quickly. If you don’t give any mark, your support ticket will not be the top priority.


Now, we have come to our conclusion related to Fused reviews. Our bottom line is Fused Network is worthy of web hosting. 

They offer you a 90-day guarantee to return your money as well as the automatic backup. 

You won’t be confused in handling so many things because Fused will lend you a hand. 

They conduct the backup every two months. There is also nightly backup.

Although the price can be pricey for a small enterprise, the features are complete for many business types. 

Even though they don’t provide any phone number, they will try contacting you once you request to make a phone call. 

Don’t forget to make sure that the scheme you choose in Fused meets the requirement of your business and goals.