GetFlyWheel Review:

The Pros and Cons

When it comes to choosing WordPress hosting, it requires a deep consideration about choosing the right hosting company. 

One of the so many hosting companies which specialize in WordPress optimization is GetFly Wheel. 

So far, many website owners claim that this company provides rewarding services. 

For sure, GetFly Wheel is not the only hosting company with such specialization. 

This company still has lots of competitors. One way or another, people decide the most suitable hosting provider after reading several reviews. 

Some reviews are trustworthy, though others can be scams. So, how do we know that the reviews are genuine or not? 

First things first, we should know that genuine reviews don’t only provide the positive sides of the web hosting service providers. 

Real reviews from real people always include pros and cons. 

On the other hand, when the reviews contain 90% of negative reviews, then they might have negative intentions upon the reviewed company.

The same thing applies to GetFlyWheel review. Finding the real deal about this WordPress hosting provider should be done slowly, yet accurately. 

It is easy to notice that many websites offer excellent reviews without any negative opinion, and there are others with completely negative reviews. 

In this case, internet users should be wise enough to decide, whether the reviews accurate or not. 

But, let’s check further, whether this company is truly reliable or not. GetFlyWheel is different because it specializes only in WordPress. 

This is why it has its own loyal clients. WordPress has its own fans, who find that WordPress is very user friendly. 

The review here is focusing on how this hosting provider is capable of meeting the clients’ demands, through its pros. Yet, it also has several cons that users can consider. 

Pros Review of Get FlyWheel

• Track Record

GetFlyWheel has been in this business for years. So far, moving sites have never come across the minds of their loyal clients. It means clients have put their trust in GetFlyWheel. 

Clients usually pay attention to long-term commitment, instead of merely low start-up cost. 

GetFlyWheel offers very low plan costs that seem to be very ‘too good to be true’. 

The cost of each plan is worth paying, based on the features’ availability 

• Speeds

Users are mostly satisfied with the speed. Beginners and professionals can count on this company for speed reliability. 

The speed of a website determines its visitors, in which it leads to a higher rank in search engine. 

Its response server time is also good, with 0,6 seconds. The consistent server is what website developers demand. 

Based on some reviews on the internet, users have made comparisons among several web hosting companies besides GetFly. 

They placed some tests about the speed and uptime that involve several hosting companies. The result is satisfying. 

The uptime result is also outstanding, in which the downtime is lower than 15 minutes within two months. 

It is considered that the 99.99% uptime is worth considering for WordPress hosting users. 

• Hassle-Free

Features are user-friendly. Managing WordPress plugins can be somewhat complicated for beginners. This is why they use GetFly for managing WordPress hosting. 

They might want to avoid some issues that relate to the technical template arrangement. 

Even professionals might want to focus on expanding their businesses, instead of dealing with website maintenance like security, plugin updates, and performances. 

• Affordable, Versatile Plans

Plans vary from the simplest to the most sophisticated ones. The simplest one is the Tiny Plan. Users can get one site with 5GB storage and 20GB bandwidth. 

Even Tiny Plan users can already enjoy excellent platform features like FlyCache, PHP 7.4 Ready, Third-Party SSL Certificates, and many more. 

It is perfect for bloggers and new starters who want to gain income from the internet as bloggers.

The most elaborate plan for users is Agency Plan. By using this plan, users can get 30 websites, 400,00 visits, with 50GB storage and 500GB 


The features of Agency that other plans don’t offer include Migration Dashboard, Phone Support, and Dedicated Account Manager’

However, users can still choose Custom Plan in which this plan is most popular among professional website users. 

Professionals are able to determine the most suitable platforms that they need for their website expansion. 

This plan is perfect for website owners that accommodate millions of visitors. 

Of course, choosing this plan means that users can ask for their required bandwidth and storage. 

Other available plans are Starter and Freelance. Starter Plan is almost similar to the Tiny Plan, though it offers twice bigger storage and bandwidth. 

This plan is good for those who want to try the ‘miniature’ of the Agency Plan. 

Other excellent features that it has include site cloning, adding collaborators, a built-in SSL certificate, and many more. 

For e-commerce website owners, they might want to consider Freelance Plan as the beginning. 

With the ability to host ten websites altogether, owners can expand their e-commerce business in a much easier and faster way. 

The storage reaches 20GB and the bandwidth is as much as 200GB.

• Support

As the specialist of WordPress web hosting, GetFly Wheel is consistent with its service. 

The support for WordPress optimization is fully accomplished. 

There are e-books, video guides, articles, and e-Course for users to learn. 

The customer service support is 24/7 that includes phone support, though it is limited for those who choose Agency or Custom plans. Yet, users of other plans can still enjoy the chat support. 

Most reviewers are satisfied with the fast and responsive answer from the customer service.  

• Affordable Pricing Plans

Without a doubt, the plans above are very versatile. They are also affordable. 

The Tiny Plan only requires $13 per month or $250 per year, in which users get a two-month free subscription. 

However, beginners might prefer to choose a Starter Plan that costs $25 on a monthly basis or $300 per year, as they can get 20,000 visits per month. Users can also get free subscriptions for two months. 

Freelance Plan is also good for freelancers, as they can optimize their businesses with $96 per month or $1150 per year for running 10 sites free subscriptions for two months. 

Believe it or not, Agency Plan is worth considering, thanks to its massive feature. 

Users can get thirty sites with only $242 per month and $2,900 per year with free subscriptions for two months. 

• Additional Services

GetFly Wheel also offers Performance Insights in which this feature allows users to get monthly reports. 

The reports are based on experts’ reviews about the performance of the site. 

Users will also get suggestions as well as application recommendations. As this is one of the additional services, then it is a paid feature that is suitable for advanced users. 

Another additional service that users can get is Managed Plugin Updates. 

Users will get automatic plugins update. This feature is obtainable for users who ask for this service, the first time they choose any available plan. 

But, users who take advantage of this feature are usually those who choose Agency or Custom plans. 

Users can enjoy the outstanding website’s performance that reduces their hassles significantly, thanks to the professional performance team of GetFly Wheel. 

The cost of each of those two services is $25 per month 

• Moving Sites

Many website owners plan to move their sites to other WordPress hosting providers. 

It is applicable for everyone, who wants to use the service of FlyWheel permanently. 

Moving sites is as easy as a pie, thanks to the company’s professional team.

Flexibility is the key here. Satisfied users have stated on their reviews about the simple steps of moving their sites into GetFlyWheel. 

The reason is not merely about the cost. It is more about the overall service and reliable service and support. 

Cons Review of GetFlyWheel:

• Additional Charges

There are additional fees for Plugin updates, as well as the performance insights and security insights. The additional cost reaches $25. 

There is an additional cost for each website that users have. 

The White label service cost is also somewhat high, as compared to other similar services, in which it reaches almost $100 on a monthly basis. 

• Limited Support

It is true that there is 24/7 chat support for lower plans. But, some users find them unsatisfying. 

In this WordPress hosting company, phone support is only available for users of Agency and Custom plans. 

• No Email Accounts Provided

As a WordPress hosting specialist, FlyWheel has no email accounts offer. It recommends users to use an email that has a similar name to the company. 

Most of its users don’t mind about this, because they use the service of email providers from Google Apps. 

FlyWheel also provides several companies that can provide email services.  

Conclusion of GetFlyWheel Review

It is easy to conclude that GetFlyWheel is highly recommended for those who plan to have WordPress websites with excellent support. 

All of the pros have surpassed others. 

The cons of this company are merely the additional charges that might not be affordable for beginners. 

Yet, many professional website users still consider that those charges are worth paying. So, it’s time for you to decide whether to buy or not.