How to grow and drive traffic to your website?

Your website will be useless when nobody visits your website, despite you have good content. 

There are millions of websites that people can visit and they have to choose the best one. Just because you are good at web designing, it does not mean that people will visit your website. 

Still, you have to pay attention to some important points on how to grow and drive traffic to your website. 

Whether you create a website to share information with others or earn money online, you need to check the following tips to grow and drive traffic to your website.

1. Choose the right topic and domain

The first thing you should think about when you create a website is the topic that you bring to your website. You can choose a niche according to your desire. 

Particularly, you must master the topic that you are bringing up. For example, you can create a website with information about automotive, culinary, tourism, science, and so on. 

Apart from the topic, the domain name is also very important. Use a simple domain so that it will be easy to spot and be found in search engines.

2. Consider high-quality content

One thing that affects the traffic on your website is content. 

Without content, people will not visit your website or they will not stay on your web page for so long. It says that content is a king of a website or blog. 

Content is the reason why people visit your website. Whatever the domain of your website, if you have good content, then they will enjoy it so they will stay on your website for a long time.

3. Do keyword research

You may write articles based on your own ideas, but it will not be good if you do not care about keywords. 

Somehow, it is important to do keyword research before you write an article. Otherwise, visitors will not find your website on the search engine. 

Keyword research aims to make it easier for visitors to find your content or website based on the keywords they type in search engines.

4. Use On-Page SEO

You also have to remember to use On-Page SEO so that visitors can find your website easily. 

This is the most effective way to increase website traffic organically. Here, you must use the right keywords. You must also include internal and external links. 

Also, you can use images and videos in your content. If you have studied On-Page SEO, this will not take much time.

5. Use catchy headlines

Headlines are the main part of an article. 

This includes the titles you use in your content as the headlines will be the first posts that visitors will read in search engines. 

However, you have to make sure that the title of your content or headline is catchy so that visitors will click through to read more.

6. Consider the number of words

In general, the minimum number of words in an article is 500 to 1000 words. You are allowed to write the content of more than 1000 words to 5000 words for each title. 

This will affect Google’s assessment of your content so that your content will be placed at the top of the list. Google prefers content to be at least 1800 words long. 

Therefore, you must be even more active in writing and using more words in your articles.

7. Publish content regularly

Apart from the word count, you also have to consider the amount of content you have to post each day. In this case, you have to post content regularly. 

At least, if you want to get a lot of visitors, then you can post 5 content per day. Thus, visitors will assume that your website is not dead and is always up to date. 

However, you also have to consider the quality of your content so that visitors don’t get bored.

8. Add Interesting Visuals

Posting lots of content is not the only way to increase your website traffic. 

However, you also have to get visitors interested in your content. The best way to grab a visitor’s attention is to add interesting visuals. 

For example, you can add an image to your content. You can even insert a video on your post.

9. Provide a share button

Some people are so happy with your website content that they want to share it with others. 

However, they are reluctant to do it because it is quite difficult to do. 

Therefore, you must provide a sharing function on each of your web pages so that they only need to click the share button to share the content with others via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Whatsapp, and others.

10. Give regular email newsletter

Of course, you want to invite visitors to always visit your website every day. You can find customers so that they will be loyal to visit your website. 

How to do it? The best way to make sure that your visitors always come again is to create an email newsletter. 

You may allow your visitors to leave their email addresses so they can get updates on your website products. They will be your subscribers and they will get an email newsletter regularly. 

They can instantly click the link on the email and they will be directed to your website.

11. Create a good website

Maybe, you have good contents that can attract visitors. But, do you have a good website interface? 

Responsive web design is very important so visitors will enjoy and feel comfortable when visiting your website. 

Even though you create good content, if your website is not user-friendly, it will make them annoyed. As a result, they will leave your website immediately. 

Also, you have to make sure that your website supports a mobile device interface.

12. Be consistent and patient

The keys to success in building and developing a website are consistency and patience. Remember, you cannot get instant success. It still needs effort and patience. 

You have not been able to get money from your website in a month. Therefore, you must remain consistent, post content every day, and be patient. 

In time, you will get what you dreamed of.