HostDime Reviews: The Pros and Cons

Host Dime is a company which is privately owned. It manages hosting worldwide with the first data center in Orlando, Florida. 

It has been used in Europe, North America, South America, and Asia.

The service from Host Dime varies from web hosting, managing VPS, and managing dedicates servers, and giving colocation services. 

Since it is global, Host Dime have different websites for different countries.

Host Dime claims to have more than 2 million registered domains and they are targeting for more by introducing Alex Host Dime (HD Alex) as the mascot of Host Dime. 

Alex has a nerdy cartoon look wearing glasses and a T-shirt with his own face printed on it. It shows narcissism in Alex personality.

Before choosing Host Dime, it is better to know the HostDime reviews first.  

You will be able to know the good and bad sides of the company and the service given in order to get the best choice. By knowing the Host

The Pros and Cons of Host Dime

Here are some Pros of HostDime based on the employees and some clients:

1. A good stepping stone before moving to another company

If you are just graduated from university, this will be the perfect place to gain experience and knowledge. 

You will be given a good working environment and there will be some training in new technology so you will gain more knowledge and skills.

2. Training is great

You will be trained in order to improve your skill. 

Thus, you will be able to do more tasks. It is also good when your IT skill is low so you can improve it.

3. Great place to grow

Everyone is willing to help each other. Thus, it is a good place to learn many different skills to improve more. 

You will not feel left out as many people will lend a hand for you.

4. Good place to learn new technologies

5. Great for beginner young IT career

If you have only little experience in IT, then you can gain it here. 

There will be many trainings about IT and it is time for you to get more knowledge.

6. Good place for student

You can apply for the job at Host Dime even though you are a student. You will get paid and be given to a training camp to improve your skill. 

The job is open for everyone, so it will not limit your move.

7. Low stress from workload

The employees are given low stressful workload so they can enjoy their work and improve more. 

This will allow you to improve your knowledge again and also share some experience with other employees.

8. Lenient management

The company is small with laid back management so you can feel free and not feel pressured in doing your job.

9. Good technical support

For the clients, there are several technical supports given like live chat and phone line. 

The technical supports are also available at all times. It makes it easier for them ro solve any problems at any time they want.

10. Good interaction between the company and clients

There are Host Dime Twitter account and Facebook page to do interaction between the company and the clients. 

Thus, any problems can be resolved here.

Also, some clients may also advice or consult something through the company’s social media.

11. 90 day-satisfaction guarantee

It is given to the clients to make sure that the company will give the best service to them.

12. Familiar control panel

Familiar and branded control panels are given to the clients so they can get satisfaction.

The cons of the HostDime are:

1. The pay is low

It is good for gaining experience but not really good for a long-term job because the pay rate is low. 

You cannot expect a raise even though you have been working for many years. It is good to get the money needed only. 

If you gain experience, it is better to leave for another company with better pay.

2. Not good for career

Since the pay is low, it is better to not set up a career here. It is good for gaining experience and knowledge, but many employees said that it is better to leave after gaining some knowledge and not to stay here for a long time.

3. Not good for experienced employee

The work design is good for a newly graduated students and not really good for an experienced person as the pay is low.

4. Lack of benefits

Benefits given to employees are very low so some are unmotivated to do better at work.

5. Poor advancement

6. Low compensation

7. No guarantee for the clients

The clients cannot ask for their money back if they feel unsatisfied with the service given. 

It is because the company gives no guarantee to the clients regarding the money given to the company.  

Summary of HostDime Reviews

So, to sum up, the HostDime reviews, it is good for newly graduated students to try the job here and gain experience. 

They will gain more experience and knowledge before going to another company. 

But, it is not a good plan to have a long-term career here as the pay is low.

As for the service given to clients, most of the customer needs are supported by the company. 

The problem-solving solutions are also given and they can get answers to anything they ask. 

But, there is no money-back guarantee if the client finds something wrong with the service.

But the good part is the 90 day-satisfaction guarantee. 

The clients will be given a guarantee to feel satisfied with the service given within 90 days. 

Based on that, you can choose to use the service or not.