Hostens Reviews:

Pros And Cons About Hostens You Need To Know And The Conclusions

Introduction of Hostens Hosting

Every company all over the world need data center for their business intelligence. 

Not every data centers have the same ranks of satisfaction, that we refer them to as “tiers”. Tier I data centers are often excellent in doing their job, but they cost a lot more than those of in the Tier II or III. 

Tier III is greater than Tier II, and the more number it has means cost the less. 

So, Tier III data center costs less than those in Tier I and Tier II.

One example of such economical data center alternatives is Hostens. Hostens, which is available in 9 different languages, are firstly initiated in Vilnius, Lithuania, in 2003. 

Up until now, there have been more than 100,000 users in the Europe alone, the continent of where 

it originated from. Hostens, too, has already got servers in Vilnius, Washington D.C., and Singapore.

As a company mainly operates in hosting a website, Hostens provide hosting-related products such as shared and VPS hosting, domain registering, and the SSL certification. 

Like every other webhost-related products, Hostens are available in the 30-day free trial version and paid version. 

You can pay the paid version of Hostens for 3, 6, 12, or 24-month paying plan. Check this Hostens review for more information:

Pros About Hostens You Need To Know

We will start our Hostens review with the pros. Hostens is a cheap webhost with only $1 for the most basic paid plan and the most expensive paying plan is also only $3. 

Such economical prices will make you able in enjoying a data storage for up to 40 GB, bandwith for up to 4 TB, and support for up to 40 websites. 

Not stopping there, you will also get SSL for free for all of your websites when paying Hostens’ paid version.

When you need backups for your data, you will also be in the right place when you purchase any of Hostens’ paid version. 

This is because Hostens provide daily and weekly data backups for your website.

Hostens is also complete with their 24/7 support centers that can be accessed through the knowledge base. 

If knowledge base is not enough, then, you can also access Hostens’ support through the live chat methods or emails. 

There, you will get support tickets to track whether Hostens has answered your questions or not. 

A Hostens customer even reported that Hostens’ support operator immediately answered them in their local languages.

Cons About Hostens You Need To Know

“Scam” is the middle name of Hostens. 

Many, if not almost all, of the customers in Hostens reported Hostens scam them by overcharging them than they should be paying.

For example, one customer reported Hostens sent messages stating they overlimit their CPU quota. 

Then, Hostens just cut off that customer’s websites without any apparent explanation of why was their CPU quota suddenly got overlimit. 

Not stopping there, Hostens demanded $40, which is a far greater amount than the range of $1 to $3 of the paid version plan.

Another case was the customer with their entire data being damaged. Instead of helping to resolve their concerns, Hostens demanded $10 to restore the data. 

This is also a greater amount than the first $1 to $3 you need to pay them in the beginning.

Hostens’ customer services are also horrible. 

There’s only one report that stated Hostens’ support operator immediately replied in the same language as the customer’s used language to interact with Hostens’ support operator.

But then, the rest of the reports stated Hostens’ customer services don’t really answer their questions and concerns. 

Being rude and bullying on social media are two of the proof that Hostens don’t care about their customers. 

While it’s true that Hostens’ customer support is available 24/7 through live chats and emails, and you get tickets to track your queries as well, there have been numerous times Hostens not being nice to the customers.

Deleting chat histories by their own is one of the examples of Hostens’ poor customer services. 

Another thing is that, they tend to answer their customers in an unclear manner as in robots or automated voice mails. 

Hostens’ customer support team is also lacking technical knowledge, relying only on copy-paste information from the other websites. 

Even their responses to customers’ public complaints are like robots.

While it’s true that some customers reported Hostens reply to them immediately, many has suffered from Hostens’ extremely slow responses to their questions. 

Poor attitudes such as blaming the customers for the faults they create themselves are also present in some of the customers’ reports.

Hostens’ cons don’t only stop in their terrible customer services. 

Instead, they add even more cons to their services by allegedly using bots to up their ranks. 

One way to recognize this is that bots often make auto-generated texts such as, “Great review,” “Going well,” or copy-and-pasting information from Hostens’ official websites to fake accentuate Hostens’ strengths, while Hostens is completely lacking the support customers need for their websites.

The location services are also becoming one of Hostens’ main weaknesses. 

Because Hostens are not available in every country, connecting to different countries can take a longer time. 

Thus, a customer complained publicly that their connection speeds are slow with Hostens’ plans.

Conclusion of Hostens Review

So, the conclusion of Hostens review we make is that Hostens seems to be a great choice for you who want an extremely cheap web hosting service. 

This is because Hostens cost around $1 to $3 in their payment plans. 

Unlike other web hosting services that tend to demand annual payments, Hostens let you choose your paying plan, from the short every 3-month plan to the longer 24-month plan. 

Daily and weekly data backups also become Hostens’ strong point that you want to consider when saving your crucial data on your websites.

Similar to any web hosting providers out there, Fatcow also claimed to have unlimited shared hosting plans. 

Unfortunately, it is not the case, since this particular service is actually very limited and is quite disappointing for users.  

FYI, if you use up a lot of storage space, bandwidth, or CPU time, these accounts may be suspended and will harm your website. 

However, if you’re purchasing Hostens’ paid version, you need to be extra patient with their horrible customer services. 

After all, the customer service qualities are extremely poor, and their professionalism is questionable. 

They bully by immediately send messages on alleged errors such as the CPU is overlimit all of a sudden, they tend to have slow responses, use bots to up their ranked reviews, and the connection based on the location services are weak as well.