Hostinger Reviews:

All Pros and Cons of Using Hostinger

In this recent time, people including you must use social media to share information. 

You may create a website to show your writing, promote your products or business, upload or share movies, and many others. 

Now, what is going to happen if your web suddenly becomes an error? Yep! You can contact Hostinger. 

Today, we are about to talk about Hostinger reviews include the pros and cons of Hostinger services. 

Anyway, for your information, Hostinger has been pretty famous globally because it has been used by over 29 million people. 

So here are all the Hostinger user reviews we are going to discuss below for further information!

Some Hostinger Web Hosting Pros

There are some pros of Hostinger reviews. What are they? Let’s check all Hostinger’s honest reviews out in these following points below!

1. Customer Service

Customer service must be the number-one-web hosting pros that everyone is looking for. 

Many Hostinger reviews 2020 explain that Hostinger provides nice, fast-response customer service. 

Mostly, some web hosting will use email or ticketing system. Yet, Hostinger is different. It uses 100% live chat. 

You might be able to chat with the Hostinger support team in any language such as English, Indonesian, Singaporean, Dutch, etc. The team will give a fast response; you may wait for a few seconds. 

Well, chatting with them is kind of fun, too. You might use emoji; it is not like you are chatting with the automatic machine. 

Feel free to give them more than one question. They will respond to all your questions though.

2. Perform Speed to Your Web Page

What will you feel when your browsing page suddenly becomes very low due to the audiences or visitor traffic? 

Well, you could fix this problem by paying for a Hostinger service. 

Hostinger speed will differ from each other; it will depend on the country or markets (Asian, European, Singaporean, etc.). 

Thus, the blazing-fast average of Hostinger is 143 ms. Using Hostinger might make your website speed becomes fast even it has many visitors.

3. Free Guarantee

You might not trust Hostinger since you are a beginner or you have no information about this famous web hosting service yet. 

However, from Hostinger reviews, you must have read that it offers you a free guarantee of up to 30 days if you are not satisfied with the service. 

You could get all your money back without filling up some requirements or rules from Hostinger.

4. Uptime Server Guarantee

You might find that your website has some extended downtimes. Well, this is not good because it might lower your web’s rank in Google machine which is bad for your sales business or other purposes. 

Thus, you could uptime your web server with the guarantee. Though it is not a free full guarantee (there will be a 5% credit payment of your monthly service hosting fee), it is still useful. 

You might check the latest information about the uptime server at

Well, you could also private message the customer service to get more certain, detailed info about it.

5. Affordable/ Within Budget

Do not worry about using much money to use Hostinger’s service performance. 

Reading some Hostinger domain reviews, Hostinger surprisingly prices affordable. 

It comes with different pricing options but usually, it will be USD 0.99 to USD 2.89 per month. 

This will depend on the web hosting plan you are going to purchase. Single, premium or business web hosting plans will have different prices. 

There will be a lot of promotional pricing, too. Feel free to choose any Hostinger plan option.

6. Shared Web Hosting

Generally, most web hosting services will offer shared web hosting features. Well, from Hostinger reviews, Hostinger is not an exception. 

It also features shared web hosting where you can share your server with the other websites you have. 

Without using Hostinger, you may share your web server but it might cause your website to become slower or even unavailable as a bad result. 

Yet, using Hostinger, you could still keep the web speed. 

There are three kinds of Hostinger’s shared web hosting. They are Single, Premium, and Business. 

Each must have different details including prices, benefits, and disadvantages. You could choose the one which suits your needs.

7. Varied Features

By using Hostinger services, you could get unlimited, varied features such as unlimited websites, email, Bandwidth, SSD storage, CronJobs, and even SSL. 

You could also experience LSCWP (WordPress Acceleration), Github Integration, LiteSpeed Cache, Cloudflare Protected Nameservers, and 2X allocated resources. 

Enjoy all these features by choosing Hostinger’s premium plan.

8. Security Option

If you are looking for protection for your website, Hostinger provides some tools for such a purpose. 

There is SSL (Secure Socket Layer) that might function well to secure the connection of both your website and the visitor’s PC. 

There is also Cloudflare protection which is best to protect your page against threats such as DDoS attacks.

9. Free Tutorial Information

For you who just start in the hosting world must have limited knowledge about hosting. 

Luckily, Hostinger provides a tutorial, information about web hosting, cPanel, domain, and other knowledge from basic to advanced level. 

Read hundreds of tutorials to get better at web hosting there.

10. Website Building Option

With Hostinger, you could build an attractive site with slideshows, social media links, contact details, and other general web elements. 

Building an attractive web is needed to attract visitors, right? Anyway, feel free to automatically install WordPress or CMS platforms. 

It is okay to upload certain files to the server to create a site page.

Cons of Hostinger Web Hosting You Shall Know

From Hostinger reviews, there are some benefits or pros of Hostinger service. 

However, there are also some cons to it. Let’s talk about all cons Hostinger reviews free for further details below!

1. Live Chat Service Support

Live chat support must be the best thing from Hostinger reviews. Even so, you need to log in first using your Hostinger account. 

In other words, you must sign up for a Hostinger account using your email in advance to be able to chat with the Hostinger support team. 

Therefore, you shall be a part of Hostinger members first. Anyway, for your additional information, Hostinger also lacks phone support.

2. Cheap Services but,

Using Hostinger might indeed be worth to try because it is pretty inexpensive. 

However, this case happens if you take the definite packet or certain Hostinger plan which will last for years. Well, it might be up for 4 years. 

This means you will buy its service for 4 years to get cheap prices from Hostinger. 

Yes, this is one of Hostinger methods to promote and sell its services.

3. Server Location

Reading the Hostinger reviews, you must have already known it has some offices all around the world including Manchester, Amsterdam, Sao Paulo, Singapore, Vilnius, Asheville, Indonesia, etc. 

Yet, if you are about to use Hostinger Indonesian server, you will be a little disappointed. 

Hostinger indeed has an office building located in Indonesia. Yet, its server is still located in the UK, the US, Singapore, Amsterdam, and Brazil. 

Moreover, you cannot choose the server location; the Hostinger itself will automatically pick up the location for you.

4. Limited Features on Single Shared Hosting

If you are about to create a personal web page, you could pick up single shared hosting. 

However, this kind of hosting plan has some disadvantages. This plan might give you limited features such as one email, limited Bandwidth which is only up to 100 GB, no SSL security certificate, and 1 allocated resource. 

Plus, your web will not get an automatic backup. Well, if you want a backup, you need to pay more.

5. Paid cPanel

Information from Google, Hostinger create a control panel that might be different from the standard control panel. For a beginner like you, you must be confused. 

This will be very different from the pro-user who has had many experiences with web hosting. By the way, for your information, you could get cPanel by buying it from Hostinger. 

Well, the price will depend on what kind of cPanel you are willing to purchase (Silver or Gold).

6. Lacks of some Advanced Features

Hostinger does great work but lacks some advanced, important features such as mailing lists, routines, and filters. 

Well, these must be very necessary for web hosting, right? Moreover, the Softaculous auto installation makes it even worse.

The Conclusion of Hostinger Reviews

Well, even though there are many pros and cons of Hostinger reviews, Hostinger is still worth to try. 

It is pretty affordable for anyone including you. 

Plus, it offers you some kinds of guarantee with no requirements. Once again, feel free to choose a single, a business, or a premium hosting plan. 

Thus, make sure to select the one that meets your needs and preferences.

In the end, reading a Hostinger hosting review is kind of necessary for you to get certain information about Hostinger web hosting services. 

Finally, keep staying on our website to get the info about other valued web hosting services.