Hostmonster Review, Most Recommended Hosting for All Users

Web hosting refers to a set of information storage services on a website so that it can finally be displayed when you access it.  

Hosting is widely used for various purposes, mainly storage and website applications, File Transfer Protocol or FTP, facilitating data centers, and many more.  

In other words, hosting is a place that is used to accommodate or store all data needed to manage and build a blog or website.

Choosing a hosting for a website needs to be done with consideration and protection.  If you choose the wrong hosting, your website will be chaotic.  For instance, when a website frequently goes down, it will ultimately affect its performance and will not appear in search engines. 

Therefore, it is essential to get your own web hosting from hosting providers.  

Hostmonster is a good one to choose from.  Before proceeding to choose your hosting, it’s a good idea to see a complete Hostmonster review below, especially in regards to what are the pros and cons

All About Hostmonster

For those who want to use hosting from this hosting provider, firstly you need to identify the various advantages they offer. 

The objective is that you can adapt it to the needs of each website. The advantages offered at HostMantis are as follows:

Hence, Hostmonster also takes pride in their data center and relies on a Quad Opteron Server, which is monitored continuously 24/7 with a backup generator as well as UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply).

Based in Provo, Utah, United States, the company just like BlueHost and Fast Domain, HostMonster is also owned by the International Group (EIG).  

Thus, the shared hosting packages that the hosting company offers are very simple, consisting of a single package designed to meet the needs of all customers.

Hostmonster Review : The Pros

This time, the Hostmonster review will take a closer look at this US-based hosting provider, in terms of its various advantages offered at this popular hosting provider.  

The advantages make this hosting provider one of the most recommended hosting for all users.  

So, what are the advantages?  You can check the list down below:

● Unlimited Packages

The unlimited packages are now widely used and needed by website users globally to enjoy unlimited resources. 

At Hostmonster, you can enjoy various unlimited packages with a myriad of features that are not provided by other web hosting providers.  

Hostmonster’s unlimited packages include storage, domain, email and bandwidth.

● Affordable Packages

At Hostmonster, there are a variety of hosting resources that can be tailored to your needs at a low price. Even though the price is cheap, the quality is not cheap either.

● Free Domain

An important feature in web hosting is the domain so that your product or website has its own name. 

Most hosting domain prices are quite expensive, but at Hostmonster, you will get a free domain service for your blog or website.  

However, this free domain is not provided on all Hostmonster packages.  

Make sure to seek the one that suits your hosting needs.

● 30 Days Warranty

In case you are not satisfied with the hosting package at Hostmonster, you may request a refund. 

It would be more than enough time for website monitoring when there are a 30 days money-back guarantee.

● Cancellation Policy

If you want to make a cancellation, you can do it via phone, email, or online chat. 

If the cancellation is made within 3 days of opening your account, you are entitled to a full refund.  

FYI, refunds do not apply to additional packages such as domain name, domain policy, backup, SEO, or SiteLock.

● Good Technical Support Service

Hostmonster has an online Help Center and also Support Service 24 hours non stop. 

So, if you have technical problems in the middle of the night, you can get a 24-hour support service via email, phone, and also live chat free of charge for all users. 

● Stable Uptime

Website uptime is the opposite of downtime. 

Therefore, the better or more stable uptime the hosting provider has, it is certain that your website will not experience downtime.  

Thus, from this hosting provider, you won’t need to worry if the server goes down, which often interferes with the website performance.

● Straightforward Registration

The registration process at Hostmonster is actually very easy and straightforward. 

For instance, the SiteSecure payment feature makes the payment process much easier to do. 

● Control Panel

Hostmonster provides a control panel for users that can be accessed through their homepage. 

cPanel itself is one of the most widely used control tools in today’s hosting providers.  

Here, users are required to log in via cPanel to perform various activities.

● Complete Documentation and Guidance

At Hostmonster there are also documentation and guidelines that hosting users can take advantage of. 

Documentation can be interpreted as tips or guidelines that lead to hosting at Hostmonster.  

So, if you find it technically difficult, you can take advantage of this documentation.

Hostmonster Review : The Cons

Consequently, the Hostmonster review will address the drawbacks that can be found at Hostmonster.  

However, these drawbacks will not affect your convenience when using this particular web hosting.  

So, what are the drawbacks of Hostmonster? 

● Complicated Dashboard Display

For beginners, of course, easy web hosting use is most important to pay attention to. 

Unfortunately, the dashboard display at Hostmonster is quite complicated.  

So, you might find it difficult when setting up your web hosting here.

● Free Hosting Migration, but Complex

Hosting migration is one of the most important services for users who want to move to another hosting service.  

At Hostmonster, it provides hosting migration for free, or no other additional fees to get this service.  

However, it’s a bit complex, so take it easy, take advantage of the guidelines and call up for support service to help you get through your technical difficulties.

Hostmonster Review Final Thoughts

At Hostmonster, the integrated services that are offered at competitive prices will interest those of you who are choosing a web hosting provider.  

Besides its low pricing in general, you are guaranteed great US-based customer service.  

Hopefully, the information about the Hostmonster review above will help you prepare your web hosting needs before subscribing.