Hostwinds Hosting Review:

A Solution For Your Website Development

Since people discovered the existence of website, it can be said to be one of the tools that really helps the continuity of business activities, especially online selling business. 

With a website, traders or service providers have more opportunities for their products or services to be known by a wider community. 

Not only that, the use of website as a means of business activity also to provide benefits for buyers. 

When your business has an official website, it will be easier for buyers to make transactions because your products will be neatly organized in the website. 

It is for this reason that many people develop their business connections by creating their own websites even though actually creating a website is not easy, especially for those of you who are in a beginner on this field.

But in days like this, where we already have very advanced technology, you are unlikely to find difficulty in looking for a solution for the continuity of your website. 

There are many hosting service providers that offer their respective hosting packages. 

One of the most recommended service providers for website users is Hostwinds. 

Hostwinds is a Seattle-based website hosting service provider. They first operated in 2010. Not only in Seattle, Hostwinds also has several branch data centers located in Washington, Texas, Dalas and Amsterdam. 

Just like other hosting service providers, Hostwinds has several excellent packages that are needed by a website to be able to develop properly.

There is a variety of hosting packages offered by Hostwinds to meet the needs of its users. 

These packages include Shared Hosting Package, Dedicated Server Package, Business Web Hosting, VPS Server Package, Reseller Hosting Package. 

In addition, the superior package in Hostwinds is the VPS Server Package provided by the company. All of these packages are designed to solve your difficulties in website problems. 

But of course, Hostwinds still has its shortcomings, just like any other hosting service provider. 

This article is about Hostwinds review, we will discuss the packages provided by Hostwinds, as well as the pros and cons. 

You can use this Hostwinds review as your reference to compare with other hosting service providers.

Shared Hosting Package

In this shared hosting package, there are three packages in it, they are Basic, Advanced and Unlimited package. 

Below is a description of what facilities are provided by this Shared Hosting Package.

Basic Package

The first hosting package provided by Hostwinds is the Basic Hosting Package. 

This package provides unlimited bandwidth, as well as the disk space, but this package only provides 1 domain. 

However, you will get a 25% discount on each purchase, so you only need to pay $ 5.24 per month from the initial price of $ 8.99.

Advanced Package

This second package has unlimited disk space and bandwidth, just like the basic package. 

But the difference is the domain provided and the price per month. 

In the advanced package there are 4 domains and you have to pay $ 6.74 per month. This price has been discounted by 25%.

Ultimate Package

The last package of the shared hosting package is the Ultimate Package. 

This package can be said to be the most advanced package of shared hosting. 

It is because this package provides you with unlimited disk space, bandwidth and domains. You only need to pay the discounted price of $ 8.24 per month.

VPS Server Package:

Linux-based and Windows-based server

This package is one of the packages that many users are interested in. Here in this package, the VPS can fully manage and control all its configurations and servers. 

There are two VPS products offered by Hostwinds, they are the Linux-based servers and Windows-based servers. 

From these 2 server options, you can also choose managed or unmanaged server options. 

And yes, these two VPS packages have their respective differences.

Managed Linux-based server

If you choose to use a Linux-based server, there are 4 options that you can customize to suit your needs. 

The first package requires you to pay $ 8.24 per month, the facilities you will get include 1 CPU Core, 30 GB SSD Disk Space, 1 GB RAM and 1 TB data transfer. 

The second package will give you 1 CPU Core, 50 GB SSD Disk Space, 2 GB RM, and 2 TB data transfer for $ 16.9 per month. 

While the third option facilitates you with 2 CPU Cores, 75 GB SSD Disk Space, 4 GB RAM, and 2 TB for data transfer for $ 29.99 per month, and the last package at $ 38.24 per month provides you with 2 CPU Cores, 6 GB RAM, 100 GB SSD Disk Space and 2 TB Data Transfer. 

The price you have to pay for all these packages is already discounted by 25%.

Unmanaged Linux-based server

This option is more recommended for those of you who are trained and proficient in operating Linux. 

In total there are 10 choices of unmanaged Linux-based server packages provided by Hostwinds. 

The option which comes with the cheapest price at $ 4.99 per month facilitates you with 1 CPU Cores, 1 GB RAM, 30 GB of storage, and 1 TB of data transfer. 

While the most expensive option, which is $ 328.99 per month, provides you with 16 CPU Cores, 96 GB RAM, 750 GB of storage, and 9 TB of data transfer.

Managed Windows-based Server

In this package, the first choice, which is the cheapest option, requires you to pay $ 12.74 per month and facilitates you 1 CPU Core, 30 GB SSD Disk Space, 1 GB RAM and 1 TB Data Transfer. 

While the last option with the highest price has the facilities of 2 CPU Cores, 6 GB RAM, 100 GB SSD Disk Space, and 2 TB data transfer at a price of $ 42.74 per month. 

Of course, this price has got a discounted price.

Unmanaged Windows-based Server

This choice is made for users who are already experts in using windows. 

Comes with 10 options, the lowest priced plan at $ 10.99 per month offers you 1 CPU Cores, 30 GB storage, 1 GB RAM, and 1 TB data transfer. 

Whereas the highest-priced package option offers you 16 CPU Cores, 750 GB storage, 96 GB RAM, and 9 TB data transfer.

Dedicated Server Package

This server is available on a Linux-based server or a windows-based server which you can customize according to your needs. 

When using a dedicated hosting package, your website will have many resources that can increase the traffic on your website. 

The price of this plan starts at $ 75 for one month. 

With this price, some of the facilities you will get are RAID configuration, storage and RAM, CPU, database management, and an uptime guarantee.

Reseller Hosting Package

If you want to start a business in the field of hosting, of course it can happen. 

But it takes a lot of work to do if you really start from scratch. However, with the Reseller Hosting Package provided by Hostwinds, you can “sell” their reseller package products back. 

There are 3 options for this package, they are Basic, Advanced, and Ultimate. 

All of these package options provide unlimited bandwidth and disk space.

Business Hosting Package

Business hosting packages are highly recommended for you out there business owners of goods or services. 

This package uses a Solid State Drive (SSD) that is able to optimize its performance. 

Basic, Advanced and Ultimate package options are also available in this package. 

What you need for a professional business website will be handled by the Hostwinds team to apply this package to your business.

Pros of Hostwinds Hosting Service

After knowing all of the packages provided by Hostwinds, then we must know what the pros of Hostwinds are.

The first good thing in this Hostwinds review is the relatively low VPS price, this is also what makes many people interested in Hostwinds’ VPS packages. 

Although the price is quite cheap, the quality of the facilities can compete with other hosting providers.

While the next advantage is the server from Hostwinds is down very rarely. In addition, there is also a LiveChat feature that can facilitate communication between the user and the Hostwinds team.

Cons of Hostwinds Hosting Service

Apart from the advantages, as a hosting service provider, of course, Hostwinds has undeniable drawbacks.

The weakness that users often complain about is that the data on their website is often ‘lost’. 

Hostwinds does provide data backup facilities for free. 

These backups consist of daily backups and weekly backups. But unfortunately, many users have complained that their website data often “lost”

But from all the pros and cons of Hostwinds that we have discussed in this article about Hostwind, we can conclude that Hostwinds is one of the hosting service providers that you should use its services to build your dream business website.

It is a very recommended hosting service provider. 

All you have to do is be smart in choosing what packages are suitable for the business you are developing because each package contains the specifications of the facilities provided.