HostWithLove Review

Not so many people know this hosting, let’s find out more in HostWithLove Review. The hosting is based in Singapore, and privately owned and established in 2012. 

It is specialized in managing web hosting solutions to support people run their websites well. 

The hosting does not hide their price and does not make a false promise.

A huge emphasis is placed by HostWithLove on their customers. The hosting is believed to put a good quality on itself for the customers. 

It can be said that the quality is quite good either on hardware or heart ware. It is considered a reliable host that you can rely on confidently.

HostWithLove by name is possibly unfamiliar for some people because it has not been popular yet and many hosting users more rely on some popular web hosting services.

They offered some LiteSpeed web hosting solutions to fulfill expectations from customers. 

The processing of webpages by up to nine times is by LiteSpeed, having compared to other regular Apache web hosting servers. PHP execution is found fifty percent faster.

MariaDB is used by them, which is a replacement for the MySQL engine. Maybe you are not familiar yet with MariaDB, but basically, MariaDB is a MySQL engine that is operated by MYSQL developers after MYSQL was sold by them to Oracle several years ago. 

MariaDB is considered more effective than MySQL, and all scripts can work fully with it that requires MySQL usage. 

Any script you run such as Joomla and WordPress can be processed quickly and served over websters with the combination of LiteSpeed and MariaDB.

HostWithLove Features

Some leading features can be found in HostWithLove which makes its packages very value-packed.

1. R1Soft CDP Backups (for thirty days)

Daily backups of your website can be performed by the, and they can transfer the backups automatically to a remote server and store them for thirty days. 

So, you can have up to thirty days various backups any time. You can restore the backups anytime by only informing their support team. 

For instance, in case you accidentally deleted some important posts and it will take much time if you rewrite everything, you can contact their support team and request them to provide a backup. 

Then, they will be able to retrieve all data previously removed as well as images.

2. Filtering of SpamExperts Outbound

Some people experience frequent issues with some popular providers, especially with their email servers. 

Often emails went to Spam folders or bounced back many times. 

HostWithLove can perform better by using an industry popular software named SpamExperts that can support to filter emails before the recipients are transmitted.

HostWithLove invested much for their infrastructure. This leads to their clients able to send emails without being stressed about bounce backs or other issues.

3. Free Certificates of SSL

HostWithLove has the provision of free certificates of SSL for their clients. 

It can be considered as the choice considering most hosting providers charge their clients for the certificate. HostWithLove has two types of the certificate of SSL for free. 

The first one is ComodoPositive, while the second one is LetsEncrypt SSL Certificate. For ComodoPositive, SSL Certificate, other providers usually charge $50 per year. 

SSL certificate is free for life, so not only the first year. 

They can provide this free SSL certificate because they have an exclusive deal with one of their datacentres because of their number of servers leased in their facilities.

HostWithLove Problems

In addition to their strengths from their features, four things should be solved. It is to get a better idea of what happened and how the HWL team can solve these issues.

First, HostWithLove is unable to upload some images to some website. A customer told that he experienced that he is unable to upload images to his installation of WordPress. 

However, the HWL technician then asked him to disable a newly installed plug-in named Smush It. 

It is found that there is some plug-in that can be against the operation of HostWithLove.

Another thing that also becomes concerned is their customer support. They don’t have a live chat feature. 

They also don’t provide phone support that should be a big deal. 

In this age of online, many people prefer to communicate by chat or phone call.

HostWithLove only has email support and a ticket system is used by them. 

However, based on the information from one of the customers, after he logged in a ticket and his answer was quickly answered within minutes. 

He was satisfied with this after compared to other companies that will take times to answer clients’ questions,

Following this, HostWithLove informed the customers that offering only email support is the best method to track issues addressed by clients. 

One of the customers argued that it is also about money. 

Live support such as phone and chat can be very expensive for the company. These expenses can be seen from the service price.

If a company offers better facilities, likely they will charge you more. If you pay $6/month for this hosting and you spend an hour support call per month, the company should pay more to their agent. 

Therefore, they will spend more much money for this support. Based on the information from one of the clients, the email support is enough as long as it is responded fast. 

Based on his experience, response by the email by HostWithLove is fast and knowledgably.

Some people have become fans of HostWithLove even though some are still unfamiliar with this hosting provider. 

It is recommended to open a presales ticket with HostWithLove to get more information and clarify if you have doubts and questions. 

If you are interested in using this service, you can try them for one month in the beginning to know them more. 

During that time, you can try to evaluate their service and quality. If you don’t like the service, you can request for refund.

HostWithLove provides a 45 days guarantee, so you can get your money back if you are not satisfied with their service. 

It is considered good if we compare with other providers that many of them only offer 30 days money-back guarantee.