InMotion Reviews:

The Pros and Cons For Your Consideration

Founded in 2001, InMotion Hosting becomes one of the trusted web hosting companies. 

It has reliable performance, especially for business and organization. Thus, doing InMotion Reviews are challenging. 

Headquartered in Los Angeles, California, it is popular among people over the world. 

The data centers are located on the West and East Coast of the United States. The services include VPS hosting, dedicated servers, personal hosting, and reseller hosting. 

Although many advantages are using this web hosting, it may have some disadvantages as well. This article will deliver you reviews of InMotion web hosting. 

Let us check the following. 

Pros of InMotion Hosting

1. Having Excellent Performance

There are various methods to measure the performance of web hosting. 

You may go deep and reach into the server specs. It allows you to examine from its website jargon too, which is unnecessary to do. 

One of the recommended metrics is through Time to First Byte or also called TTFB. 

You will know how long the server responds after accepting a request from a visitor. In this way, you will understand on how the influence of the particular website configuration. 

By using TTFB, you will know its speed. 

If you compare it with other providers having the same budget category, this web hosting has a good performance. The uptime is above the standard that is 99.95%.

You will find what you need on this web hosting. It is always a trend above average. This one is faster than any other shared hosts. 

2. Great at Customer Service and Support

For customer service and support, InMotion reviews have a positive output. 

The company claims that they are leading in this part, and it becomes one of the essential components. 

Unfortunately, the customer services for the web hosting company are mostly unreliable. 

They may bring the customers into disappointment and ineffective services. The industry will make a simple issue into a complicated fiasco.

However, InMotion hosting customer service and support will surprise you with great satisfaction. They have a qualified support team and assist you thoroughly. 

The representative will not disappoint you. 

They will assist you to step by step in finding the best solution to your problem. You do not need to worry about this thing.

The company serves you with their professional representatives. Each of them has a deeper understanding of product knowledge and general ability. So, you do not need to doubt it. 

Customer service representatives will help you in many ways. You can reach them through phone, email, chat, and a ticket system.

3. 90 Days Money Back Guarantee

As customers, you may be familiar with the money-back guarantee. Nowadays, most sellers provide these services to be one of the marketing strategies. 

By having a money-back guarantee offer, customers will receive a refund if they are not satisfied with the service. 

This kind of service is useful in increasing customers’ satisfaction feeling with their buying experience. 

Some web hosting companies also offer this service. 

However, most of them provide 30 days money-back guarantee at most. Few even only offer 14 days money-back guarantee. 

Meanwhile, InMotion hosting is generous to their loyal customer. 

This web hosting provides you with 90 days money-back guarantee. So, it becomes the advantage of using this product.

By serving this offer, the company is so confident with the service. It provides you up to 90 days of services, including VPS, business, and reseller hosting. 

4. Provide Free Site Transfer

InMotion reviews also offer you another advantage for your consideration. 

If you are a new customer, you may enjoy the free site migration service. 

It is included in any hosting plan take whether it is shared, VPS, business, or reseller hosting. 

You do not need to pay an extra cost if you want to migrate your website. 

The service allows users to move their website from one hosting service to this hosting. 

You may request this service at ease by login into the AMP dashboard. 

Moreover, the website also promises you zero downtime experience during transferring. So, enjoy this experience as a package included in the services.

Be sure you aware of few things before starting. Email account migrations solely include with cPanel migrations. 

Meanwhile, the non-cPanel migrations need email for the manual migration process.

5. Provide Free Website Backups

Apart from the above pros, this web hosting also gives you website backups without any charge. 

It is a great service offered because you will find less of same offer from other hostings. 

You can enjoy free automated backup. In particular, it may be uncommon for hosting to provide a regular backup service every four months. 

Thus, InMotion hosting serves you a fantastic offer that is free backup retrieval.

For certainty, you may compare this service with other companies. Other web hostings will charge you for an emergency backup. 

Meanwhile, you are not required to pay a fee for this service if you take this web hosting.

If you want to apply for this service, you have to learn about the terms and conditions. 

It may demand you some requirements for the free service. The automatic backup can accommodate only 10 GB at most and every four months. 

6. Accommodate Plenty of room to grow

You should know that running a website will require room for you to expand. 

You can not have web hosting that only offers you limited services. So, you should know this before you decide on any hosting plan.  

You may get various hits every day. Today, you can reach 50 hits. Of course, it will increase time by time. 

Let say, after one or two years, you may get 1,000 hits or more, and it demands you room to grow.

InMotion reviews show that this hosting can support this matter. It has a broad range of plans to grow your website. 

You can get the upgrade gradually once it performs growing.

Moreover, you can switch the service available if you think it is necessary. 

It offers you several options, such as VPS or a Dedicated Hosting plan. Select based on your preference and not too limiting for you.

Cons of InMotion Hosting

1. Higher Price Offered

One of the main weaknesses of this web hosting is its offered price. Some other hostings allow you to pay less and serves you with the same services. 

Meanwhile, InMotion offers you a more costly package than other hosting providers. 

Yet, the higher price is worth what you get. Although you pay more, you will enjoy its one-stop services. 

It serves you with almost complete service for the web hosting plan.

The benefit inclusions mentioned above make you experience this hosting with better performance. 

You can visit its website for further detailed information offered.    

The higher package plan means nothing because you will get what you need. 

However, make sure you have listed your necessities before you choose any hosting plan. 

2. No instant account activation

InMotion has a strict policy for fraud prevention. Of course, it becomes a good thing as well as the bad thing for the product. This policy will affect mainly new users.

Fraud prevention policy requires several processes to activate your account. Users will not get their new account activation after you purchase the plan.

InMotion reviews mention that the company applies some terms and conditions for fraud prevention. You need some requirements for activating your new account.

The hardest part is by doing phone verification. 

Yes, it allows you to verify via phone before you start to activate your account. The policy may be good but the activating process is not simple.

This hosting plan is intended more for US citizens as the data center is located there. So, through phone verification, it may carry issues to one who lives outside the US.

3. Have Year Long Contract

Most of the hosting offers you a monthly cost package. You can enjoy the benefit and able to evaluate the service at ease. 

If you are not satisfied, you can switch it with another hosting. 

Some pro plan users decide the monthly billing hosting plan. Although they will pay more for setup, they prefer this hosting plan type. 

Meanwhile, InMotion does not have this offer. You will end up with a 1 or 2 years contract. You should pay this year-long contract in advance. 

You will get more discount if you take 2 years contract. However, it makes you gambling with the service. 

It may worth your money, but it may the otherwise. 

That is why this hosting plan is more expensive than others. Users should pay the cost once they register it. 

Luckily, it has 90 days money-back guarantee, which may be beneficial for you. 

Conclusion Of InMotion Revies

After the above information, you can decide whether this web hosting plan is suitable for your needs or not. 

You may learn about their services from the website. If you require more information, you can browse it as well.

InMotion reviews provide you with a better understanding of the services offered. 

It is better to know what you need before you choose any hosting plan. 

Through that, it will evade you from future disappointment for the product services.