IONOS Review:

Pros And Cons About IONOS You Need To Know And The Conclusions

Introduction of IONOS Web Hosting

The webhosting services are not only for larger-scaled businesses. 

Small-and-medium enterprises and mom-and-pop shops also need the webhosting services to make their products and services look more professional and reliable in the eyes of their customers and website visitors. 

IONOS is one of the many webhosting providers specializing in handling concerns of the small-and-medium enterprises and mom-and-pop shops you can choose from.

IONOS, which previous name was 1&1 before its name change in 2018, has been on the web hosting market since 1988. 

Up until now, IONOS has already got more than 8 million customers with more than 12 million registered domains worldwide. 

IONOS offers different types of web hosting products, including the shared web hosts, VPS web host, dedicated servers, WordPress web hosts, and cloud hosting platforms.

Later on, once IONOS has become even more popular, IONOS also added other web hosting-related products and services, such as web hosting’s for resellers, e-Commerce tools for setting up online shops, security features as in the SSL certification, and more. 

The shared WebHost product becomes the most popular product of IONOS since IONOS offers one of the most practical and affordable shared web hosts in their classes.

As IONOS’s products and services are not only including the shared web host products, and so the strengths and weaknesses. 

In this article of IONOS review, we refer to those strengths and weaknesses as “pros” and “cons”. 

Continue to read this IONOS review to learn more about the pros and cons of IONOS you need to consider before purchasing their web hosting products and services.

Pros About IONOS You Need To Know

Basically, IONOS’ shared webhosting service contains three different payment plans.

The first one is supposed to be the starter pack for one website project, named the “Essential” plan. The second one, is the most popular payment plan, named the “Business” plan. 

The third one, the “Expert” plan for multiple large web projects, is supposed to be the most expensive yet most expansive plan.

The entire plans for IONOS’ shared web hosting payment plans will get you free web domain names, which you can always renew once every year. 

The Business and the Expert plan offers you unlimited access to websites, storage, and databases.

As mentioned above, IONOS is one of the most affordable web hosting service providers in their class. IONOS’s most popular product, the shared web host product, costs only $1/month for the Business plan.

In addition to the aforementioned benefits of IONOS’ Business plan, the Business plan also consists of the enhanced CPU and MEM resources. 

Here, the enhanced CPU and MEM resources are a great addition to IONOS’s claimed top strength according to their official website: Almost 100% uptime.

“Uptime” means the time a website shows and runs. In other words, it is the time when a website shows in a complete element of texts, pictures, and backgrounds. 

Therefore, the “almost 100% uptime” claim that IONOS made means almost all the time the website will show up in its complete elements.

A user has tested IONOS’s weighted average and it got 99.98%. This is not only justifying their claim on their website but also means another strength of IONOS as a web hosting service provider. 

Coupled with their more than 360 Gbit per second connectivity, IONOS is more than enough to satisfy your customers and website visitors’ impatience in waiting for the websites to load or refresh them so they will show in a complete way.

If those are not enough for you, you can maximize the resources of your IONOS CPU and MEM in the Expert plan. 

The decision to switch to this plan is extremely great when you have multiple websites for your businesses. 

Moreover, with the cheap cost of $8/month, the Expert plan also offers SiteScan malware protection to protect your websites from external and internal virus threats.

IONOS’ VPS web hosting product is also cheap. It starts with $2/month as the cheapest plan. 

The fact that not many people know or use the VPS web hosting product of IONOS makes it even easier to browse from one website to another when using IONOS’ VPS Webhosting product. 

This is an advantage that compliments IONOS’s most popular shared web hosting product. 

After all, the advantage found in IONOS’ VPS web hosting product is not found in the shared Webhosting product.

Every of IONOS’ VPS webhosting products are also complete with unlimited data transfers. 

This lets you to transfer your crucial data to your other devices or other websites without any hassles. 

Hence, you are free to view how have your website visitors increase and how have they turned into money-making leads for your websites.

IONOS’ other products than the shared and VPS web hosting also has their own strong points. 

One of the examples is their cloud hosting product. It’s not only that IONOS pioneers power-pulling into multiple servers in their cloud hosting product.

Instead, the product itself also comes with a cheap price of $0.0069/hour at their cheapest payment plan and up to $0.5/hour for the most expensive hourly payment plan. 

If you want to pay for the monthly plan, you can start to pay for the Cloud M plan from $10/month. 

All of which are inexpensive, especially when you’re a first-time website builder for your businesses.

IONOS’s competitive advantage doesn’t only stop in their inexpensive payment plans. 

Even the money-back guarantee period is longer than most of the other products in their class. 

The 30-day money-back guarantee means a longer time for you to use IONOS and examine their strengths and weaknesses carefully before requesting your money back.

Not only that, the hosting provided is also complete. You just need to adjust the hosting package you want to buy.

For hosting that is built consists of 4 packages. You just need to decide which one to buy first.

In marketing your products, it is essential to have the proper email marketing strategy. 

To this, IONOS comes with strength in providing email marketing tools as giving a summary of your traffics, managing the databases of the prospects’ email addresses, distributing information about email marketing, and many more. 

More amazingly, IONOS’ e-Commerce builder is also easy to use when you want to display your products with or without sales taxes in them, or when you want to input sales tax ID in your forms.

Cons About IONOS You Need To Know

Given its entire strong points, IONOS is not one of the most beginner-friendly web hosting service providers. 

Some customers complained they don’t get the adequate help and support they need to build and maintain their websites.

While it’s true that IONOS comes with 1:1 dedicated customer support, some customers have reported the customer service team was rude to them. 

Some of them complained the customer service team continually told them to “hang in there” without any further explanations.

The most voiced out customer complaints about IONOS’ customer support service is on the money back guarantee. 

In this case, most of them complained the IONOS’ customer support service didn’t seem to care once they’ve got the money from the customers. 

This applied especially when those complaining customers wanted to cancel their contracts with IONOS. 

They complained IONOS made them difficult in cancelling the contracts and getting their money back according to the 30-day money back IONOS has guaranteed.

Even IONOS’ customer service support is not as accessible as any other web hosting service providers. 

Many customers reported most of the time they could only access the support team only through logging in to the website. 

Else, they have to phone the support team.

The support through email seems to only be available in the most expensive payment plan. 

Then again, even when we paid the most expensive one, if they haven’t shown reliable customer support and everybody else has complained about how terrible the customer services are, we can’t seem to pay for the most expensive package plan just so we can get the email support we need.

Apart from the questionable customer support, IONOS’ “multiple” features also appear to be lacking strengths. Some customers complained they have to input their products and product descriptions one by one even when they already got access to IONOS’s ability to input multiple products and product descriptions into their websites.

To top it all, logins to IONOS’ cPanel also seems to be difficult, especially for those who are just starting up their online business websites. 

IONOS themselves don’t seem to have any more solutions to make user logins easy.

Conclusions of IONOS Review

As an experienced player in the world of the web hosting service provider industry, IONOS is a considerable one due to its cheap and affordable pricing packages. 

The shared web hosting service is one of the most popular products they offer. 

Even so, other products are as cheap as the shared web hosting ones, namely, the VPS web hosting and the cloud hosting product. 

The email marketing strategies it provides also a comprehensive one, making it one of the excellent options for your web hosting needs.

However, as a consequence to their extremely cheap pricing plans, IONOS’ customer supports become one of the most questionable in their industries, especially when customers want to get their money back or wish to cancel their contracts with IONOS. 

Some customers even still have to input the products and product descriptions one by one even in the “multiple” feature it offers. 

To top it all, the logins are also difficult.