iPage Reviews:

All Pros and Cons of Using iPage Hosting

In these recent days, many people lost their job and start creating a web. A website is a useful page for sharing certain topics, news, information, and even entertainment. Through a website, people including you might earn money.

Thus, it is important to upgrade your website. What about using iPage Hosting? 

In reviewing of iPage Hosting, are mostly positive so you may consider this web hosting service. 

Anyway, for your information, iPage Hostinger is a kind of premium web hosting that has been famous among people globally.

Of course, you must be interested in this Hosting, right? Well, then, let’s talk about the iPage reviews for further information below!

iPage Web Hosting Pros

There are some pros you will read in iPage reviews that might be the reasons for choosing this kind of web hosting. 

What are they? Let’s check them all in the following points below!

1. Price

Price has been a serious consideration for some people especially those who have a limited budget. 

Therefore, they will not pay attention to premium Hosting but what about iPage? 

iPage has been built in 1998 and has become the well-known web hosting that power millions of sites.

When you read most iPage reviews, you might be very surprised and unbelievable. Why? Because iPage Hosting prices affordable; it is within your budget. 

It will cost around $ 9.49 to $ 140 per month. If you would like to purchase certain domain names (.com), the price will start at $ 17.99. 

Again, to remember you, iPage Hostinger is a kind of premium web hosting. 

With those prices, getting a premium service might be very advantageous.

2. A+ Accredited

iPage has been accredited A+ by BBB (Better Business Bureau).

It means that this web hosting has been a professional already. Therefore, if there is a complaint, they will handle it professionally. 

You are not given some complaint forms to fill out. Instead, you will receive an insurance policy.

3. Refund

What makes iPage different from other web Hostinger is that it offer a fully refund without any charge. 

Well, some web hostings also give your money back but there will be some terms and conditions in small prints you have to understand. 

Thus, from iPage reviews, you might get your full refund without any difficulties. 

If you are not satisfied with the service means you could get your refund. 

However, you need to wait for around 30 days to get your refund.

4. Marketing Credits

For you who just started building a website for your sales business, you might make use of iPage marketing credits ($ 200). 

This hosting service will then work hard to promote your site mostly in Google and Bing. 

Well, of course, even iPage promotes your site, in the end, the content itself that might make whether or not your web is full of visitors or audiences.

5. Domain names

Based on some iPage domain reviews, you will have no difficulty in connecting several different domain names to your account. 

Plus, you will get free domain names for one year without any requirements. 

Even so, you will pay around $ 17.99 for the continual domain names services.

6. Security Suite

For security purposes, you should not be worried much. iPage Hostinger offers you a fully secure suite. 

There would be a free SSL and PHP 7.3 that might protect your web from scams or malware. 

Your database will also be safe from hackers. There will be daily scans exist. 

The constant network monitoring and SiteLock are also obviously effective as security programs.

7. Customer Service

Reading the information from iPage reviews, you must know that iPage provides great customer support. 

Feel free to contact iPage using email tickets, by phone, or even by live chat. 

The customer support team will respond to all your questions within minutes since it is available for 24-hours services.

8. Varied Features

iPage web hosting offers the clients or customers various features such as unlimited email addresses, domains, bandwidth, MySQL databases, etc. 

Anyway, iPage is a kind of PHP 7 support so that you can use some programming languages including Perl and Python. 

There are many other useful features available for you in iPage web hosting, too. 

Let you also experience shared hosting that you can share your server with other websites you run. That should be fun, right?

9. Good Performance

When you are going to test the performance of your website with iPage hosting, you do not need to worry. 

It is said from the iPage reviews that it works pretty fast to load your website. 

Therefore, whether your site has some visitors or readers at one time, your web page will not load slower. 

Its host average time is around 200 to 300 ms. Well, it is not pretty fast but it is still welcome since its speed is stable.

10. Free Cloud Storage

To all iPage customers or clients, EIG (the owner of iPage and other companies) offers free cloud storage (1 GB) with the 1-click installer. 

Usually, a 1-click installer works effectively for a website like WordPress.

11. iPage Hosting Plan

iPage is kind of unique hosting service since it uses a simple plan structure. It offers only one hosting plan option. 

Therefore, you might not be confused about choosing different features and hosting plans from iPage Hostinger.

12. Modern Panel

iPage dashboard looks very modern and nice. It might be pleasing to your eyes and catch your interest. Well, the modern panel looks pretty fairly intuitive.

Cons of iPage Web Hosting

From iPage reviews, you will not only find its pros but also its cons. Now, in this chance, let’s discuss all cons iPage review free for further details below!

1. Price

Reading the iPage reviews, you might be informed that it is inexpensive. 

Well, that is true. Yet, it is only available the first time you use and pay for iPage hosting service. 

iPage will do renewal in the next term which costs pretty much expensive (3 times from the first term). 

For a student or a person who creates a website for a long-term goal, using iPage might not be recommended.

2. Poor Backup

Unfortunately, you might be a little bit disappointed to find iPage has poor backup. 

This must be bad news for you who runs some websites at one time. You will be busy enough to handle all website and to backup them together. 

Well, there is one solution though, you need to pay for the backup add-on to be able to get a backup feature.

3. Server Location

You might wish that iPage has already been available in different server locations. 

Yet, based on the iPage review, iPage has only the datacenter in the US (Waltham and Bostom) only. 

Of course, this is disappointing since certain clients outside the US cannot use iPage web Hosting.

4. cPanel

cPanel is very important and necessary. You use cPanel to run and administrate a website. 

Then, what if the cPanel you usually use is different? Yes, it will bring you to problems. iPage indeed offers a similar cPanel. 

Yet, it is still far from regular cPanel. It might look modern but confusing to use. 

You need to train and get used to using it in advance. That is why it is not recommended for a beginner, a student, or a newbie who just starts with website maintaining.

5. Email Accounts

Based on the information from iPage review that you can Google it, iPage offers unlimited email accounts. 

Thus, the minus side is that each of your email accounts ironically cannot hold more than 10.00 emails (it cannot be more than 500 MB).

6. Customer Support Team

iPage sure has 24-hours available customer service for you to answer and reply to your questions. 

Yet, you might find the iPage customer support team does not give you helpful and satisfying answers to your definite questions.

7. Other CMS besides WordPress

There is one-installer for WordPress to install applications automatically but what about other CMS? 

You have to install all applications manually by yourself and it takes energy and time! What a pain!

8. Aggressive Upsells

iPages sometimes pack the backend and purchase process with upgrade suggestions and add-ons. 

This must be tiring to the eyes seeing so many ads, right?

Conclusion of iPage Reviews

Well, even though there are many pros and cons of iPage review, iPage is still worth paying for you who hold a short project. 

It is pretty inexpensive for you. 

Plus, it matches well for you who do not have much money and need to have affordable first-term Hosting. 

Moreover, it has only one hosting plan so that it might not confuse you.

In the end, reading the iPage hosting reviews should be necessary for you to get information on whether or not iPage hosting matches your preferences and needs. 

Knowing the reviews also becomes beneficial to know the plus and minus sides of iPage hosting. 

Keep staying on our web to get updated info about other Hosting Provider like iPage.