Kadence Theme Review, Pros and Cons

One of the WordPress themes that are currently gaining attention is Kadence. 

This WordPress theme is predicted to be a good quality theme, which has the same features and advantages as premium themes. 

Kadence is one of the themes that are quite often recommended, amidst the many similar themes that you can choose from.

Choosing a WordPress theme is quite a difficult process. 

The theme is the component that customers will see first when they visit your website. 

An attractive theme will give a good and professional impression, especially for commercial websites. 

Conversely, a less attractive theme will discourage customers from staying on your website for long.

Especially if you focus on building an online business, then you can’t just choose a WordPress theme on your website. 

There are many choices of WordPress themes that you can customize with a commercial website. 

As a WordPress website owner, you need to make sure your theme is SEO friendly. 

This not only helps your website rank high in search engines, but also allows you to get more traffic

Now, along with the proliferation of online businesses, developers are competing to create SEO friendly themes that can help commercial websites get lots of visitors. 

One of them is the Kadence WordPress theme developed by Kadence WP, which offers a number of features that are claimed to increase the potential of your website.

Kadence was regarded as the new kid on the block since it was newly released in 2020. 

Even so, Kadence WP as the developer of this WordPress theme has been in this business since 2013. 

Kadence itself provides two choices of WordPress themes that you can choose according to your taste. 

Some are premium, but you can also download them for free.

According to its users, Kadence WordPress Theme, both paid and free, are very worthy for you to try. 

It’s no wonder that many commercial website owners, both for business and online stores use this WordPress theme. 

Then is it true that Kadence deserves to be chosen, among the many other themes that you can use for your website? 

If you want to know about Kadence’s strengths and weaknesses, then take a look at the following article.

Kadence Pros

Kadence is one of the WordPress themes that can be downloaded for free. 

Even so, there is also a premium version which has more advantages than the free version. 

But the free version is also equipped with various features that are very useful for your blog. 

As for some of the advantages possessed by Kadence is as follows:

1. Kadence claims that they are a theme that is lightweight and easy to use.

Even though they tend to be light, Kadence ensures that they have complete features that will make the blog look more attractive but still SEO friendly. 

They were assured by installing Kadence, will make the website loading faster and more comfortable to visit. 

Please note that visitors really prefer simple, responsive, light or fast loading websites. 

If your blog is performing slowly, it will be left behind by visitors and bounce rate is rising.

2. For the free version, Kadence provides a number of features that are quite useful for novice bloggers.

This is because the Kadence WordPress theme comes with six different starter templates that can be used to build websites. 

Do you want to create an ecommerce site? There is a template that can be used. 

Or do you want to create an educational site? Kadence also provides the template you want. 

No need to worry even though it’s free, the template provided by Kadence looks stylish, modern, neat and of course fast loading. 

Another advantage, you can modify the template for your page according to your taste.

3. Kadence also makes it easy for you to do editing from the front page of the dashboard.

The Kadence customization feature can be easily accessed from your blog dashboard, besides providing a real time view so you don’t have to go back and forth on the dashboard to do editing. 

The customization feature makes it easy for users to customize headers, footers, page layouts, widgets, search results and many others.

4. For beginners, the presence of Kadence Block will really help in designing your own website.

Kadence Blocks is a famous block plugin that provides more than just the usual content blocks to easily create content. 

Unlike other plugins, Kadence block doesn’t provide too many blocks. However, the presence of 12 blocks of WordPress theme provides an option that is very much to be tailored to the needs of your website. 

One of these is, of course, the Row layout block, which gives the editor access to select one of the fifteen row block views. 

Then there is the Advanced Gallery block, which makes it easy for you to choose how your photo gallery looks in the form of a slider, masonry, carousel, grid and more.

Kadence cons

Behind all the conveniences offered, Kadence also has drawbacks that users often complain about. 

What are some of them?

  1. For beginners the existence of six starter templates will be very helpful. However, when you want to develop your website even further, these six starter templates are still considered insufficient. That’s why some professional bloggers have urged Kadence to add more starter templates to this WordPress theme.
  2. One thing that users have also complained about is that Kadence only supports page builder plug-in, which are very limited or very few
  3. Kadence also doesn’t have a White Label option which can be used to hide menus from the sidebar or top toolbar. You can use this option to create a login page or dashboard looks cleaner and more loosely. Even so, Kadence promised to add this option as soon as possible

Conclusion of Kadence Theme Review

For novice bloggers, Kadence is one WordPress theme that is very likely to rely on. 

Can be downloaded for free, it is a plus for a WordPress theme that has many useful features.

Kadence is also easy to use and fast loading too. 

Even so, to improve blog performance, it’s a good idea to immediately upgrade to the premium version at a price of 69 $ per year or pay $ 169 per year to get a full membership.