Kinsta Reviews:

Advantages, Downsides & Conclusion

A web hosting service is essential if you run an online business to improve its speed as well as increasing website visitors. 

There are so many WordPress-based hosting out there with different features. 

One of the most premium WordPress-based hosts is Kinsta.

Kinsta was firstly founded in 2013 and was hoped to become the best WordPress-based hosting in the universe. 

As a result, Kinsta built a squad consisting of qualified WordPress developers who were focused on stability, security, and speed when it comes to web hosting.

When it comes to security and high-performance speed, Kinsta is the right answer. 

This Kinsta reviews will let you know about this revolutionary WordPress-based hosting solution.

Kinsta Hosting Package

Kinsta offers completely managed WordPress hosting for those who have a WordPress website. 

Plans range from $30 to $900 per month, depending on features and size as the monthly prices typically increase. 

There are three hosting plans available:

- Starter

The Starter plan includes a staging area, a WordPress installer, 25k monthly visits, 50 gigabytes of CDN, 3 gigabytes of SSD storage, a caching plugin, free certificate of SSL, 24/7 supports, day-to-day backups, and more. 

The plan costs you $30 per month. This plan is suitable for a small WordPress hosted blog or business website.

- Pro

The Pro plan includes two WordPress installers, a free site migration, a staging area, a caching plugin, 100 gigabytes of CDN, 6 gigabytes of SSD storage, 50k monthly visita, and a free certificate of SSL, site cloning, and more. 

It costs you around $60 per month. The plan is suitable for small to medium business blog or website. 

It is not recommended for an online store.

- Business 1

This plan costs you around $100 per month with features included such as three WordPress installers, 10 gigabytes of SSD storage, a free site migration, a staging area, multisite supports, site cloning, 100k monthly visitors, and more.

Kinsta’s other plans include business 2 that costs you $200 per month, business 3 that costs you $300 per month, while business 4, Enterprise 1, and Enterprise 3 will cost you $400, $600, and $900 per month.

No matter which plans you choose, Kinsta allows you to choose one of 24 data centers within Google Cloud Platform as well as receiving supports from experts, security measures, daily monitoring, and speed features to deliver the content of your site straight away.

Pros Review of Kinsta Hosting

Is Kinsta the best hosting provider in the world? Let’s take a look at these Kinsta pros below:

- Powered by GCP (Google Cloud Platform)

A surprising fact about Kinsta is that it’s powered by GCP (Google Cloud Platform) and has moved to C2 (compute-optimized) VM. 

Kinsta uses some virtual machines in one of the data centers in GCP. 

By using GCP the data center is considered more secure with the largest network in the world.

- Speed site

The slow loading site is so annoying. The time of page load can actually impact its conversion rates up to twenty percent. 

Making sure the level of speed is Kinsta’s main goal with more than 24 data centers worldwide – South America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, and the USA.

The uses of Amazon Route 53 can effectively reduce geolocation routing and latency to help online speed, performance, and stability at all times. 

Their partnership with KeyCDN also helps deliver static content such as CSS, JavaScript, and images instantly.

- Impressive site security

To protect site data Kinsta host, GCP implements several tools and policies such as:

  • Live monitoring each minute
  • The DDoS attack is easily detected
  • Daily backups
  • Proactive anticipation of malicious code
  • Protecting your account login with two-factor authentication
  • If you failed login about 6 times, IP banning is available
  • Integrated hardware firewalls
  • Hack-free warranty
  • One-click installation of Let’s Encrypt certificates

If something happens to your site, and you want to restore it, you can access the restore option in your Kinsta dashboard.

- User-friendly dashboard

When it comes to managing our website, it’s a little bit annoying when hosting providers stray from the usual Plesk dashboard or cPanel. 

The dashboard Kinsta has is user-friendly and intuitive enough to use. It also has everything you need when it comes to managing your site. 

The dashboard is also fully responsive, therefore, you can access it from your gadget.

- Superior support

Kinsta offers superior support to their users. It means that the support team is professional WordPress developers who know what they are doing. 

They will fix everything when they find out something is wrong. To make your issue resolved, you can make use of a support ticket also.

- Developer-friendly

Besides being user-friendly, Kinsta is also developer-friendly for all WordPress developer users. Kinsta offers several advanced features for the hosting plans. 

Developers can also easily access some premium add-ons like Redis, Cloudflare Railgun, and ElasticSearch.

- WordPress-optimized

As mentioned earlier, Kinsta comes to optimize a WordPress site further than what other WordPress hosts do. 

They aim to make your site render appropriately, having a seamless experience, and load so fast.

- Free-site migration

Kinsta offers an unlimited free migration to all of its users. 

The best thing about is that it doesn’t matter how many sites you have since the expert team will help you to migrate your site and otherwise.

- Free demo

The demo is totally free for those who are getting interested in giving a try to control panel and custom users.

Kinsta Cons

Kinsta may be a great WordPress host, but there are always downsides that can change your mind.

- Restrictions on WordPress plugin

Since Kinsta gives its customers exceptional hosting services, they restrict the usage of some plugins as they will encounter with their services. 

You can’t use some popular plugins such as:

  • Login wall and Wordfence
  • Cache Enabler and WP Fastest Cache
  • Non-incremental backup plugins such as Updraft, BackWPup, Backup Buddy, and more.
  • Some performance plugins such as P3 Profile, WP-Optimize, etc.
  • Unless you are using the cloud version of EWWW Image Optimizer, you can’t use the typical version
  • Some assorted plugins

Even though is not a big deal, some people sometimes prefer to add controls over things such as image optimization, site security, and backups.

- Email hosting unavailability

It is always suitable to make your hosting provider hosting your email account. 

This way you are free to create emails using your domain as well as receive/send emails from the hosting account you use. 

Unfortunately, Kinsta doesn’t offer this feature either.

- Do not register a domain name

Unlike other WordPress hosts, Kinsta doesn’t register any domain name. 

It means that you have to register your own domain name through a third party and then point it to them which is tricky if you are new to creating a website. 

You can’t also benefit from free domain name registration like other hosts provide for their users for the first year.

- Pricier

Kinsta is not the cheapest hosting provider. You will get what you have paid, but it is not for everybody.

- Lots of limitation

There are lots of limitations you will experience when using Kinsta like monthly visits or CDN and limited storage. If you go-over, you will be charged more.

Conclusion of Kinsta Reviews

Kinsta is an outstanding WordPress hosting solution with so many great features to run a secure and fast loading WordPress website. 

It has more than ten years of experience working with WordPress to provide webmail hosting solutions. 

The use of GCP makes it an incredible option to consider.

With a user-friendly dashboard and developer-friendly tools, as a WordPress website owner, you can gain more by using Kinsta. 

The dashboard is exactly a pleasant experience to work with – the intuitive and comprehensive interface.

In fact, Kinsta is considered as one of the best WordPress hosting providers in the world with their excellent hosting solutions. 

The use of GCP (Google Cloud Platform) is unbelievable since it transforms the way hosting has been. 

Due to its GCP infrastructure, Kinsta offers a high-performing and security-provided WordPress hosting host.

They offer many cool features like fast performance, website cloning, website staging, and daily backups. Besides, the control panel is user-friendly with a useful file manager. 

However, this hosting type is a little bit advanced for a novice website owner.

The starting price is still higher when compared to other hosting providers. 

With $30 per month as the lowest price, the price is still high particularly if you are on a tight budget. 

You may not want to spend your budget on this hosting provider no matter how cool it seems.

Hence, if you require a managed WordPress hosting provider and want to upgrade, check out what Kinsta offers and things you like. 

It is certainly a good option if you plan to start a new WordPress website or even changing your existing host.