Liquid Web Review:

Pros And Cons About Liquid Web You Need To Know And The Conclusions

Introduction of Liquid Web Hosting

The need for business owners to build their websites are continually emerging that there are tons of big names in the web hosting service provider markets. 

At the same time, building a unique, one-of-a-kind website is not the only thing that concerns almost all business owners.

Instead, decent and dedicated customer service support from the Webhosting service providers that are available 24/7 also becomes an integral need so business owners can build, maintain, and sustain their websites. 

This is because not every business owners have the skills of programming languages, such as HTML, CSS, and many more, even though almost all of them know what they want in their website designs.

To this end, there have been several solutions that web hosting service providers provide. 

Liquid Web is one of the Webhosting service providers that provide different web hosting services, such as the managed WordPress and WooCommerce, VPS hosting, cloud dedicated hosting, and dedicated servers.

The managed WordPress and WooCommerce becomes the best product that Liquid Web provides. 

Furthermore, Liquid Web also claims to have one of the most helpful customer service teams in their industry.

Yet, how about the strengths and weaknesses – in other words, their “pros and cons”? 

In this article about Liquid Web reviews, we’re going to review the strong points (called “pros”) and the weak points (called “cons”) of the Liquid Web. 

After that, the Conclusion part should help you in deciding whether using Liquid Web products is a solution for your business or not.

Pros About Liquid Web You Need To Know

The managed WordPress and WooCommerce product Liquid Web has doesn’t become the best-seller on its own.

First and foremost, while there are some webhosting service providers offering free website migration and to leave the website management aspects to them, there are not many offering to migrate and manage the WooCommerce aside from WordPress. 

Here, Liquid Web has an advantage in being capable in maintaining both the WordPress and the WooCommerce aspects.

The managed WordPress product alone lets you use unlimited email addresses in each of the available packages. 

Not stopping there, it can backup your data automatically per day for 30 days each time you purchase any of the WordPress plans. 

Coupled with the included SSL certification, such plus points enable you to safely backup your businesses’ important data in multiple email accounts’ cloud storage, for example.

All packages from the managed WordPress product also comes with iThemes Security Pro and iThemes Sync. 

Basically, those two are parts of the bigger iThemes, a WordPress-based security plugin that, if placed in your WordPress themes and templates, will help in protecting your websites from internal and external security threats.

The managed WooCommerce, on the other hand, has thousands of themes that you can choose from. 

This advantage is especially perfect when you know how you’d want your website templates to be, yet simply don’t have time in managing the website or don’t have the knowledge of programming languages.

The managed WooCommerce also supports many other features, such as the feature to compress and optimize the sizes of the images or pictures. 

Such features, when coupled with the need for business websites to load faster, are contributing to the amount of needed support of the websites’ loading times.

Apart from having the managed WordPress and WooCommerce product as their best-seller web hosting product, Liquid Web also prides itself for the consistent speed it has. 

A customer has tested Liquid Web’s speeds from the eastern part of the U.S. and got that many of Liquid Web’s speed barometers are on par with other web hosting service providers.

The most evident part of Liquid Web’s great speed is the loading time. The current barometer for one website should be less than 2 seconds. 

Yet, Liquid Web exceeds the current expectation since the loading time for one website normally takes 0 points seconds. 

Their server response time is also lightning-fast with a speed of around 0.5 seconds.

Based on the speed testing by several customers, the speedy speed it has tends to be consistent for one minute to another. 

This makes Liquid Web capable of shortening the website visitors’ time to wait for the entire website to fully load.

5TB bandwidth that comes in every package of Liquid Web’s cloud dedicated hosting products is also an interesting strong point. 

First of all, this amount of bandwidth is large in their class, if not one of the largest, to store your important business databases.

Liquid Web doesn’t only have one of the largest bandwidth sizes in their cloud dedicated hosting products. Instead, it also comes with advanced security features. 

The advanced security features it possesses including the strong and sturdy DDOS, CloudFlare integration for your websites’ infrastructure, and many more.

The DDOS protection is not only available in Liquid Web’s cloud dedicated hosting products. 

When you see some of the available website screenshots, it is also available in the dedicated server products. 

What’s more, is that this line of the product also offers 100% power and network uptime guarantee and real-time monitoring of your websites.

When you have doubts, questions, concerns, and many other more of any of your Liquid Web’s products, you can always reach out to their 24/7/365 customer service. 

Here, the 59-second response guarantee becomes Liquid Web’s another advantage, as almost all website owners and visitors need fast yet correct responses to their product queries.

If the 59-second response guarantee from the customer service support is not enough to cover your questions, you can always refer back to their knowledge base. 

A customer has proved their knowledge base is one of the most comprehensive in their class, with the available expert-written resources on website marketing and security among so many topics they cover there

Cons About Liquid Web You Need To Know

While Liquid Web has web hosting products that tend to be on the fast-loading sides, it also tends to have lower uptime rates compared to the normal 99.95% uptime. 

A customer has tested Liquid Web-based websites’ uptime rates and got 99.94%, which is slightly below the normal.

The page size, when tested in the eastern U.S. server, was 732.17 KB, which showed an increase by 38 B. 

This, coupled with the low uptime Liquid Web has, means you may want to reconsider your choices in choosing Liquid Web, especially when your websites have lots of graphic and animated GIF elements that can make websites loading faster, but not every one of the elements is shown.

Liquid Web’s weaknesses in terms of their abilities to integrate, combine and more with graphics and animated GIFs don’t stop in their low uptime and slightly-larger-than-normal page sizes. 

Even their user interfaces are not that user-friendly.

Even though Liquid Web accommodates users without advanced knowledge of programming codes, the fact that it is not entirely user-friendly makes it some users hard to locate when they have to drag-and-drop and manage their webpage elements, so the final website products will appear as they should be.

The dedicated server products, although have strong DDOS and other advanced security options, are also flawed in a way that the available servers are limited. 

As far as we know, the dedicated servers are only available in some of the U.S. areas and the Netherlands. 

While this is an advantage to those living in some parts of the U.S. or Europe, this can be a nuisance for people who live or are currently in other parts of the world’s continents but want to access your websites.

Another cons Liquid Web has is their overall costly products. For example, the cheapest plan, which is the monthly Spark plan for the managed WordPress and WooCommerce product, costs $19/month. 

While this may appear cheap, if you buy this package, you’ll only get 15 GB storage and 2 TB Bandwith for one website, all of which are small amounts compared to other similar products by other web hosting service providers.

Liquid Web’s expensive packages for the managed WordPress and WooCommerce can even elevate at $999/month. That’s for the Enterprise package. 

With a quota of only up to 250 websites per package, the Enterprise package becomes one of the most expensive packages in their classes.

Conclusions of Liquid Web Reviews

Liquid Web is one of the most reliable webhosting service providers, given the fact that they don’t only have the option to manage WordPress-based websites. 

They also can take care of your WooCommerce systems as well as having their top-notch cloud hosting products. 

Their customer service support is not only available 24/7/365, but they also give 59-second response guarantee that becomes Liquid Web’s competitive advantage.

Liquid Web is also a safety-oriented web hosting service provider that offers advanced security options in their products, such as DDOS protection, iThemes Security Pro, and more. It can also backup your data every once a day for 30 days consecutively.

Even with their low uptime rates and slightly above-average page sizes, Liquid Web is still one of the fastest loading web hosting service providers given their lightning-fast server response times and the ability to compress and resize images for faster loading. 

Their entire strengths outnumber their weaknesses, even though Liquid Web can be costly.