Make Your Own Professional Website With Media Temple Hosting Package

Seeing the developments and new discoveries that continue to occur in the world, without us knowing it, we have to go with the path to survive. 

Humans will always look for ways to maintain their existence by doing work that benefits them. 

People used to and still sell by opening a shop or tavern that customers could directly visit. 

But this time, technological developments made it easier for them to sell because they can do online selling now.

There are various ways to do online selling, and one of the most common ways is to create a website for their business. It doesn’t matter whether your business is big or small, you really need a website. 

a website is a bridge for sellers and customers to be able to make transactions without the need to meet which incidentally will take a lot of time. 

To develop your website, you will need a website hosting service that will facilitate your website. 

There are so many distributed website hosting services that exist, each of them comes with their best offer, one of the most talked-about hosting website service is Media Temple hosting.

The company started to operate in 1998 at headquarters located in Los Angeles, California. 

They have become the recommendation of many as one of the best hosting service providers they have ever used. This can be seen from the number of customers who have used their services. 

For approximately 2 decades, Media Temple has more than 120,000 users. 

They also come from various countries in the world. In fact, big brands like Samsung, Toyota and Starbucks also use their hosting services.

Media Temple Hosting Packages

A large hosting company like Media Temple certainly has a lot of customers for reasons to consider. 

Customers think that the hosting packages provided by Media Temple have what they need. 

To know more about the packages let’s read more of this Media Temple reviews.

Grid or Shared Hosting

Grid or Shared Hosting Package is the cheapest package provided by Media Temple for their customers. 

As the name implies, when using Shared Hosting, your website is on the same server as other people’s websites. 

Currently, the Shared Hosting Package is available in 3 types of packages based on Linux, they are Personal, Pro and Elite.

The Personal plan costs $ 20 per month with 20GB of storage, 1TB of monthly data transfer, 1000 email accounts and this package is capable of hosting up to 100 websites. 

Meanwhile, if you want to use the Pro package, you have to pay $ 30 per month with 100GB of storage, 2TB of monthly data transfers, and you only share the server with 500 other websites.

Unlike the Personal plan, the Pro package comes with a CDN and it is capable of removing malware on a single site. 

The last plan is Elite which requires you to pay $ 60 per month to get 250GB of storage memory, 5TB of monthly data transfers, malware protection for 5 websites, and a CDN.

VPS Hosting Package

Media Temple also provides a VPS Hosting Package which has facilities one level higher than the shared hosting. VPS itself is an acronym for virtual private server hosting. 

There are 3 Linux-based hosting packages with the lowest prices is $ 30 and the most expensive one is $ 1,500 per month. 

This package will feature you with 8TB of monthly data transfer, 64GB of memory and 600GB of storage.

Dedicated Hosting Package

This hosting package can be said to be the most practical hosting package because if you choose this package, your website will be fully managed by the server. 

Dedicated hosting packages are also based on Linux just like other packages. 

The cost for this package is kind of high, which is $ 2,000. However, at a price as fantastic as this, the facilities you get will be worth the price, 1TB of storage, 128GB of RAM, and 128GB of monthly data transfers.

WordPress Hosting Package

WordPress Hosting Package can be an option for those of you who are used to using WordPress before. 

Besides that, WordPress is also very popular, no wonder that Media Temple also provides this facility. 

Media Temple has 2 hosting packages, namely Personal and Pro. Each requires you to pay $ 20 and $ 60 per month.

The Personal package gives you as many as 250,000 visitors, 50GB of storage and 2 hosted sites. 

Whereas the Professional Plan gives you 500,000 visitors per month, 200GB of storage and 10 hosted sites.

Cloud Hosting Package

Media Temple also provides Cloud Hosting which makes it easier for you to have multiple resources from multiple servers. 

This type of hosting is perfect for those of you who want to develop individual businesses.

Pros of Media Temple Hosting

Here in the media temple reviews, it will be explained about the pros first. Media Temple has several advantages such as providing full security for your website with an SSL certificate. 

This certificate will provide security for your visitors during the transaction process, the price of the SSL certificate is $ 75.

In addition, service is always available 24/7. They can be reached via Twitter, email, call and live chat. 

This is something that a hosting service provider can benefit from.

The next advantage is the CloudTech Premium facility. 

CloudTech Premium allows you to analyze the code contained on your website, remove hackers from your account, and restore and back up important data on your website.

Cons of Media Temple Hosting

Everything has its drawbacks, as well as Media Temple Hosting. Some people see Media Temple Hosting has no flaw, but some people see the opposite. 

There are people who consider Media Temple Hosting to charge too much when compared to other hosting providers. 

In addition, Media Temple Hosting prohibit plugins on their WordPress because if this happens, the internal service will be duplicated. They don’t want this to happen.

On the other hand, after reading the media temple reviews above, these pros and contras of Media Temple Hosting are actually the choices of each user of the hosting service. 

Media Temple Hosting really deserves to be your choice to build your website, especially if you are an experienced blogger. 

But of course, there are many hosting service providers out there that offer much cheaper prices. Now the choice is yours.