Namecheap Hosting Reviews for Your Web Hosting Needs

If you are one internet network user out there, you are most certainly familiar with the term web hosting.  

Web hosting is essential whether you are a blogger, or you have an individual website or a company website to manage on a day to day basis.  

Web hosting is a smart technology allowing its users to have direct contact with other people, in terms of sharing or hiding all their company information, products, services, and amongst other things for the purposes of their website management.

There are many web hosting providers that provide data storage services at various costs, so that all users can store their own data safely.  

In addition, web hosting in general is a data storage place in the form of web pages, PHP scripts, and also CSS code, so that users can access it on the internet network.  

Therefore, make sure your needs can be met by a web hosting service like Namecheap, as one of the best hosting today.

Namecheap Facts

Namecheap has been in business since 2000 and is claimed to have more than 10 million active registered domains.  

Its website hosting plans covers most types of hosting, mainly a WordPress management system called the EasyWP, shared VPS (virtual private server), dedicated servers, and even private email hosting. 

Therefore, are you looking for an easy way to register, host, and manage a website, but not sure where to get all of those services from a single easy-to-use hosting service provider?  Then, Namecheap might be the choice for you.  

If you’ve done some searching (which you should do before making a final decision), you’ve probably come across Namecheap on the search engines. 

To make it easier for you, take a closer look at the Namecheap hosting reviews listed down below.  

Read on and see all of the information that will help you better understand this hosting provider.

Namecheap Pros

First of all, Namecheap hosting reviews will look through the bright side of this hosting provider.  

Thus, to be more familiar with Namecheap, there are several points for its advantages that you need to know.

● Easy to Use Dashboard

Many hosting users may not like it if the managed hosting plans come with a proprietary dashboard as opposed to the standard cPanel.  

But at Namecheap, the EasyWP dashboard for instance, has simple settings that are easy to use even for beginners.

● Quick WordPress Settings

Namecheap installs WordPress on your site immediately, with one simple click, which in fact is great and convenient. 

This quick setting prevents novice site owners from making mistakes, speeds up the site-building process, and sets a good foundation from the start.

● Affordable

In general, there are some really great hosting providers out there that are really expensive to begin with. 

With Namecheap, you get all the basic plans that a hosting provider should include at a very low price.  

In fact, there are probably only a few WordPress managing hosting providers in the market willing to provide services such as regular website backups, free SSL certificates, and a 24/7 support system for as low as Namecheap.  

As the name implies, the renewal price of Namecheap web hosting is also still very cheap.

● Easy Backup and Security Updates

Having a backup feature ready on your site reduces downtime in case something occurs. 

Depending on the hosting plan, Namecheap’s regular backups, or manual do-it-yourself backups, make backing up your site easy to do on the cPanel dashboard or on the EasyWP.

● Free CDN (Content Delivery Network) Service

A CDN is helpful for delivering instant site content to visitors searching on your site.  

As the closest server delivers the content, when a visitor clicks on your site, the process of scaling and speeding your site has never been easier.  

You can add a CDN service to your domain in just a few minutes.

● 30-Day Refund

There is always a guarantee when the hosting provider you choose has a refund service.  

Therefore, Namecheap offers a 30-day money-back guarantee if for any reason you are not satisfied with the plan. 

Namecheap Cons

Even though there are several of its advantages, here Namecheap hosting reviews will take a closer look on its disadvantages.

● Lack of On-the-Phone Customer Support

While it may not be a problem for some users, customer support is essential. 

But unfortunately, Namecheap doesn’t offer over-the-phone support services to its users.  

In other words, when there’s a technical problem, you aren’t able to talk directly to an agent, and only rely on help during live chat hours.

● Unclear Uptime Warranty

It seems that Namecheap has their shared hosting plans a 100% uptime guarantee, or that even their managed WordPress hosting plans have also an uptime guarantee, you expect that the uptime will be clear and promising. 

However, what they meant is that 100% uptime applies to their servers uptime, not your site’s uptime. 

● Blocked Plug-Ins

Because the Namecheap EasyWP plugin is automatically installed on all Namecheap EasyWP websites, for that reason, Namecheap has created a list of plugins you shouldn’t use. 

It can be said that those banned plugins are considered to have a negative impact on the speed and performance of your site that includes caching plugins.

● Limited Websites

Namecheap is only hosting limited website installation. Therefore, users are only limited to 1 WordPress install.  

In case you need to host more than one WordPress website, you will need to purchase an additional Namecheap EasyWP subscription.

Final Thoughts on Namecheap

Overall, Namecheap is quite good.  

They have a solid reputation for having a great domain name industry and seem to know what they are doing in the web hosting industry.  

For beginners and regular users will certainly appreciate how fast and easy it is to use and manage their web hosting system.  

Hence, if you’re just starting out with your WordPress website and looking for a way to make your life much easier, then Namecheap is one good recommendation for you as they give the EasyWP a simple process.  

So, hopefully, the Namecheap hosting reviews above can be useful if you want to subscribe to a web hosting provider immediately.