Nestify Reviews:

A Hosting Service Provider for Small Businesses with Its Pros and Cons

Many business owners opt to utilize WordPress-based website for many reasons, including the ease of use. 

Nonetheless, the task of developing and managing website is not that easy, especially if the person is not used to it. 

This is why people would pay for a hosting provider. Nestify is among providers that are actively offering their hosting services. 

The following contains Nestify reviews compiled from experts as well as current and past users.

The Pros of Nestify’s Service

The following are some of the benefits of utilizing the provider’s service for a website.

1. High level of website security

One thing that users have gushed about this provider’s service is its high level of the security system. 

Even if WordPress is already a reliable system, extra protection certainly will not hurt your website. 

The provider uses a specific PHP approach to rebuke hacking attempts made by external parties. 

Its system can block millions of attacks every single day.

Based on many Nestify reviews, the provider would not demand for extra service fee if in an isolated case, hacking attempt was successful.  

The provider will make sure that client’s website returns to normal after the disruption.  

It also continuously improves its security system by regular testing.

2. Varied plan options

Each business has its own scale. For a small business, having a massive e-commerce website does not make sense from functional and monetary standpoints. 

This provider offers three hosting options for business. The first plan is a Starter plan. 

This particular plan is recommended for people who are still new to World Wide Web.

If the person’s website visitors are about 75,000 per month, then it is recommended to use a Personal plan. 

This plan is great for more established blogger or small scale business. 

Once the business has upscaled, it is suggested to use a Professional plan.

3. Great website performance

According to various Nestify reviews, the performance of the website hosted by this provider is great. 

Experts who have tested this hosting service said that the uptime is more than 99%. 

Approximately, there is 40 seconds of downtime every day. This number is not that significant, though.

What is great about its performance is also the website’s speed. When someone is accessing the website, they will be able to do it efficiently because the page loads very quickly. 

It certainly helps retaining visitors of the website.

4. Helpful customer support service

Another benefit from using the provider’s service would be its customer service.  

When site administrator encounters issue with their website, it would be inconvenient if the hosting provider takes a long time to reply their ticket. 

If so, the problem will persist and visitors may have problem in accessing the website.

The support team at Nestify is quite quick to get back to the client after an issue report, though. 

The team will examine the problem and try their best to solve it. 

Usually, based on Nestify reviews, it will not take more than a day or two for the support team to deal with it.

5. Service warranty

The provider also applies money return policy for users who are not satisfied with the service offered. 

It means that within a certain period (60 days), users can cancel their subscription and get their money back. 

The cancellation must be done before the warranty period ends, though, if you want to receive a refund.

6. Automatic data backup

Numerous Nestify reviews gushed about data backup as its top feature. 

Website owner whose site is managed by this provider does not need to do data backup on their own because this activity will be done automatically. 

The backup is also done every single day.

This feature is so helpful for site owners because although security provided by WordPress and Nestify, it is still useful to have one’s website data backed up regularly. 

It will prevent issues such as when the website is suddenly down due to certain reasons.

The Cons of Nestify’s Service

Despite the benefits, there are some fewer qualities that may deter users from getting service from this provider.

1. Slightly higher market price

The price for using Nestify’s service is quite high, especially for the standard market price. 

This is especially the case for personal user or small business that might not have big capital at the time they are established. 

Although there is a service warranty provided for this high price, sometimes customers experience difficulty to ask for refund because it is done too late.

2. Monthly visit allocation is limited

This issue specifically happens to large corporate that uses the provider’s service. 

According to many Nestify reviews, the provider allows a limited number of visitors to the website per month. 

The highest plan level only allows about 150,000 visitors per month. 

More than that, the capacity will be exceeded. 

This is not an ideal situation for a big company with a large target audience because the visits will definitely exceed that number.

3. Relatively new provider

Another thing that may turn people of is the fact that this provider is still relatively new in the industry. 

Usually, a new provider still does not own established products. 

It also has fewer connections if compared to older providers. As an example,  Nestify does not have centers in many countries. 

It will make the provider’s quality of service less desirable in locations far from one of its centers.

Final Thoughts of Nestify Reviews

Should you invest in this provider? The answer depends on what you need at the moment. 

Many professional bloggers and small businesses have used the provider’s service without significant glitches. 

The security system and website’s performance are so reliable that it helps website owners advance their sites. 

Not only that, when there is an issue encountered by the website administrator, the customer support team can provide assistance in a timely manner.

Nonetheless, the Nestify reviews have stated that the service is not without disadvantages. The price can be a relatively high price, especially for beginners. 

For big enterprises, this provider may also inhibit them from having more traffic to the site due to visitor number limitation. 

A small and established business will definitely gain a better chance working with this provider, though.