OceanWP Review Pros and Cons: Why You Should Choose It

OceanWP is one of the most popular WordPress themes that gained more than 400 thousand WordPress user attractions. 

It is a very responsive theme that has very friendly drag – and – drop page builders as well as third – party plugins. 

This WordPress theme embedded with numerous great functionality which enables their users to customize the sites to whatever type of sites they need.

Every user can get more theme designs if they upgrade the subscription to the OceanWP Core Extensions Bundle. 

However, it is important for the new users to read this OceanWP review to understand the pros and cons of the theme. 

Choose this theme if you think that OceanWP fits with your needs.

OceanWP Review: The Pros

1. Great WooCommerce Features

OceanWP integrates with a lot of great plugins, one of them is WooCommerce.

OceanWP offers great features related to WooCommerce such as a shopping cart floating bar and a shopping cart pop-up. 

Shopping cart pop up will attract your customers directly when they visit your online shop. 

It is said the shopping cart pop up will increase the conversion rate to 8%.

OceanWP also has quick–view mode features that enable the customers to access the detailed information about the products they attracted to without open a new page site. 

Therefore, the OceanWP theme is one of the great WordPress themes you can choose if you want to create a professional-looking website.

2. Has Numerous Stunning Theme Options

OceanWP is a very versatile website theme that offers its users a free multipurpose theme. 

OceanWP is suitable both for hobbyists as well as professional website developers. 

Every theme offered in OceanWP is very responsive and will load very fast. 

There is also a guided setup offered by OceanWP which makes the beginners very easy to understand.

Therefore, it is no wonder that on the official WordPress themes repository OceanWP has gained 5 – star ratings since it has a lot of excellent theme options. 

The themes offered by OceanWP are suitable to create personal portfolios for business websites. 

All main plugins for page builders work great with OceanWP such as Beaver Builder, WPBakery, Elementor Brizy, and many more.

3. Offers Many Great Features

OceanWP offers numerous free themes embedded with a lot of useful features. 

The basic features are available in the free theme such as Extensions, Page Builder Integration, WooCommerce features, and a lot of customization options. 

If you want to add extra capabilities to the website, you can install the extensions offered by OceanWP.

No need to worry about the price since many of the great extensions come in free. 

Several popular free extensions are WooCommerce social sharing and product sharing. 

Several extensions cost $29.99. Meanwhile, if you need more extensions and want it to be cheaper, you can buy an extension bundle.

OceanWP Review: The Cons

1. Sometimes Users Feel Confused by the Options

The additional plugins available in the OceanWP theme might be a little confusing especially for a beginner because not all the additional plugins are free. 

2. High – Cost and Limited Lifetime Pricing

Actually, if you want to experience what it is like using OceanWP, you can use the free version of OceanWP. 

Although it is available for free, OceanWP still offers a lot of great features. 

Meanwhile, if you want to upgrade the features, you can subscribe to one of OceanWP’s pricing plans. 

The pricing plans include the extensions.

OceanWP offers lifetime and annual plan with 3 pricing tiers:

1. Personal Plan

The users can access premium and free extensions available by OceanWP. 

Users also can access the pro starter sites. The lifetime license costs $127 while the annual license cost $29.

2. Business Plan

The users who subscribe to a business plan can access all the features available in the personal plan. 

The advantage of a business plan is the users can use the premium extensions and pro demos on up to three websites. 

The lifetime license costs $255 while the annual license costs $55.

3. Agency Plan

The users who subscribe agency plan can access all the features available in the personal plan. 

However, they can use the premium extensions and pro demos on up to 25 websites. 

The lifetime license costs $415 while the annual license costs $90.

OceanWP not recommended for agencies

If you compare the lifetime price from OceanWP to the other similar themes, it can be said that the cost is rather pricey. 

OceanWP theme is also not a recommended theme for agencies since it limits only to 25 sites with a higher prices.

1. Limited Options of Starter Websites

Unfortunately, OceanWP only offers a limited number of free starter sites. 

Of course, this is a good thing for the beginners who are easy to feel confused by numerous options of free starter sites being offered. 

But, this might be slightly disappointing for the professional developers who are used to numerous options and want to explore the sites more.

2. Numerous Extensions

Of course, there are bad things and good things about extensions. Extensive options of extensions can sometimes become so helpful if the users need to upgrade the functionality of their websites. 

But, you need to be careful when installing so many extensions to your sites as they can slow down the website.

OceanWP Review: The Conclusion

OceanWP theme is surely one of the best versatile free WordPress themes you should choose. 

This theme offers numerous types of free and premium features. 

Therefore, many beginners who just start building their first website will choose OceanWP over any other WordPress theme.

OceanWP theme is also a great choice for those who don’t have any idea about how to code a website. 

It works well with famous page builders which enable the users to alter the page layouts easily without the need to code. 

Users can put a lot of great elements exactly where they want to place them.

Moreover, since this is an honest OceanWP review, we are openly said that the theme still has a set of downsides. 

OceanWP theme only offers a limited number of free starter sites. Otherwise, the extensions are very extensive which sometimes can make your website performance slowing down.