Recommendation for those who want to have plugins of social media for WordPress

It is believed that you are required to have engagement and traffic when you need get success in using WordPress, no matter what kinds of sites you run. 

To add social media plugin to your website is one of the best methods to kill 2 birds by using a stone and to develop the two things, the engagement in WordPress and its traffic.

However, actually it is hard to choose the plugin of social media which is suitable with you. 

It is found that there are some top social media plugins, both paid and free, recommended for WordPress. 

There are some plugins you can find that will be easier for you to share content and plugins which can help you to increase the number of your followers.

Here we provided the top 7 plugins of social media for WordPress that can be downloaded and used for your website. 

Another good information on this is that many of them involve free version. Therefore, you really need to try those plugins to know which one is suitable for you.

1. Super Socializer

It is found that this social media plugin is guaranteed free and lightweight. 

As a plugin of social media with many purposes, you can download Super Socializer for free from official repository.

You are able to affiliate a login from your social media to your website by support from this plugin. 

Not only that, with the plugin’s help you also can activate comments of social and give an opportunity for the persons who visit your site to share the contents you have easily.

Around 100 distinct networks of social media are supported by this plugin. 

So, you have many choices to modify icons in social media so that they are fit with the remains from your website. 

Furthermore, the plugin can also enable some short URLs. You can also share icons on product pages of WooCommerce because the plugin comes with WooCommerce.

2. Social Warfare

This plugin named Social Warfare can be considered as one from the most well-known plugins for social sharing for WordPress. 

This claim of plugin is based on its ability to customize completely on how buttons of social sharing you use look and your content look when it is shared across distinct networks of social media.

The Pro version of the plugin can give you many more options of customization, even though a free version on the official repository is offered by the plugin. 

In addition, you can choose among some different positions of button and configure own Click you own to boxes of Tweet.

The Social Warfare plugin allows the users to put some custom images into their platforms of social media such as Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest. 

You are also allowed to clearly identify description and title of a social sharing that can be seen when it is identified there is someone sharing your content.

It is identified that the user is charged $29 per year for the plugin’s pro version for a license of single sitewa.

3. Monarch Plugin

The Monarch Plugin is from Elegant Themes. 

This plugin will be fit for the rest of your sites well if you already used Divi. Over 20 networks of social media are supported by Monarch Plugin, such as Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and many more.

The Monarch plugin provides you with some premade themes, and the users are allowed to make decision from a lot of those various positions on in which they intend the appearance of share buttons. 

Apart from buttons for sharing, the plugin also has the follow buttons that makes the users can easily increase their number of followers through adding profiles of social media platforms you have to sidebar of your site.

The plugin is premium that you can find as a part of membership of Elegant Themes. 

Therefore, you can also have access to Bloom, Divi, and the Extra themes if you use the Monarch plugin. 

So, it is an excellent investment with many advantages it has behind. 

The pricing for the Monarch plugin starts from $89 per year.

4. Social Pug

Many users intend to have plugin which is simple for them. For example, they don’t want frills plugin which can easily share their contents. 

If you are one of them, you need to take into account Social Pug plugin. 

You can download the Social Pug plugin’s free version through accessing the official repository, and it includes shared buttons for Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Pinterest which are the 4 most well-known platforms for social media.

If you use this plugin, you can modify icon into liking and decide to obtain a not complicated icon or involve extras such as label or counter which is with a total amount of shares. 

Adding the buttons of sharing above or below and a sidebar of floating are also supported by the Social Pub plugin.

It is one of the great ways from the decision of adding customized buttons for social sharing to your website as it has the free version. 

Meanwhile, the Social Pub plugin is also offering the premium plugin version that has some additional features.

If you have this pro version, you can access more networks of social media that you can see from bars and links of mobile sticky sharing shortening by 

You will be charged $34 per year for the Pro version of the plugin for a license of single site.

5. MashShare

MashShare is one of the sharing plugins of social media which is free, and it claimed that it will not slow down site you have. 

The MashShare plugin can be downloaded by accessing the official repository, and it provides support for all the big networks of social media.

The MashShare plugins has a post widget for most-shared post of custom. 

It allows you to direct traffic more to user’s posts that you consider most popular ones. 

Links shortening support and integration for pages of AMP is also included in this plugin.

In case you need many more features from this plugin, you can access many paid and free addons from this plugin. 

These addons include some features, for example video share popup of YouTube, other social networks, and many more.

6. Social Media Share

Many features are offered by the plugin of Social Media Share even though it is offered for free. 

For those who want to start to use it, you can access among 16 different kinds styles the Social Media Share plugin for your icons of social media.

The Social Media Share plugin can give your visitors ability to subscribe of blog you have through using their email and considering it the users are allowed to add some actions to social media icons in your site. 

Therefore, these icons can lead your visitors to access also your own social media profiles and possibly to follow your platforms of social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and others.

If you have access to the premium version, you will be equipped with more feature for example the plugin’s ability to place specific icons on identified pages or other more interesting popup options. 

For the version of premium, you are charged starting from $24.98 per year for sites which are non-commercial.

7. Sumo

Another multipurpose and well-known plugin of social media for WordPress is Sumo. 

You can find many advantages also from this plugin, such as it allows you to effectively add cusmozibale icons of social sharing into your website. 

Only only that, with Sumo you are able to activate a sharer of image that make you easily to share your images from your site on platforms of social media such Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter.

Because the Sumo plugin has some features that allow the users to enable to access inline forms, exit-intent pop-ups and forms of slide-in, Sumo facilitates increasing with email list.

By using Sumo you can use this plugin for free and you can access all the features also for free. 

If you already get more cusmtomers, you can start to pay from using this plugin.

If you want to access the Sumo plugin’s pro version, for your information the pricing is started at $39 per month which is annually billed. 

The mentioned plan that you pay for it is based on three sites and 10,000 visitors identified per month. 

If should be considered as the pro version of the Sumo plugin includes some more advanced features such as advanced targeting for visitors, the ability to delete Sumo branding from all pages in your sites and A/B testing.


After you get some information on these top 7 best social media plugins for WordPress, it is also good if you can access this video from YouTube to get more details about the plugins which are recommended in this post.

As informed above, it is a must to have plugins of social media if you intend to have increase traffic in your site. 

If you install one of those social media plugins, it is making your sites easily accessed by your readers and they can easily share contents from your sites with their followers, friends or other people.

This activity will in turn makes traffic more in your site. So, you need to make sure to try one of the plugins today and drive your traffic to your site and grow engagement of your site.