Premium Addon Reviews:

Pros And Cons About Premium Addon For Elementor You Need To Know And The Conclusions

Introduction of Premium Addon

Building a decent WordPress page is not just for the sake of beautifying the pages themselves. 

A beautifully-designed WordPress page has more potentials in turning website visitors to money-magnet leads. 

In this case, the presence of Elementor page builder becomes essential.

Elementor offers flexibility for website owners to design their website pages as they wish. 

In addition, Elementor is also easy to use for website owners and developers in “digging in” to the complicated codings and HTML codes in the website, as well as extending the plugins to a point that the design templates become more “out-of-the-box” than those in the default designing templates.

Elementor also has plenty of addons to support their main functions. Basically, addons are a collection of different kinds of features that add functions to the existing software. 

One of the most frequently heard addon for Elementor is the Premium addon.

With its 4,9-star rating and more than 2,000,000 downloads all over the world, the Premium addon claims to be Elementor’s #1 companion. 

This addon includes more than 50 addons, widgets, page templates, embedded images, and many other more.

Like almost every other addons, widgets, and plugins, the Premium addon for Elementor has the free version that can be downloaded through, as well as the paid version starting from $39/year for one website with 30% discounts every time you renew your version.

Pros About Premium Addon For Elementor You Need To Know

“Graphic” and “design” are among two themes of the Premium addon for elementor that also becomes their main strengths. 

The image widget is not only one of the best in their fields, but also neat enough to overlay your website contents to the images you want to provide. 

The image widget in Premium addon for Elementor contains image grid, scroll, hotspot, layer, and many other more.

If you’re bored with the usual heading styles, you can always head to the Dual Heading widget presented in the Premium addon for Elementor. 

With the help of this widget, your heading will have two contrast styles that are completing each other. 

You can even customize how your dual headings will look like.

The vertical image scroll is one of the core strengths Premium addon for Elementor has. 

In this widget, the images overlap with the contents and texts. Other types of contents, including fonts, texts, and pictures or images, can also overlap within vertically-aligned dots that function like scroll buttons.

Usually, anything involving scrolling tend not to be user-friendly. Yet, it’s entirely a different story for Premium Addon for Elementor’s vertical image scrolls since those are also available in the mobile application version.

The image scroll widget’s strong point doesn’t stop in overlapping images while staying practical to the mobile application users. Instead, it also comes with the multi-scroll widget as the accompanying widget. 

With the presence of this widget, Premium addon for Elementor becomes an even more lightweight addon to your WordPress-based websites.

In the free version, you will also find the Carousel widget in the Premium addon for Elementor. 

A customer ever claimed the Carousel widget here is one of the most flexible to be created to different types of Carousel, such as Testimonials and Client Logos Carousel. 

Some other customers can even combine advanced sliders in the Carousel widget with other widgets.

Premium addon for Elementor’s ability to create charts in the premium plan is also different from many other design-based addons. 

Pie charts, tables, and diagrams are not the only chart types available in Premium addon for Elementor. 

Instead, unusual types of charts are also available, such as the radar, doughnut, and polar area charts.

By clicking at the “Style” button on your charts’ “Edit Premium Charts” menu, you can also customize how your charts will look like apart from enjoying the many forms of the tables. 

This makes Premium addon for Elementor becomes a more visually interactive addon for your website.

In the paid plan version, the Premium addon for Elementor comes with a unique Content Switcher widget. 

It is a two-side button in which when you switch the position of the colored “ball”, you’ll get different kinds of contents. 

This widget is perfect for you if your websites’ pages require two different kinds of layout for one type of product, for example.

There is also the white-labeling feature in the paid version. The white-labeling feature lets you remove the Premium addon for Elementor’s logo and replace them with your products and services’ brands. 

Hence, when you purchase Premium addon for Elementor in any of its payment plans, you enhance your brands’ originality.

Team members-wise, Premium addon for Elementor also comes with the Person widget. 

If you’re tired of the classic squared photographs of a person with a bland single-colored background, yet, you need those people to wear formal attires, then, the Person widget becomes your best lifesaver. 

The Person widget has different layout options you can use to modify how each people will appear at the photo, as well as having the ability to add descriptions for each people.

The Team Members widget is also present in the Premium addon for Elementor. 

In this widget, you can list team members and co-workers, as well as customizing options for having them displayed in your websites.

While monthly and yearly billing plans are available for any other addons as well as Premium addon for Elementor, this addon becomes even more special with the lifetime premium plan. 

In this lifetime premium plan, users will get accesses to support, updates, and the rights to use Premium addon for Elementor in every of their websites.

Even the cost of the lifetime plan is as low as $199. 

This makes the lifetime plan suitable for people whose mean of living is to build and develop websites, as well as for people who are working with simultaneous client sites.

Many people like the support provided in the Premium addon for Elementor. 

Like any other addons, you can access the support through the official website’s live chats.

This is where the Premium addon for Elementor becomes strong: They have community forums to resolve customers’ problems that not every other addons have. 

The customer supports are extremely timely and they ensure answering almost every concerns customers have, making the Premium addon for Elementor one of the best in serving the customers’ needs.

Cons About Premium Addon For Elementor You Need To Know

The free plan is rather limited when it comes to the richness of the available widgets in the Premium Addon for Elementor. 

Almost every important widgets, such as the Animated Gradients, Image Compare, and Reviews are in the paid version, making it impossible for those who are short in budget but need to expand their businesses with Premium addon for Elementor.

The review area is the area of where Premium addon for Elementor lacking. 

While it is embedded to the three biggest social media platforms for reviews, website visitors almost have no places in reviewing the website with any widgets in the Premium addon for Elementor. 

This can be a nuisance to many website visitors since they can’t utilize the Contact Form that is usually available in many other addons. 

In other words, they can only see the reviews, but they are not able to write their own reviews in your websites.

Given the many widgets Premium addon for Elementor has for the paid version, it can no longer be a lightweight application for mobile phone users. 

This can be difficult for users who have paid for Premium addon for Elementor since they have to adjust and re-adjust their mobile phone settings to accommodate their varying needs of widgets suitable for their websites.

The money back guarantee is also becoming the weak point of Premium addon for Elementor. 

While the support team is professional in admitting their faults, hence getting money back become easier, the guarantee periods only last for 14 days. 

Such amounts of periods are short, especially when you have seen so many potential risks related to your websites’ sustainability.


Premium addon for Elementor has huge amounts of pros in terms of the capabilities of designing and providing decent graphics to the end users. 

For example, Premium addon for Elementor has the mobile-friendly image scroll widget, the ability to customize charts and pie charts using the “Style” tab, and many more.

Nevertheless, given their entire strengths in simple graphic designing without using HTML or advanced knowledge of coding, when using Premium addon for Elementor, you need to be wary of the risk of freezing your devices.

Their review methods also need to improve, in a way that it should accommodate website visitors’ needs to type in their reviews directly in the website. 

The money back guarantee is also becoming a dangerous weak spot due to the short amounts of guaranteed given time for the money back should there be risks of the websites’ sustainability.

In conclusion, a Premium addon for Elementor is best used for you who want to beautify the designs of your websites. It is also the best choice for you who build and develop websites for a living.