Review of HostMantis Webhosting

HostMantis is the hosting previously named PlexiHost. In 2010, PlexiHost changed its branding name to HostMantis that we know it today. 

This hosting provider is headquartered in Livonia, Michigan, USA. In their marketing, they have a simple mission to make hosting reliable and affordable for users.

The hosting that they provide is various. You can use shared hosting plans to VPS hosting plans, which cost less than other hosting providers. 

However, there is a 100% money-back guarantee if the service received is not what the customers expect. So, the users will not be disappointed when they become the customers of HostMantis.

The uptime they provide is also perfect with almost well-known data centers in Asia, Europe, and America. 

For those who have complaints, you can take advantage of the 24-hour support team. 

Before you put your website in this hosting provider you need to know more about Hostmantis, please read our review of Hostmantis Webhosting.

Review of HostMantis WebHosting from Its Strengths

For those who want to use hosting from this hosting provider, firstly you need to identify the various advantages they offer. 

The objective is that you can adapt it to the needs of each website. The advantages offered at HostMantis are as follows:

1. There is 99.99% uptime

For those using HostMantis hosting, you are guaranteed a stable 99.99% server. 

With this guarantee, there is no excessive time that causes the website to go awry when used. 

This means that the website remains stable and does not affect the performance of the individual websites you use.

2. There is a 30-day money back guarantee

For those who don’t really believe in the quality of HostMantis hosting, you can take advantage of the money-back guarantee. 

The guarantee is provided for those who feel the service from hosting is not as expected at the beginning.

With the guarantee provided, you can ask for money back while the warranty time still exists. 

The guarantee they provide is 30 days. During that time, if you want a refund or your money back, they will be happy to serve. 

Interestingly, the refund process is also not complicated because there are no conditions at all.

3. The hosting is complete with affordable prices

For those who are looking for affordable hosting and a complete collection of resources, choosing HostMantis hosting can be the best choice. 

Here, the prices they offer are quite affordable so it’s quite safe for your pocket.

Not only that, the hosting provided is also complete. You just need to adjust the hosting package you want to buy.

For hosting that is built consists of 4 packages. You just need to decide which one to buy first.

4. There are 7 data centres around the world

The data centre is important to ensure that the servers on the website don’t crash or slow down when used.

Website speed determines the performance of the website itself. Usually, visitors who visit the website which loads slowly will leave the website.

For those hosting the website here, you don’t have to worry. The reason is that HostMantis provides 7 data centres that are famous throughout the world. 

On every continent, there are data centres that they provide there.

5. Free hosting migration

Have you entered in another hosting? Disappointed with the services and features they provide? 

Looking to move to HostMantis. Take it easy because the hosting process is not complicated and certainly won’t disappoint the players.

Why is that? Because the hosting provides a free hosting process, aka without paying. With this hosting, you can get easier processes and services.

The process also doesn’t take much time. Though you must know, in other places hosting it must be first.

6. Service support is pretty good

For those looking for hosting with quality or good support services, HostMantis can be a very related choice. Here the support service they have is pretty good.

There is a ticket service that can be used 24 hours non-stop. So, whenever you need help from hosting, you can rely on them.

The admin is also professional and experienced. Very helpful for those of you who need assistance regarding hosting, both technical and non-technical.

Technical assistance, the CS will help users until it’s finished. That is, service will not be until the customer gets the best answer to solve the problem he is experiencing. This is the main advantage of HostMantis.

7. Complete guides and tutorials are available

You will not be disappointed if you accept hosting at HostMantis. The reason is that there are also complete guides and tutorials for customers.

With this help, novice users will have no trouble if they need help. The guides are very neat and in easy-to-apply language.

Weakness of HostMantis Hosting

Although the advantages that HostMantis offers are quite a lot, there are also disadvantages that they do have. 

There are two shortcomings of this hosting, namely about no dedicated server or cloud hosting that they provide.

Since there is no offer, of course, the customer is quite disappointed. Even though cloud hosting has more security than shared hosting. 

Not to mention, cloud hosting comes with some of the most powerful features and technologies to date.

Second, although their support service is quite good and active 24 hours, it’s like they don’t provide live chat and support in the form of a telephone. 

The support they have is only in the form of tickets. So, for those who need a quick response, maybe they can’t provide it.

Features and Convenience for Users

HostMantis is a hosting provider that can be used for both Windows and Linux hosting. Various features are also embedded here, as follows;

  • Guaranteed stable uptime up to 99.99%
  • Domain is not provided for free alias must be paid
  • Hosting is provided with a multidomain concept with unlimited subdomains and addon domains
  • There is a free SSL certificate so that users are guaranteed greater security
  • Customer can host email using an unlimited account
  • Data storage is SSD up to 100 GB so it is slow to use
  • Unlimited data transfer is available for all packages presented

Although HostMantis offers Linux and windows in their hosting packages, such as Windows hosting is not available in the data center they provide. That is, not all data centers provide Windows hosting.

Their Linux servers are also equipped with the latest technology. For example, LSCache, LiteSpeed ​​, and also CliudLinux.

For the control panel, they provide cPanel for Linux hosting. For Windows hosting, they provide a Plesk control panel.

Unfortunately, the backup here cannot be performed automatically. This means that the user must manually back up all the data he has.

The packages presented here are equipped with JetBackup so that the data backup process is faster than usual.

That is the review about HostMantis WebHosting. For those who want to use the hosting package here, they are asked to use the hosting that suits their needs.

The goal is that there is no waste when using hosting. Remember, good hosting determines the performance of a website. So, don’t just choose Web hosting if you don’t want to lose.