Real and Honest Review of Namehero Cloud Hosting

Introduction of Namehero

Now the internet has grown rapidly. The presence of the internet makes all aspects of life easier to do. 

The mushrooming world web site makes its users want to spread their wings to develop business. 

But do you already know that building a website is not as easy as it seems?

Surely you need a web hosting service so that the website will increase in performance. 

Web hosting, in general, is a service used for data storage on the website that you have. 

In today’s era, there are many hosting providers offered. One of the most trusted and widely used is Namehero Hosting.

Not only shared cloud hosting offered by NameHero, but they also provide VPS, hosting of the reseller, and hosting plans for the dedicated cloud. 

You can find some features of domain registration from NameHero. They are growing quickly as easy and fast providers for web hosting.

In this post, we discuss how NameHero has performed in a test of hosting, their short profile, their plans, the supports they provide for customers, and pricing.

NameHero Short profile

Namehero is a hosting company that was founded in 2015. Even though they are a newcomer to the global hosting world, they promise a variety of luxurious hosting packages at low prices. 

The company founded a group of Hero Startups. Until now, they already have 30 thousand websites spread all over the world.

Namehero is a hosting company based in the United States. The servers they provide are in two locations, namely Arizona and Michigan. 

The website is only available in English. But for those who find it difficult, there is customer service who is ready to help at any time.

Speed of NameHero

NameHero is considered fast, and some sources mentioned it as number one in test of web hosting compared to other products. 

It can deliver a very quick loading time of page and server response.

If you try to find shared hosting which is affordable and quick in page loading times and response times of server, you can consider NameHero because it has been well known for its speed.

Hosting Plans of NameHero

Below you can find the plans offered by NameHero:

a. Web Hosting

In NameHero, you are offered four plans of web hosting. 

Each plan contains SSD storage which is unlimited, a cache of LiteSpeed, and bandwidth which is unmetered. 

You can also find certificates of free SSL, the shield of security, other features such as Cloudflare plus Railgun, and many more.

For Starter Cloud, it has RAM of 1 GB. The pricing for this is started at $3.58 per month if it is ordered for the plan of 3-year. 

Meanwhile, the Plus Cloud plan has RAM 2GB and the pricing of this plan is started at $5.18 per month for the plan of 3-year. 

The other is the Turbo Cloud plan in which you can get RAM 3GB. For the plan of 3-year, you need to purchase for $7.98 per month. 

The other one is Business Cloud which is the plan that can give RAM 4GB. It can be purchased for $11.98 per month for the plan of 3-year.

b. Reseller Hosting

For those who want to start to run a business of web hosting, you are recommended to use NameHero. They can offer you 4 distinct reseller plans. 

Each of them has panel WHMCS, LiteSpeed cache, and certificates of auto SSL. 

Some interesting additional features are also offered by them, such as nameservers of private, reseller account for the domain, the shield of security, and some other features which are nightly backups and Cloudflare plus Railgun for free.

For the Silver plan, it is good for resellers who just start the business. It has SSD storage of 40 GB, a bandwidth of 500 GB, and the capacity to receive 40 accounts of clients. 

Meanwhile, the Gold plan is good for resellers who have the businesses started growing. 

It has SSD space of 75 GB, a bandwidth of 800 GB, and the capacity to receive around 60 accounts of clients.

Its price is started at $14.83 per month for 3 years. 

The Platinum plan or package has SSD 150GB, bandwidth 1000 GB, and has the capacity to receive 80 accounts of clients. 

The last plan is Diamond that has SSD storage of 200 GB, a bandwidth of 2000GB, and it also can receive 100 accounts of clients. 

The pricing for the Diamond plan is started at $30.13 if you want to use it for 3 years.

c. VPS

In case you need more security and have a big website, the plan of VPS hosting can be considered to fulfil your need. 

there are also four distinct plans that can be suitable with your growing businesses. 

Those plans have complete features such as SSL certificates for free and incoming bandwidth which is also for free.

The first plan is Hero 2 GB that contains SSD Storage 30 GB, RAM 2 GB and outgoing bandwidth 10 TB. The plan’s pricing is started at $21.97 per month. That price is for the annual plan. 

The second one is Hero 4 GB plan that has SSD storage 60 GB, outgoing bandwidth 10 TB and RAM 4 GB. You need to purchase with the start of $ 27.47 per month. It is also the annual plan. 

The third one is Hero 6 GB.  With this plan, you can receive SSD storage 90 GB, RAM 6 GB, and outgoing bandwidth for 10 TB. The pricing is started at $40.12 for the annual plan. 

The fourth and last one is Hero 8 GB that comes with SSD storage for 120 GB, RAM 8 GB and outgoing bandwidth 10 TB. 

The pricing is started at $48.37 per month for the annual plan.

d. Dedicated Cloud Hosting

NameHero offered plans of dedicated cloud hosting that are fitted with larger websites from the enterprise. 

It is also suitable for big applications that have lots of traffic. 

All of the plans in this hosting have some features such as backups of offsite and WordPress install for one-click.

For Standard Cloud plan, it is with RAM 8 GB, SSD storage 210 GB, outgoing bandwidth 5 TB, and Processor 3.8 GHz. The pricing for this plan is started at $153.97 per month. 

The second one is Enhanced Cloud which is the plan with RAM 15 GB, SSD storage 450 GB and outgoing bandwidth 5 TB and Processor 3.5 GHz. 

The price for this is started at $192.47 per month. 

The third one is the Enterprise Cloud plan where you can get RAM 31 GB, SSD storage 460 GB, outgoing bandwidth 5 TB, and Processor 3.8 GHz. 

The pricing for this plan is started at 269.47 per month.

The fourth is the Hypersonic Cloud plan which comes with RAM 62 GB, SSD storage 900 GB, outgoing bandwidth 5 TB, and Processor 2×2.1 GHz. The pricing of the Hypersonic Cloud plan is started at $368.47 per month.

Uptime of NameHero

NameHero has a very good uptime. It is found that it can reach six minutes from downtime over the 3-month course.

Support of NameHero

Regarding its support, they provide 24/7/365 as support by phone, ticket and live chat. You can find some tutorials and guides from their centre of Startup resource. 

In addition to those points, NameHero can give trainings which can support you to use hosting account.

However, here are the weaknesses of NameHero that we also need to identify:

1. Incomplete live chat

The live chat service offered at Namehero is often offline. This fact is what makes it difficult for customers to contact customers who do not want to send e-mails or make calls.

Although given communication services, forums but sometimes communicating directly and spontaneously via chat is more helpful and feels practical.

2. Lack of telephone service

Users must be extra patient if they want to ask customer service assistance via phone call. Because the admin is sometimes busy. 

It’s no wonder many customers have gotten emotional after calling this customer service. 

Our suggestion just opens a ticket, they will answer immediately.

We also need to note some other strengths from NameHero, such as:

1. Free SSL Technology

In this hosting package you also get free SSL technology features or the best and most trusted security system available today. 

With this feature, visitors will not hesitate to enter your site. Implementation of SSL provided according to the rules at Google.

2. Various server options

The servers provided are also more diverse than other hosting. With the server that is presented, you can adjust it to the desired target audience.

3. Uptime is very stable

The uptime presented here is also very stable. They don’t have downtime to interfere with website performance. 

Ultimately, the website remains superior and is exactly what you want it to be.

4. Free hosting Migration

For those who wish to migrate to Namehero, you can do so without having to pay a service fee first. 

This means that you can migrate your website at no additional cost.

5. 30 days warranty

There is a 30-day warranty for customers. So, if at this time hosting usage has problems or annoying things, you can claim this warranty before 30 days.

6. Great for old users

Not only for the first time users that gonna use Namehero web hosting, but Namehero is also very generous to their old users, especially in the Namehero black Friday discount. 

They will give you a 25% to 100% discount by adding a deposit in your add funds dashboard. Of course, term and condition apply

Conclusion of Namehero Reviews

NameHero is the most important part of web hosting. It is majorly known for its plans of reseller hosting. 

However, they also have great plans for shared hosting. 

In addition, the pricing for the plans they offered is considered cheap with the awesome speed they have.

Even though they still need to improve their support facilities such as live chat and telephone service for users, NameHero is one of the companies that is very recommended.