Reading Rochen Reviews:

The Pros and Cons of High Performing Provider

The need for high performing website is always present. 

High performing website is going to make the process of accessing the website’s pages a lot smoother. 

Visitors are likely to return if perceive the website as function, in addition to having a great content of course.

In the pursuit of searching for hosting provider that can cater to one’s hosting needs, this article will provide detailed Rochen reviews. 

This provider is quite known among established website owners. But does it perform well?

Pros of Subscribing to Rochen Hosting Service

There are some positive points from the provider’s service.

1. Consistent data backup

Data backup is a menial but important task. The process can take a very long time if done manually. 

You can use that time to do other more important tasks than waiting for your website to boot. This is not the case for the client of Rochen, though.

The hosting server’s system actually accommodates regular data backup which is done automatically every day. Moreover, each day, the data backup is done twice. 

This assures that user’s data will be kept securely. 

If there is any issue that suddenly arises with the website, there will be no need to worry too much.

2. Environment friendly policy

Most Rochen reviews will tell you that the company adopts environment friendly practice. 

It provides carbon offsets service to its customer. Moreover, the company also invests in development of technologies and businesses that are environmentally friendly. 

If you want to contribute to the earth, then choosing a company with such practice vision is important.

Rochen received certification for its products and business practices too. It seems that the company constantly pushes to advance this particular green practice.

3. Has no overselling policy

Another great thing that you will often hear in Rochen reviews is its no overselling policy. 

As you know, hosting service has limited resources that must be shared by all of its clients. 

The resources encompass data storage space, bandwidth, and others. Some companies have more clients than their service can manage.

If a hosting provider has too many clients, it is understandable that the service quality will deteriorate. 

The uptime and website speed might decrease from time to time because the resource for each website is limited. 

Rochen luckily limits the accounts that it can service at a time.

This policy really helps the provider to give the best service possible for its customers. As a result, the websites hosted by it are high performing. 

The uptime of the website is generally high. The speed of website access is also high. 

Moreover, every user gets their share of data storage space.

4. Provide warranty

Another pros from subscribing to the provider’s plan is its money back guarantee. 

When a customer has subscribed to a plan but finding that the plan does not really suit their forte, it is possible to ask for their money back and unsubscribe to the plan entirely. 

Please remember, though, that the refund policy only applies within 30 days after the purchase. Any longer than that, refund is impossible.

5. High level of security and monitoring

Based on Rochen reviews about the reliable service, its reliability does only come from the fact that the websites hosted are performing well. 

It is also due to the team’s consistent work in managing the security as well as monitoring issues.

The security system applied by Rochen is high quality that it can handle multiple hacking attempts without breaking. This system is also updated continuously. 

Monitoring process is also done regularly to detect novel issues that happen in its client’s website. This really improves the reliability of the site.

6. Compatible with various platforms

One more thing to applaud about Rochen is its compatibility with various platforms. 

User can use any website development platform and it is likely that Rochen would be able to service website hosting in that platform. 

Currently, it is supporting over than 150 platforms of website development.

This particular feature is rather helpful because there are cases when website owners want to migrate to a new domain at a new platform. 

Rochen reviews showed that the provider can accommodate such change by still providing nice service even if the platform has changed.

Cons of Subscribing to Rochen Hosting Service

However, there are also some cons when using its service.

1. Less than pleasant customer service

Unfortunately, several Rochen reviews revealed that the provider’s customer service is not so pleasant. 

It only accommodates tickets via email, which is inconvenient to some people. 

The time needed to get back to the user may be longer. The email service is said to open for 24/7, though.

Another thing that is less than pleasant from its customer service is the unfriendly manner of its representative. 

Some people complained about lack of sympathy shown by the customer service team. 

There are even reviews that reveal how the customer service can be rude. It might become a big turn off for some people.

2. Expensive service

Due to the no overselling policy, it is understandable that the service provided by this host is rather expensive. 

Compared to common market price, the fee charged for its beginner plan is still more expensive. 

The price will go up as the complexity of service given is higher.

Ending Note of Rochen Reviews

For the ending note, it is necessary to mention that the provider is meant to be a high performing hosting provider with environment conscious practice. Such combination might be hard to beat. 

It can cater to users from many countries (particularly because it has two data centers in different locations). 

The websites hosted can be using any platform for website development, and the quality showed by it will still be great.

Of course, the cost of its service is higher than companies that might be overselling its resources. 

This situation might not be ideal for beginner website, because it is a lot of investment. 

There is also an issue with customer service that might not provide pleasant assistance all the time. The choice is really in the customer’s hands.