Rose Hosting Reviews: A Reliable Hosting Service?

The presence of a service provider regarding hardware hosting is very much needed today. 

No wonder if this kind of service has started to emerge. 

One of the hosting service providers is Rose Hosting. Rose Hosting is a hardware hosting service that is said to be the pioneer in the emergence of other hosting companies because of the superior products they offer. 

The services and facilities offered are very broad, Rose Hosting is the right choice for people who are just starting to develop their website.

Rose hosting was first established in 2001. In that year, not many hardware hosting services were developed. 

Unlike other web hosting providers, Rose Hosting does not require other technical support services from other countries, they already have their own support department located in St. Louis, Missouri, United States of America. 

This is what makes Rose Hosting able to run its data center independently. 

It is also for this reason that Rose Hosting still remains strong in the hosting business until now, even though there are many competitors that try to compete them.

As a pioneer in the emergence of web hosting services, Rose hosting has several hosting packages that can provide benefits for its users. 

This article about rose hosting reviews will explain it all.

Shared Hosting

Shared Hosting is a has four packages, each of which them has different specifications. 

The price of shared hosting plan starts from around $ 4.95 to $ 19.95 per month. 

At this price you can get a maximum monthly data transfer from 200 GB to 2000 GB with 2GB SSD storage up to 30 GB. 

In this package, your website will also get facilities such as free set-up, spam blocker, and unlimited parking domains.

VPS Hosting

Rose Hosting provides VPS Hosting package which also has 4 packages ranging in price from $ 19.95 to $ 79.95 for one month. 

The lowest price gets facilities in the form of two CPU cores with 1 GB of memory, while the highest price gets facilities in the form of eight CPU cores, 8 GB memory and 150 GB disk. 

It also features full root access, 100% uptime guarantee, free DNS hosting, supported SSD and free dedicated IP address.

Dedicated Hosting

The next hosting package is dedicated hosting which targets prices starting from $ 269.10 per month. 

This package will provide you with a 500 GB disk, 24 GB memory, and 3000 GB data transfer. 

There is also a package for $ 1079.10 which provides 96 GB RAM, 2000 GB disk and unlimited data transfer.

The hosting packages above are not only the hosting services provided by Rose Hosting. 

Another package that is a best seller on Rose Hosting is their Linux VPS package. 

But if you want your own personalized website, you just have to tell the specification and they will make it for you.

Pros and Cons of Rose Hosting

Rose Hosting has properly configured their hosting packages to match what the clients need, that is why their existence is very profitable. 

This can be seen from some of the experiences delivered by clients who have subscribed in using Rose Hosting services. 

This rose hosting reviews will explain you about the pros and cons of the company.

Pros #1 Rose Hosting is a Fast-Response Hosting Service

As a hosting service provider that has been operating since 2001, Rose Hosting has certainly become a trusted hosting service provider. 

For 20 years they have provided the best service performance and it will definitely continue in the future. 

This site is able to actively respond and serve all client inquiries for almost 99% of their active period. 

Active time in serving clients is one thing that can be used as a measure of the quality of a hosting service. 

Their support system also works 24/7, so if its the matter of response speed, Rose Hosting is unquestionable.

Pros #2 All packages provide RV Site Builder Pro

We all know that we love anything practical, don’t we? 

Rose Hosting also sees this as something that is in great demand by people and applies it to their products. 

The next advantage of Rose Hosting is the availability of a tool that will make it easier for you to build your website, this tool is called RV Site Builder Pro. 

All packages available at Rose Hosting are equipped with this tool which will make it easier for a newbie to make their website to look like a professional one.

Pros # 3 Slightly increased price when renewing the subscription period

Other hosting service providers will usually charge a lot when someone is about to renew their subscription. 

But not with Rose Hosting. The price increase is fairly low and still very affordable for customers, so the price offered is reasonable.

Cons # 1 Server location residing in United States only

As we already know, Rose Hosting is based in St. Louis Missouri, United States. 

This seems to be a bit of an obstacle because Rose Hosting users do not only come from the United States. 

Some users from outside America also saw this to be a bit of a problem for them, especially for latency issues.

Supposedly, a hosting service provider as big as Rose Hosting is able to provide several data center options in other countries so that users can enjoy hosting with even better performance.

Summary of Rose Hosting Reviews

Seeing a large number of pros rather than cons obtained from user ratings of Rose Hosting Reviews, of course, we have got the answer to the question “is Rose Hosting a reliable hosting service?” 

and the answer is of course, yes, Rose Hosting is a very reliable hosting service.

The advantages of Rose Hosting package are considered to provide solutions to all the questions people who are unfamiliar with website. 

Rose Hosting also does a very good job of proving that they are a hosting provider that is able to meet the needs of their clients.

Regarding Rose Hosting centers which are only in the United States, this may change one day and maybe they will start to build data service centers in other countries. So, there is no doubt about using the Rose Hosting service.