Shock Hosting Reviews:

Including the Good (Pros) and the Bad (Cons)

Website hosting is another source of headache for any website administrator out there. 

Many providers are offering their services, from the big scale to the small scale. 

It is so important to learn about the quirks of each hosting service provider before taking a leap and subscribe to a plan.

This passage discusses various Shock Hosting reviews to find out what is its advantages and disadvantages as well as providing the conclusion as to if this service is worth trying.

Advantages of Hosting Service by Shock Hosting

1. High website performance

Surprisingly, a website hosted by this service provider shows great performance. 

The uptime is slightly over 99%. It means that website administrators should be assured that their website can be accessed anytime by their visitors. 

A website that is reliable like this will have an easier experience gaining more visitors over time.

The data about the provider’s website speed is at the moment unknown. 

However, Shock Hosting reviews have not said bad things about the speed. 

It can be concluded the website speed is decent enough not to warrant a negative review on it. 

For basic users, decent website speed is already enough in the process of building an online presence.

2. Ease of website customization

Another positive thing about this website hosting provider is the ease of customization. 

The reason is that the provider offers unlimited add ons to be added. 

There is no extra fee charged for adding more add ons to one’s website because it already comes with the package.

Because there is a freedom of adding add ons, the website administrator will have a fun time trying to make their website more personal. 

Combining functions that support their website’s purpose can also be done easily. 

Of course, it is important to remember that the hosting still has limited capacity, which means user still needs to choose their add ons wisely.

3. Good customer service

Based on varied Shock Hosting reviews on the web, the customer service provided by this firm is also very good. 

In fact, some users said that the customer service is much better than their previous service providers. 

It is because the company is a relatively small company that it does not have a high influx of customers yet. 

Thus, the customer service can be tailored personally to the client’s needs.

This particular feature is important because website hosting is a time-sensitive manner. 

When a website encounters an issue that shuts it down from external access, it would be difficult for the administrator. 

This is especially the case if the website is used to conduct business.

4. Plan options

It is important for a hosting provider to provide varied products for customers because each customer will have different needs. 

Varied products can cater larger target market. Shock Hosting also offers several service packages for its users. 

There is a package which is designed for beginners and packages that are directed to more established website owners.

Each package will differ in price points and features. Because of that, it is necessary for administrator to research the package first before purchasing a plan. Luckily, it is easy to change package with this provider.

5. Easy website migration

Sometimes, website owner wants to migrate to new domain because their website has developed exponentially or that they want to rebrand. 

Despite moving to new domain, though, they may want to retain their old data in the previous website. 

Moving old data to the new domain can be a labor intensive activity.

Shock Hosting reviews has stated that the provider will be helping with the task of data migration if it is necessary. 

Moreover, this service does not get charged as an additional service. It is completely within the package purchased.

6. Very affordable price

This service is completely good for beginner users who are still trying to navigate themselves in World Wide Web and building their own brand. 

The reason is that the price offered for all of the packages is significantly lower than the market price. 

This is important if you are planning to start small instead of going with a bang.

Disadvantages of Hosting Service by Shock Hosting

1. Short trial period

The disadvantage of this provider according to Shock Hosting reviews is its limited trial period. 

This provider applies for money back policy for the unsatisfied customer but only within 7 days of service. 

Unfortunately, you usually would not be able to discern issues with the hosting service within such short amount of time

After that trial period ends, the customer will be able to ask for refund. They can only cancel the plan subscription the next month. 

This policy is definitely not the best one in market because some companies even dare to offer up to 3 months warranty.

2. Not a well-known hosting provider

Another problem with this provider is that it is not as established as other hosting providers.  

You will have a hard time finding Shock Hosting reviews that specifically answer your curiosity regarding certain issues. 

Because of this many people have to try out the service themselves.

There is also a problem that non-renowned provider tends to have which is limited resources. 

Because the resource is so limited, it may not be able to provide equally satisfying service worldwide.

Shock Hosting Reviews Summary

Regardless of anything, it seems like this hosting service provider is quite a solid one in the market. 

It helps with customization and data migration without additional fee. 

The customer service is also said to be stellar because there are not many customers competing for personalized attention. 

The performance of the website is also decent. 

For a nifty price, a website administrator can get a decent service.

The provider is great for website owners with a small audience, such as beginner bloggers or small-scale business. 

Because this group does not need any added features, the offered features are sufficient and economical too. 

However, it is necessary to note that big enterprises may not be able to get what they need from this hosting provider. 

With merely decent website performance, it will be hard to maintain a great online presence.