Siteground Reviews:

What’s good and bad About It?

When it comes to select a web hosting service, several variables must be considered as features that appeal to the consumers or features that more business-focused. 

As one of the most popular web hosting service, SiteGround offers them all. 

In Most Common SiteGround reviews around the internet, Siteground offers numerous hosting types, tools for enhancing performance, great excellent service, and reasonable prices.

Siteground is an independent web hosting company that was founded in Bulgaria in 2004. 

The company is based in Bulgaria and serves its users worldwide. Their Data Center is located in the UK, US, Singapore, and Amsterdam.

If cost becomes your main concern, choosing shared hosting is recommended. 

Shared hosting allows you to set the initial cost as well as bunk together several websites into a single website. 

Hence, it will lower the cost. For your information, multiple websites share the computing power of the servers.

Like other web hostings, SiteGround allows you to choose which data center you are going to use to host your sites such as Australia, United Kingdom, Asia-Pacific, Europe, and the United States. 

If retention laws or data privacy is your concern, you can opt for a European data center while if most users are based in Asia, go for the Asia-Pacific data center. 

Each plan offered by SiteGround is typically more expensive. However, you can manage the cost by using annual sign-ups and introductory deals. let’s find out more in SiteGround reviews below:

SiteGround Reviews on Hosting Package

Choosing a hosting service is not an easy task. Some considerations need to be kept in mind. 

Features may be your first consideration when it comes to choosing the best hosting service for your website while the second consideration may be the hosting supports.

That’s why knowing whether or not the hosting service supports your web platform is important. 

SiteGround offers a popular web hosting dashboard named cPanel. 

If using a hosting service is not your first experience, then you won’t have any problem with cPanel as well.

As mentioned above, SiteGround offers dedicated hosting, enterprise hosting, cloud hosting, WordPress hosting, and shared hosting plans. 

If you are a newbie in this industry, choosing a shared hosting plan is highly recommended. 

As your site will grow eventually, then you should upgrade to a higher hosting plan.

Check these hosting plans offered by SiteGround:

- Dedicated hosting

It gives you a complete server for your page. Even though it’s pricier, it gives you more power.

- Enterprise hosting

This hosting plan is suitable for larger businesses as well as high-traffic website with more perplexing server requirements.

- Cloud hosting

This hosting enables you to use resources from numerous servers within cloud planning. 

This hosting plan is perfect for businesses, blogs, or growing sites.

- WordPress hosting

This hosting plan comes with WordPress optimization to improve your website’s performance.

- Shared hosting

For those who are new in this industry, this hosting plan is highly recommended. 

It’s appropriate for low-traffic websites as you’ll share resources with other websites within the same server. 

There are 3 levels of shared hosting with different budgets:

1. GoGeek

This plan is a match for a small eCommerce site as it can handle more than 100,000 visitors each month. 

You can access advanced features like Joomla and WordPress staging, one-click repo creation, and many more.

2. GrowBig

It allows you to host unlimited sites as it comes with twenty gigabytes of disk space. It’s perfect for a website with 25,000 monthly visitors. 

You are going to get some features of the StartUp plan as well as some premium features such as a one-year free wildcard SSL, SuperCacher, and many more.

3. Startup

This plan is limited only to one website hosting as it just comes with ten gigabytes of disk space. 

It’s appropriate for a website with 10,000 visitors each month. 

Features like website transfer, one-click WordPress installer, daily backups, and free setup are included.

SiteGround Pros

Numerous aspects make SiteGround stands out from its competitors. Let’s take a look at its noteworthy features as follows:

- Specific hosting locations

In fact, SiteGround manages more than 1,000 servers with four Data Centers across three continents.

  • One data center in Singapore (for the Asia-Pacific region). The data center is best for those who are from Australia, the Pacific, and Asia).
  • Two data centers in Europe (Amsterdam and London which is best for visitors from Europe and Russia).
  • One data center in Chicago in the United States of America is for visitors from Africa, South America, and North America.

To increase the loading speed of your site, consider choosing a data center close to your recent location which is good for user experience and SEO.

- WordPress optimization

SiteGround is a web hosting service that also works perfectly on WordPress. 

It offers a great caching solution named SuperCacher, a vigorous caching system based on Nginx.

- Free CDN for faster hosting service

Since the CDN (Content Delivery Network) is free, you can experience a faster hosting service. Thanks to its universal Data Centers that make it so.

- Premium Support

When talking about hosting supports, SiteGround offers one of the best hosting supports in the industry. 

You can call their support team by phone, email, online chat, or tickets.

Their customer supports are remarkably good at offering knowledgeable, helpful, and quick supports to their customers. 

Their live chat and phone responses are nearly instantaneous while the responses for email less than ten minutes. 

If you prefer to fix things on your own, they offer a wide collection of information-based articles with guides, tutorials, videos, and screenshots.

- Hosting uptime and security

Another thing that makes SiteGround is a great hosting service is its security features that will make your site safe. This feature is called Account Isolation. 

Even when another account is vulnerable, Account Isolation is perfect for shared hosting.

The hosting uptime is also great with almost 100% of yearly and monthly uptime. 

You can also monitor the uptime servers anytime since SiteGround provides an uptime monitor on their website.

- Automatic updates and one-click WordPress Installing

With a couple of clicks, you can automatically install WordPress features in less than five minutes. This feature is named one-click WordPress Installing.

Auto-updates are also offered so that you can update your WordPress version and keep it up-to-date.

SiteGround cons

As we talked about earlier, there are always some drawbacks with every single hosting company in this industry. 

Listed below are some disadvantages of SiteGround as your web hosting service:

- Limited storage

Plans offered by SiteGround are fixed storage. Nonetheless, the storage is somewhat large. 

When you are starting, you will likely need extra storage as well.

- Monthly billing setup fee

In case you are choosing a monthly billing, there will be a setup fee you have to pay. 

The monthly billing setup fee costs you around $14.95. On the other hand, if you register for longer period billing, there is no setup fee you should pay. 

Since they offer a 30-day money-back guarantee, it’s a great idea to opt for a longer billing period when you register.

- Expensive

When compared to other hosting service companies, SiteGround is pricier. They come with three different hosting plans though. 

The StartUp plan is a little bit more expensive than its competitors. But, you will get good service in return.

- Limitations of plans

Another drawback of SiteGround is their limitations of plans. SiteGround limits their spaces across their entire shared hosting. 

It may not a big deal for those who do not need to upload many files such as PDFs, videos, images, etc. 

But it will be a big issue for those who need to upload lots of videos or images to their site.

Besides, they also limit the usage of CPU to a monthly and even a daily limit. 

Nevertheless, some users who own resource-hungry sites are going to exceed the limit. 

For the solution, they can contact the company to upgrade to an upper plan or to escalate the limit.

Final thought of SiteGround Reviews

Based on our SiteGround review above, we can say that SiteGround is such an excellent choice for WordPress, particularly for globally-focused websites. 

You may be wondering whether or not SiteGround is right for you.

If you are looking for a reliable and fast web hosting service, then SiteGround is perfect for you. 

They have excellent customer supports and hosting plans for each budget. 

Each plan comes with great features. The supports are also knowledgeable with quick responses. 

Shared hosting plans they offer include free migration, a one-click WordPress installer, and free CDN and SSL, and SSD storage.

If this is your first time starting a site, then you will amaze how great their customer supports are. 

SiteGround offers a secure and fast WordPress hosting service.

The only issue with SiteGround is that the price is relatively high with limited hosting space. 

If ten gigabytes of disk space is enough for you and you can deal with it then purchasing a Startup plan is recommended. 

Even though SiteGround is lack of Windows, dedicated, and VPS server, this web hosting service is good for both small business and individuals.